His girlfriend 17 years was addicted to cheating

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I have a love girlfriend for 17 years, a period of time before I found out that she and a man, the man called her daughter-in-law, I found I was a very sad, very angry, I don’t know why she will betray our love, on the outside looking for men cheating. Later, I look up to her and another man call her wife, the first is heard in her old phone recording. The second is the vehicle traveling data recorder to record sound. She is still in touch with them, but also and I live together. She always said that our relationship with others didn’t, but I have heard, also ask others, others also gave me a said. We have to fight. But I can not let go her, from the heart not put, but have the shadow. I also want to break up, to her quiet life. But in the heart can not let go. People can’t walk into my heart again, a lot of pain. How can you out of a relationship, she and I seventeen years, has experienced too much. I don’t know how to do it, hope to teach too much! & have spent

was addicted to cheating his girlfriend 17 years

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1. If you still love her, can accept her mistake, just forgive her once, warned her can’t make such a mistake again later, or break up. & have spent

2. If you’re unable to accept her fault, just break up directly. See how your own psychological endurance, the feeling of your girlfriend’s promiscuous. & have spent

3. It looks like your in the mind still love her very much, so your heart will measure your love for her is worth forgive her. Want to together, two people will be more communication ideas, to solve the contradictions and problems, such ability.