Girlfriend, I had to help her pay off the debt will only get married

girlfriend I had to help her family to pay off the debt will only get married

net friend letter:

the sky always blue, how are you? I am 31 years old this year, after graduating from college, for many years in shenzhen, through their own efforts, now business is a small achievement. During the years, I try to venture girlfriend fang around with me all the time, take care of my life, let me have no trouble back at home, for such a caring and love trouble, my heart was full of heartfelt gratitude. I always can’t forget you have commitment to her: no matter what I later composite sample, I will marry her, and have a good love her.

but real life is always let a person full of helpless, since 2013, my career and better fang on the other side of the people in the home, have come to find me, even her distant cousin a son-in-law come to me. But I was not a shelter, don’t say it’s relatives, even ordinary people, if it is our people not to use it, we could not go. Perhaps because of the reason why I ultimately did not use their family, her father and her brother is special to me. Behind to speak ill of my everywhere, said I was the baiwenhang, also said that I have today’s achievement, at least half of the credit is aromatic, also encouraged the fang asked me for shares.

to be honest, the aromatic myself I never stingy. Whether it’s her birthday, size, valentine’s day, New Year’s day is a holiday, I will buy a lot of gifts for her and her family, arranged the family to travel abroad every year. Her mother was in the hospital doing heart bypass surgery, even her sister-in-law gave birth to her nephew, my client to find the best hospital, money is all I come out.

last year, and one more thing, let me very angry. She and her mother and her brother, at the same time I borrow 200000 dollars, said her brother now have a very good business opportunity, received a project locally, insufficient funds on hand, let me help. I hadn’t said a word, the word, immediately to give him the 300000 dollars. Because I also am coming from hard, career stage hands a bit rich, things will have bottom spirit. In this case, I was doing show extremely forbearance. But I didn’t expect that her brother with me this 300000 dollars, returned to his home building a house. I know the news, I was so angry words, so I didn’t notice the occasion, brother scolded him in front of many people.

by it, and now her previous relative labor, superposition of the two things together, me and her family relationship became very bad. And then there is the beginning of the year, the company’s benefit is obvious than usual, I also have some leisure time, and my mother also old, always hope I can get married, she is so early have grandchildren.

so, in March this year I will actively to fang married are put forward. In the face of my deep feeling to marry him, fang moved a great, in front of the whole company people, cry to cry. Originally I thought it was a complete, here’s what happened to hold the wedding. Last month, but I didn’t expect that the aromatic birthday, her parents and her himself, unexpectedly speak gives me a make me crazy conditions, said they wanted to let me before getting married, for their house to pay off all his debts, a total of ten tens of thousands. Actually I didn’t care about the money much less money, I have in their house, so only a little money? Was they were in such a condition to and I talk about marriage thing, I feel completely gone bad, also touched my bottom line. So, after I heard these words, and no more talk, just asked her father, uncle, is this your daughter to marry his daughter or sell? Then I left.

that after I leave from fang home, fang has been did not come to company. Company executives make a phone call to ask her warehouse, she also ignored. We so had been in the cold war, I think I don’t have wrong from beginning to end, I for all the people in their companies are there for all to see. And I have let the legal adviser to help draft agreement, whether fang eventually marry me, I will go out 20% of the company to her. But now, through a series of things I find she is not a woman who know wisely and don’t really love our company, if if I transfer the shares to her, maybe she will transfer shares to her family, this will inevitably to the company’s great evil.

so, I now idea is, as long as she is willing to and I spent with my loss, shares I’m not ready to give her. Unless she and her family, no longer blindly let her parents and brother, at least on the economy can’t deal with her home any more.