France signed a maintenance man hundreds of women “liao younger sister”

the news media, including film star Catherine & middot; Deneuve, 100 French women collective signed an open letter to defend men & other; The freedom of entanglement women & throughout; . The move sparked angry reactions from some feminists.

against sexual assault movement & other; Through the head & throughout; ? Method of hundreds of women signed a maintenance man & other; Liao sister rights & throughout;

according to the CNN website reported on January 10, 9, published in the letter on France’s le monde accused # MeToo (& other; I also am & throughout;) Movement, and warned that the recent allegations of sexual harassment triggered a new & other; Puritanism & throughout; Movement.

according to the report, the writers, actors, the group of academics and women entrepreneurs, and condemned & other; Hatred of men with sexual & throughout; And the recent & other; Condemn & throughout; The wave. They write, & other men; Liao sister & throughout; Freedom for & other; In terms of sexual freedom & indispensable throughout; .

& other; Rape is a crime, but persistent or botched flirtation is not, nor is courting of masculinity. Throughout the &;

the famous feminist Caroline & middot; DE haas, led by about 30 activists, 10 in French radio news website responded with a scathing comments.

they accuse these signatories purposely & other; Violence and on the premise of respect and pleasure tempt & throughout; Confuse STH with STH else.

they write: & other; Sexual violence is not & lsquo; The fierce flirting & rsquo; . The latter means treat others as equal, with their respect their wishes, no matter who is each other. The former is to see others as a self will dispose, completely ignored its own will. Throughout the &;

they also criticized some of the letter that includes the letter claims that the sport & other; Through the head & throughout; Risk and that women have the responsibility to protect themselves from intimidation.

according to the report, the equivalent of & other; I am also & throughout; Sports & other; The French version & throughout; # BalanceTonPorc movement founder of Sandra & middot; Miller, also condemned the 9 of the letter.

in an interview with CNN, miller said signed letter is & other; For the voice sound & throughout; Criticism signatories, & other; Just want to weaken the countless victims try to be brave in the name of the morale throughout the &; .

according to the report, the dispute followed & other; I am also & throughout; Movement. & other; I am also & throughout; Movement to create a new social environment, make women are increasingly willing to boldly against sexual harassment and abuse.

9 in the open letter, deneuve and others point out that although Harvey & middot; Weinstein scandal is & other; On of sexual violence against women throughout a reasonable warning &; , but the public denunciation of the violent & other; Enthusiasm & throughout; Really only good for opponents of the sexual freedom of movement. They think, not only that, but it has also led to a for & other; Accused person throughout the &; A wave of hatred, people put their and sex offenders, but did not give them the chance to defend themselves in person.

they called this & other; Quick justice & throughout; Has produced a victim, and said, for example, someone was forced to resign and they all charges just touch the knee.

according to the report, the comment clearly refers to Britain’s former defense minister Michael & middot; Fallon’s resignation. Fallon, admitted in 2002 touched a female reporter after knee, in November 2017 announced his resignation.

this letter also criticised the & other; Will I confused with work & throughout; Phenomenon, accusing feminist demands a Paris cinemas in November 2017 to cancel the famous director Roman & middot; Polanski’s a retrospective.

reported that deneuve who cooperate with polanski film too much. She, in March 2017, polanski continued paedophilia and rape allegations, while publicly expressed support for it.