Had taken the daughter of Mr Putin also dare to cheat? The man didn’t want to desperately

recently, Russia has a billionaire divorced & hellip;

the billionaire dumped his ex-wife, also gave up half of the assets, just for the sake of with a London society & hellip; & hellip;

it seems to be very common dog blood, but when all the people know & other; Throughout his ex-wife &; Identity, everything is different,

because the wife, is the daughter of Mr Putin Katerina Tikhonova… & hellip;

Mr Putin’s daughter

we are familiar with Mr Putin,

he is Russian President, a crazy cool man and very active in international politics & hellip; & hellip;

but rather than achievement, his private life is very strange, but his daughter is a little-known & hellip;

Katerina Tikhonova, born in 1986, this year 31 years old, is the youngest daughter born to Mr Putin and his ex-wife,

since the childhood, putin is very love to her, always hold in your hands don’t give up & hellip; & hellip;

putin’s daughter

she is a circus dancer,

people should be the most familiar to her she was in the dance contest made spectacular & other; & other; Boogle woogle” Acrobatics and rock ‘n’ roll,

Mr Putin’s daughter

in addition, she is still the head of the national university in Moscow, a number of innovative projects & hellip; & hellip;

although Mr Putin has said, & other; Want to let the children away from the focus, throughout his life &; ,

but always have a saying in Moscow & ndash; & ndash; Putin attached great importance to the little girl, hope she can become his successor after 2024.

in 2013, Katerina and Kirill Shamalov married,

this is what we mentioned before, the only recently dumped her billionaire & hellip; & hellip;


35 years old this year, he was Mr Putin’s long-term Nikolay Shamalov son,


well, Mr Putin marry his daughter to his son…

the Kirill, has also been Russia’s youngest billionaire,

in the last year, his personal assets to reach $1.3 billion & hellip; & hellip;

his billions is how rich?

this problem……

well, interesting…

originally, Kirill position is the business of petrochemical giant west Boolean group vice President,

but prepare for the wedding in 2012, he was promoted to vice President, also acquired a 4.5% stake in & hellip; & hellip; null