Five men was supposed to women

guide language: people there is always a myth, that is the belief that men cheat proportion is much larger than women, but not really. A woman’s & other; Color & throughout; And men’s & other Color & throughout; Did not differ too wide.

was supposed five men make women

just betrayed price is often much more than men, so more time to choose the restraint. But unlike men, women (by selling hue of survival & other; Professional & throughout; Women go out) an affair is usually moved sincerely, and unlike many men just physiological needs.

general because doesn’t love his men or women cheating men first betrayal, she chose a tooth for a tooth, revenge, or, he far can’t satisfy her, also or, she was living in asexual marriage. But there are some men, will make women willing to for him, even if the repression of human nature need grass widow, she has resigned.

in my contact & other; Cheating on women & throughout; , there are quite a few will reveal the view that is not I can’t, the problem is that people don’t worth I keep for him. The subtext: if someone is worth it, so I won’t refuse was supposed to he. I tell the men in the name of the senior woman, this is absolutely assured & ndash; & ndash; Don’t think that these women only lip service, they are inherently oft, how also can’t be chaste women.

actually otherwise, women for their love with heart and soul of man, especially to arouse their fetish of man, is willing to pay and sacrifice, sometimes even will shed out of life, and only to restrain his desires, what does it matter for them? So, someone will ask: what kind of men with a woman was supposed to?

1. The hero & ndash; & ndash; Courageously and even for the national cause of or that kind of punishing evil, putting the doers of the word chivalrous man for days. Beauty love hero since ancient times, women showed no resistance to the real hero can say. Especially those aizeng clear, emotional woman, once for a hero, that is her weakness, hardly able to shake her hero. Was supposed for the hero and dedicated woman heart will have a sacred and solemn, feast because she is not only a man, but to one’s sense of honor.

2. Wit & ndash; & ndash; Man can not handsome, can have no money, but as long as your head thinking, belly learned, can come up with ideas, don’t worry about no bole phase you, let you and luxurious, with limitless scenery. Even when you are unhappy also success, still has a vision of women’s phase you are crazy for you to remain.

3. Prodigal & ndash; & ndash; He may be a powerful and unconstrained style everywhere, so not behave, or had now lurid and & other Small bad & throughout; , but he also charming, straightforward battle righteousness, is free and easy. It is this woman is difficult to grasp and control the man, tend to be more attractive and lethality. He never kept out the card, but perhaps the most understand a woman, understand women heart, know what women need most and what the most care about, and targeted to give. & other; Man not bad woman not love & throughout; The old adage of don’t just talk. Such men are often even on the way down and women willing to stick to for him to even body make risks.

4. Sunshine boy & ndash; & ndash; Is now very popular with women and welcome the kind of woman took good care, thoughtfulness, kindness, next to the kitchen, when dad got milk, will do the housework and very gentleman man.

5. Eldest brother & ndash; & ndash; He may be negative energy with bentonite, terminating for others, but to his woman affectionately. River said the eldest brother, how to play the two black and white can duplicity and smashed it half rely on courage, half also depend on the ability. Wet behind the ears standard it is some wayward girl is very easy to blow your mind, desperate for this man.