Had done such a thing a woman will you accept her?

have done such a thing a woman will you accept her?

once at a conference, met a go-getters molecules, at the same time he is also a region of well-known hospital in a doctor. From SCI papers of medicine translation words said to the women’s health, don’t know why (turn, talked about the abortion.

he told me that: & other; Hospital, some experienced doctors, once saw the relevant data and test results, the preliminary judgment may be the woman with a history of miscarriage, if is husband and wife at the same time, experienced doctors will hold the man ably, or called the woman to private evil examination room, asked in a low voice so the woman can honest answer; Or in my heart there is a judgment, will not say it on the spot. Throughout the &;

I rightfully ask a way: & other; Even if the woman had a history of miscarriage, it may also be her past. Who can guarantee that when she knew she won’t and then let her pregnant people together? The history of man is no any hidden? Throughout the &;

he smiled, look at me, & other; No one man would be willing to accept such, after all, who wants that killed people in the house? Throughout the &;

I feel anything, once the use & other; Absolute & throughout; Adjectives, such as: & other; No one & throughout; , & other; A certain & throughout; & other; Throughout the &; Such as vocabulary, itself is wrong. & ndash; & ndash; Of course, I this sentence is also the same is true of, there must be an exception.

but make me shocked, not the content of he said these words, but the words from his mouth say it out, I think there is a professional medical background and high-cultural level, I don’t think treating women, respect for women and men with vision and vision in his mouth say it out, it makes me really hard to accept, even a bit disappointed.

if these words from a cultural level is low, and the narrowness, the female just as birth machine, I would not be so shocked. There is no any demeaning to no culture, the meaning of narrow concept, the formation of these things is limited by environment and conditions, everyone is different. And & other; Have no culture, narrow conservative ideas & throughout; Is also relatively.

a such background go-getters molecules with thought, is he represents the part of his classes, and even is more than just a man, and woman’s thoughts; Not to mention the rest of the group of general views on the matter.

in some parts of the society and on certain things, treat women really very ugly.

then had a miscarriage of girl, what has become of general?

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