Feelings of a woman the most sad

letters to the editor:

luckily teacher, hello!

I’m 34 years old, 10 years old son.

at the age of 18, I fell in love with a man, perhaps his childish, maybe he doesn’t love & hellip; & hellip; It is irresponsible. Later, he simply. Frustrated, I made him divorced.

later, he told me very heartless, I once gave up his, but considering the feelings for so many years, and I can’t do as he was so heartless.

now, we have been separated for more than a month, I lost him, he went to my shop, now I live alone with children, has not yet been formally separated.

think about the way some confusion in the future. I want to look back, no longer about feelings, just for the economy. Current negotiations, I want him to look back, don’t know how to negotiate with him & hellip; & hellip;

in feelings, a woman the most sad, is logical shut!

Pan Xing:

from 18 to 34 years old, and you pull the fingers count, how many years young?

is that you are the most profound love?

17 years.

34, you use your live half of the time, with a man, you shouldn’t bet a tied together.

if you are 18 years old this year, I would say, well, fulfill your experience. People this life, always committed some mistakes of love.

if you are 24 years old this year, I would say, now that you are pregnant with the child, you decided to born, also have a good mind, is that you are willing to bear.

but you 34 years old this year.

I don’t want you to, 44 years old, for a man, feeling frustrated.

is not the man broke your posterior, let you half sad, but you didn’t learn a new verb, called separation.

in the dictionary of our life, there is a verb, call sequence.

we have a lot of woman, not live to live understand, has nothing to do with age. Live, even the older, the more don’t understand. Why is that? Because, since the childhood, wrapped into a deadlock. Can’t open, smoothing and new age, and he wrapped up a new fast knot. The old new, new old, day ah, with the chaotic, life is unknown.

we woman, in love, always sad logic level. I help you to stroke a stroke.

let’s see your last sentence, and you started this doubt appeal: I want to look back, no longer about feelings, just for the economy. I want him to look back, don’t know how to negotiate with him.

your appeal is that I want money, I want more money, because he has swallowed my shop! I took my children, how to live alone! I have to negotiate, let him see in our NianLia, pay for so many years’s sake, let him more money.

girl, how do you want to our talks? Do you have any bargaining chip? Sorry, you already divorced, can you tell me the divorce agreement on how to write? The court is how to implement? If not, then I tell you, now also have no! He swallowed you shop, you have to let him to sign the agreement in black and white? If not, then I am sorry!

if you want to say, at least can also play the feelings of chips, so I tell you, have no! You that is not the chip, but beg, you so goose’s sake, he can give a little is a little! If he care about feelings, 17 years, he would not be so treat you. Unless you make the trick, you hold his seven inches, such as let him lose the work, you let him embarrassed, let him at once to the full. I’m sorry, but this recruit, only make once.

but you really just want some money? We have a lot of women do best thing, say a, then secretly said the two, while thinking of the three.

this is the reason why we manage is not clear cut also disorderly!

your objective, you say, you just want more money, but the subtext of you? As long as the money is not enough, I want him to turn back. And then what? Back is not enough, you don’t an affair. Then again? Your ya so ruthless, so naive, so do not love me, you return to divorce with me, you are so unfeeling, why do this to me!!!!!!!

he do this to you, are you still with such irresponsible man, everyday affairs let you lose hope, entanglement? The more you entwine, he take you as the most, occasionally can use tools. Don’t blame me say ugly, that’s all.

learn to separate. The future road, his walk. Man, son, don’t forever accompany you go on. Don’t completely blind, wrapped in a piece of vines, would rather own blind.

learn to sequence. Not to let you from the beginning to sequence. Emotional thing ah, you take balance to call a, always put the uneven, you calculate from the age of 18, even to 44 years old, also can’t let it absolutely fair. You can live up to their own most about, is when the man died, to do again. Also want to go, life is lost again. Sequence is a short, then walk for a short period, later life, slow down, it is good.

to oneself, to point out the courage, to applause. (from the wind: Pan Xing know)