Have you ever been former silently search ten thousand times

you have no social network secretly learned about predecessor, how are you doing now?

colleagues feel after watching the movie “the former 3” is: forget the former was a very hard, in the era of social networks, is difficult.

because your curiosity or not curious, the former is there. In chats, electronic bill, games, songs in the favorites in the ID.

don’t mean to think of each other, it is easy to accidentally met, just like that. Want to know when is it going with each other, you can have ten thousand kinds of method.

this is likely to be the new trend in the social network era in love: split up, but it’s hard to say goodbye thoroughly.

referred to as: the lure of the former.

and four I ever find out through the network of former young people chatted. Asked why they search predecessor, how to find out, and I am most curious: what want to know.

these shadows look on, indeed brings them very substantial gains.

the former may be that: you wish he had a bad, and wish the person he had also done.

to search after the former understand things

& have spent

after watching “former 3”, also want to search a predecessor to play. 16 years Christmas he break up, and I also do not have what contact after.

he was a school with me, people read, a quarrel is hiding to escape from a problem lab.

on Christmas Eve, I two weeks in advance about a delicious dinner with him, to walk Yangtze river bridge, he also agreed.

but couldn’t find the people on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, kill to laboratory looking for him at the door, they eat chicken in groups. In my anger I deleted his WeChat, phone shielding.

I want to know now, what he do every day to do experiments.

don’t search other, go to search hownet: his hair during the period of undergraduate’s publication, to the core journals of the postgraduate stage, there were 2 piece of SCI, and his undergraduate course graduation thesis.

watch while thinking: undergraduate thesis writing is really bad, the English translation of the three grammar mistakes.

there is a surprise: in March 2016, he said papers selected to go to Beijing to attend a academic BBS, but know online in the proceedings of his articles.

then inquired about, is actually went to see the former girlfriend. Ha ha.

after for this round, now think of campus love is each other meals. Go to the dining room, go to the snack street, McDonald’s ice cream cone in the second half price.

leave time too long, will be for some people wear the rose color filters. To see a movie to hear a song will be run, suggest myself, & other; He is actually not so bad? Throughout the &;

I don’t want to mention him, now I can wish him eight years Dr Also not finish course? Let him and his lab always together.

& have spent

& have spent

in March 2016, in a new cell phone, download the comments on the landing, subconscious in the joint account before his predecessors. Found that she didn’t change the password.

actually after a breakup, delete each other friends, weibo, WeChat, pay treasure to all blocked. But she didn’t change.

in this account, has a record of after break up has been to the shop, and she occasionally write some comments.

to know she often go unit next to a cantonese restaurant for dinner on a Friday afternoon; She saw the movie, I later also are up.

before the Spring Festival last year, she was in the barber’s burned a freshly prepared in the evaluation of the hair. Almost have waist. When we break up, she has been a shoulder-length hair.

look at the life the most likely to regret. She really is a good girl, in order to wait me to earn more money, have resisted pressure at home.

just break up, very nervous, had dreamed of in the heart of fireworks to propose to her. But now I see her too good, very happy.

the general feeling is that give up, but still worth it.

& have spent

& have spent

a long distance relationship. I was abroad, he is in Shanghai. After break up 3 days dreaming, dreaming about the former leg was broken.

I’m not the person to leave. But because the dream especially true, very want to know why he at home.

is circle of friends may not be able to see. Then thought of: there is a APP, enter his hero alliance ID, can watch him play games.

only some cold data. But can according to these data to guess his mood.

the first 3 months, found him a day to play the game the length of the longer: once upon a time is after work to play, sleep after 11 PM, now play one to one, will play a three innings.

lost at higher frequency: lose game five innings before, now can lose three innings.

some secretly pleased: actually break up also have influence on you, right? But also curtilage in the home to play for so long, also show that he did not divorce.

but three months later, his schedule back to normal. Even in more than 20 days, one day no online.

the senseless, I began to realize that it also had to accept the fact that & other; Don’t want to delay my & throughout; Is our last words, he never contact me again.

in the three months, I also slowly figured out something. Such as he suddenly disappear is not sign.

he want to go home after graduation. I say you how so worthless, must go to big cities. When he went to the big cities, has often said he is not too happy.

he sometimes and I say: I’m not so good as you think, is himself a person. But I have ignored this sentence directly.

in the past two years, now still grumble about his way of breaking up entities, feel that if he had the words to understand. Occasionally check the ID of the game, he saw his fifth consecutive defeat or pretty happy, & other; Lost again, sucks & throughout; .

the former may be that also hope he have not good, also wish the person he had also done.

& have spent

& have spent

the year before last, one day know he from shenzhen to wuhan. He asked me if I want to go to concert of MONO looking for him. I went to, the result found him with another girl.

sense of angry. Tore up tickets, take a taxi back to the school.

the rectified, always can’t help but see his cloud music homepage: look at his number of listening to music, watching his song, expect he will send the new dynamic, see his attention to a few people recently, and gained many fans.

the next week, he listened to the most is the feather LiangZhang “do over”. A little curious, point in the song’s comments, want to see if he leave a message.

really leave a message, just let me surprise:

& other; She is very appropriate and reasonable. But think of the naughty, lovely, don’t understand you, or will cry. Throughout the &;

a little sad, but they are mainly meng. I never thought they would be crown & other; No sensible & throughout; Name: “impression, after all, I have been friendly to others, the intimate people sincerely.

it took a long time to think I don’t understand where. Thought for a long time, probably because I am too independent, not to listen.

don’t listen to is the real source of my insecurity: I was suspicious, but also because I know enough about him. I also don’t listen to, he said.

also turned over to some other comments.

he left a message with the Lonely God that & other; Prepare business, by the way, can do what you want to do. Throughout the &; It turned out that he also dare to break through oneself, try to every want to live in it.

now, through the netease cloud in his music search, reduction of actual misunderstand a little bit, a bit puzzle has been solved. Although late a beat.

our memories of things, to a large extent depends on its narrative way. There will always be at the same time the details of the missed by us.

I only talk about a love with him. But in five years, ten years I look back at his cloud music again, still can put the old story we see more versions? Can gain new understanding to myself?

from this level, only as a temporary forget him, also is not very painful thing. I need to former this mirror.