Five skills middle-aged couples do marriage more happiness

two strangers to come together for love and so on reasons, and then married, have children, and in the process, because both sides of husband and wife’s way of thinking and behavior habits vary, so it’s extremely important in each other, just as the American psychologist Karen & middot; Horney, & other; Marriage is the sublimation of love, the most precious is that both sides of husband and wife to each other by working through. Throughout the &; So, the couple should be how to better adjust? Here introduce five considerations, and see it together.

happy marriage need each other Both sides of husband and wife should pay attention to the 5

1. Cognitive again. Many of the contradictions between husband and wife is caused by old cognition, such as some will wife complaining to her husband, & other; You are not as close as he used to be & throughout; ; Some will husband complained that his wife, & other; You are not so tender before & throughout; . In this case, both sides of husband and wife need to cognitive, cognitive life again each other, to know the person is constantly changing, spouse, if you want to make a happy marriage, it is necessary to actively cope with change, constantly invest emotions and energy. In fact, marriage can’t be fixed, but it is also the possibility of these changes provide a more happiness.

2. Respect for differences. Due to many factors such as gender, growing environment different, both sides of husband and wife there are differences in character, this time we need to respect, understanding, and reasonably. According to the same problem, for example, women are used to express emotions directly, while men are more likely to make evaluation, therefore, when the wife express emotions, her husband should show concern; When her husband said, wife should show understanding.

3. Change yourself. If crisis in marriage, both husband and wife have a responsibility, cannot simply think is each other’s fault, don’t be afraid to from themselves to find problems, and actively make a change. It is important to note that in the process of change yourself, do not under duress, but from the bottom of my heart to do a & other; A good wife & throughout; Or & other A good husband & throughout; .

4. Effective expression. When he faced the contradiction or conflict, both husband and wife should be effectively express their above, and should not & other; In order to bicker quarrel & throughout; .

5. Set goals. Psychologists have found that for happiness index is higher, its daily status are usually & other Doing something & throughout; , marriage life, to find common goals and working together is the secret of a happy marriage. Such as into the emotional burnout issue of husband and wife may because of the need to together & other; Pooled their money to buy a house & throughout; , so busy busy every day, and the common problem solving, plan is put forward, in the process, the relationship will be more strong.