Former object chat make me feel sick

v Murray, a 28-year-old employee

object former chat make me feel sick

an outsider’s eyes, we are a model couple, as if never red face, quarrelling. Like I said a man, if you don’t know what are you two dating for two and a half years, I thought you two would have to license to get married?

I admit that we’re feeling didn’t go to the dead end & ndash; & ndash; Body is, first and foremost, honest, and two days didn’t see each other, the heart will still be so anxious. But you said the tacit understanding to the silent sound, really a bit false & ndash; & ndash; Give me feeling, she seemed to be changed.

where is changed?

tell on appearance, or character. My first impression of her is quiet, not wrong. When my mother said to the little girl is a little cold, not that kind of warm. I didn’t interrupt & ndash; & ndash; To tell the truth, since the childhood I lived in an environment full of conflicts, especially my mother, said heart is vigorous, I would say not flattery.

so I always hope that my partner is another appearance, maybe, I couldn’t describe the most looking forward to, but must clear out your own inner most exclusive. After meeting her, I feel at ease & ndash; & ndash; There would be no gossip ear, the lowest risk of red-faced. She was silent, and even a bit dull, but is to my liking.

what do you think you see is the truth.

everyone have multiple personality profile, this I understand. But I hadn’t thought of, some people have upside down & ndash; & ndash; After determine the relationship, I could feel her sagging down, rather like the original, every time meet like guessing her, what is thinking in my head. Her mouth began to rise, even a little bit of inner truth to me.

couples exchange of some secret, big women-especially mothers-who unfolds own less than even childish, don’t really embarrassed. Sitting in front of him, after all, is not a competition, nor partner. I have to show her own inner fragile & ndash; & ndash; On her elaborate birthday party for me and I drank a little more. Put away my friends, I put her in the bosom, tears on her turtleneck. So far I don’t know if she is informed, from then on, I seemed to consider her, will walk into my life complete.

later you found something off guard?

we relationships, began to appear a name. A men, her predecessor. Before this, the name is one has brought, more like the early exchanges each other in order to find a topic, and then found the best not to talk.

it is the first time in our long journey. She fell asleep on the train, station I wake her up, she with a yawn, and faint, with objects are flying in and out of the original. Tone is not big, this sentence is to say to me. Maybe I’m naturally sensitive, it is like a thorn, plunge into my heart.

the next scenic. Just shopping and eating. Even so, she still occasionally express their emotions & ndash; & ndash; Hotel pillows are a little short, former once exclusively for her with a pillow; I can’t eat spicy, she said suddenly remembered the original without spicy unhappy days; Is the most let me angry, she think I’m not taking pictures technology, and gave me a vision: an online tutorial to learn technology. I said in the tone of a joke, your request is a little strict. She also told me with a smile, who let the former is an amateur photographer & hellip; & hellip;

suddenly, between the two of you have one more person.

I’m sure she didn’t mean anything bad. I observed, to express these attitudes, she didn’t seem to be angry. Perhaps in her eyes, and the former experience of the past is a good thing, and now I am in love also is pretty good. No good who bad, but you can take out a chat.

this is perhaps I have the benefit of the doubt in this matter. After he came back from the trip I will reflect on, is not doing enough on their own in a lot of things, this let me over a period of time is very depressed & ndash; & ndash; Do you want to know, the man most afraid of being negative, especially this denial is blind. I thought, do you want to talk to her, then feel a little cute & ndash; & ndash; Somebody else did not abandon you, and so to confess to the past, the in the mind being naked.

in fact, you still can not let go, right?

this name appeared in the frequency of our relationship more and more, then I began to suspect that she is as a kind of fun & ndash; & ndash; The past to current freely himself and former.

in the car, she will follow me to describe the former carrying her first travel embarrassing things; At the dinner table, she unconsciously that I like her predecessor, love do not love to eat green vegetables meat; Even in the ferris wheel, she said I gave her a good luck, because and former first to catch up with the fog, could not see anything.

she speak freely, driving me to the corner & ndash; & ndash; I can’t angry, look me so petty, but I can’t accept, even she take former fun, or belittle him raise me, I’m still not happy & ndash; & ndash; I want to say is, it is I am in contact with her, why she’s predecessor, always follow like there?

what can’t stand?

in recent this month, she seemed to change the route, speaking of her predecessor, began to inquire about my predecessor. I bought her a Christmas present, for example, she would ask me, for the former before, what is the feedback. The cinema, she also pointed to the big screen sensitized sigh, you never know, and then go back to ask me: if you can try again, you will break up with former?

this kind of feeling is really too weird & ndash; & ndash; I don’t need, also don’t want to heart and own object to this point. These words should not and buddy? And let me how to answer? I said miss or not miss, seems to be wrong.

object like this, what I should do?