Foreign media research: a woman “interesting” five of you suggested

Japanese media revealed the girl on the right boy five suggested

have the like of girl, but hesitant because of the other noncommittal dare not confession, finally miss the good opportunity, until much later learned of the other party has been to suggest that only too unfocused blame it did not understand? I’m afraid such regret a lot. So, how to understand the mind of the girl? Japan Livedoor news published stories released & other; How to suggest the right boy & throughout; The results of the questionnaire survey and sums up the girl on the right boy of five. Let’s take a look at.

1. If you associate with him. , a 23-year-old assistant said & other; Will say to him & lsquo; Can do your girlfriend good girl happy & rsquo; . Throughout the &; The other a 25-year-old saleswoman said, & other In order to ensure that each other can understand my mind, and will say things like & lsquo; Want to associate with the people like you & rsquo; It’s so explicit hint. Throughout the &; And, according to the researchers to share a 28-year-old & other; Will give him texting suggested, said & lsquo; If we can associate with you is good & rsquo; , build the atmosphere of a confession that I promised to you. Throughout the &; How dull boy can understand confessions suggests that is indeed very effective, but will not be too obvious?

2, atmosphere is very important. , a 25-year-old assistant said & other; Manufacturing space, and then creates an atmosphere of himself very willing to contact with him. Throughout the &; Another salesman, 23, also think, & other; Make two people the world is a good method. Throughout the &; There is a 26-year-old added food processing industry, and other To create an atmosphere of as if I’m to tell her, and not let the other side to confessions & throughout; . Even if only two people, if just like ordinary friends always chat casually, relationship is also there will be no progress. It is important to atmosphere!

3, related to him talk about his confession. a 25-year-old s action, & other; And he said & lsquo; Heard that so-and-so the white of the defendant, or your own think the white & rsquo; Such a thing. Throughout the &; A 32-year-old technician said, & other; Can and he said he really want to have a boyfriend, have been waiting for him to take care of yourself. Throughout the &; Along with a clothing manufacturer to share their experiences, said & other; Because don’t want to confession by yourself, so I directly ask each other is how to think of their own, guide the topic to his confession. Throughout the &; And the boy chat casually first, and then gradually lead two people to the issue and successfully ignite boy confessions of desire, this seems to be very skilled and efficient means.

4, body language is very effective. a 28-year-old assistant replied that & other; Make some subtle body contact, and then looked at him, soon take effect. Throughout the &; Another salesman, a 31-year-old said the same & other; Smiling stared at him, and if the other party also have affection to their will to respond. Throughout the &; A 27-year-old hr administrator, said & other; Can be tentatively hold each other hand oh, win! Throughout the &; There are a lot of boys are wooden don’t use the line of sight and body language. In the face of such boys, girls might as well take the initiative to attack.

5, clear relationship. , a 27-year-old media said & other; Might as well ask him want girlfriend. Throughout the &; Another 30-year-old education sector workers are added, & other; To make them know who you are don’t have a boyfriend, don’t refuse the invitation, more trips and dinners together. Throughout the &; A 26-year-old, according to the construction industry action & other; Please his friends to go to confession urged him to hurry. Throughout the &; In a word, the girl let the boy see hope, don’t let each other get lost in the affair. The five suggested above is the girl on the right guy. Respond? The girls can have a look at how to pass their own mood to each other, and the boys should also learn how to read the mind of the girls, so you can love well, won’t stray miss that he (she).