Female teachers obscene 40 students: don’t do it don’t pass the exam

as a parent, when you read children’s mobile phone, but found a lot of sexually explicit photos in chat, isn’t it immediately will fry MAO, confiscate the phones, lambasted bear children. But if, from these photos, is the child’s teacher? ! Today, we’re going to tell the teacher, is such a disgusting slag because of forcing the students to have sexual relations with your, she will face up to 40 years in jail…

female teachers obscene 40 students: don’t do it don’t pass the exam

the teacher named Yokasta M, 40 years old this year, from Colombia. Life, she has a sureness of the husband, and at work, she worked in Colombia medellin, the second largest city of a middle school, life easy and comfortable and comfortable, but the woman is not willing to quiet life, her heart is very restless, nervous will heads toward their students.

Yokasta taught students, are children under the age of 16, 7, looking at the young, handsome and energetic boy, as a teacher, she didn’t think to impart knowledge, teach them the right through also calculate, instead, she is full of impure thoughts, just want to take their body. Then she want to do to satisfy their abnormal psychology, and don’t be others found? She’d think of yourself as a teacher at this time, she would choose standard & other; The right & throughout; Object, and then find they want to telephone, euphemistically called: give me a call, the teacher can continue to coach your homework after class!

hear that sentiment, male students natural won’t have what objection, but when they swap the phone number, social media through friends, children was shocked to find, the truth is so spicy eyes: & other; She could give me from, very close to the sort of, I completely didn’t force, and said, let me go to her home with her snapped, if I don’t go to, let I failed in the exam… Throughout the &; A victim said. Out of the victims’ phone forensics photos of all kinds of large scale.

Yokasta so play the operating means, while the husband is not at home, again and again to bring their students back, cajole, forcing them to spluttered pa with yourself, and not only that, but when she found the victim still couldn’t foreign sound zhang, she also further approach has & other; Reward mechanism & throughout; To not to test don’t think that’s for sure, and those who & other; From throughout the &; Her students, she can give them better results.

according to local media reports, Colombia from January 2016 to April, Yokasta say less has succeeded in forcing about 40 students and their sex, however, things or is blown. One day, one of the parents of the victims feel son recent state is very wrong, he scanned the son’s mobile phone, found the photos of these dejected, immediately called the police, the slag teacher was arrested immediately. Parents angry, victims, according to the facts that she personally sent these photos, was convicted of the hammer, at present, Yokasta husband is a divorce with her, and waiting for her in the future, will be for 40 years in prison.


green cat CataR: sexual assault, has nothing to do with gender. Is she a silly dare to send pictures, evidence of this is no problem, just a student can go to the police took these photos, there will be no after.

cable L Lin: true, if my son is a teacher in this way, I don’t kill her

bo BABY δΈ· : where are her confidence take these photos & hellip;

1996525: zhao An are more ugly ugly heart

salted fish chrysanthemum jun: how much students have left the shadow, it was raped

don’t run, I am your little beauty double happiness aunt ah: gender transformation can let a person want to vomit, it is rape

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