God does not care for me!!!!!!! Confessions from the six “single dog”

in this winter morning, someone help you with your warm heart, wrapped in a by each other, foot rub, rub each other, love also came this overflow & hellip; & hellip; Sounds like a sweet, don’t think slanting, intentional can slowly appreciate.

some people say that wanted to experience didn’t also way, because of what? Women are not perfect, too. There is always a question in the heart, look forward to a woman for you to fill your shortcomings, but this disadvantage you all don’t know that women still have what method to save you?

came several uninvited ~ today is a big man, just to listen to the man, what happened?

love god does not care for me!!!!!!! From the six big & other; Single dog & throughout; Confessions of an

1. The most cowardly men make women hate, got no love compassion

I’m Jacky, my mother said it would help me to take this name for a reason, because the future I can be more outstanding, make the people around wowed, yes, now I am the glasses to my colleagues, I am a office worker, graduate school, directly to the enterprise to work, I left side of the relatives and friends all think I’m quite outstanding, when holding the expected named mother, the son is very proud for me, and the mother is also have been looking forward to, look forward to marry a daughter-in-law.

I am a man who never fall in love, actually this is I this life the most sad thing, after all, I have 35 years old, I have a good job, but I don’t know why so many women, not a value me, although I also very hard in the company, often let a person look down on, the pressure is I always can’t go home, worried about side relatives worship so disappear, also don’t want to get my mother’s dream to break, so I have to busy holiday as an excuse to often precipitation yourself, this is the behavior of escape!

in the environment of society see their most side, before the day of the school life is very happy, in order to meet their own needs, began to try to make friends, through the colleagues, friends meet girls, want to further contact with them, in the face of the girl’s performance is not very natural, often there are girls and I said, & other; Think how are you bored & throughout; , & other You good words! Throughout the &; , & other Everyday you so quiet? Throughout the &; , no matter work or love, is a setback for me… .

2. Are you playing cafe? Liao’s?

I? Work in Taipei, I am a hair stylist, I love to play! You come home from work at night love running club or bar, this is the place where I liberation pressure. I love history can make another series, because I am good in appearance, a woman to seduce me every day.

to be honest I’m a little tired for a one night stand, looking for a good woman, or a woman for long-term relationship, because there is no such experience, couldn’t find such a girl, the woman is always the same frequency.

breakfast before going to a shop to buy breakfast, this girl is my ideal girl, I started to pursue, then I am very confident, chasing a woman I am first-class, girls go out with me and hit me a slap, immediately rejected my request which woman? ! To my quality face, with the other women already have a crush on me, but the girl said a word to me, she actually said I & other; Nausea & throughout; , I am really sick?