Experts read: why to the annual meeting of the points a bed to sleep?

in the life, we always see some couples in a certain age, will choose points a bed to sleep. For many young people, it is very think impassability. However, this phenomenon is very common in our daily life, so why now in old people would choose points a bed to sleep? The elderly in bed?

why the elderly in the bed

in real life, elderly couples choose bed nothing more than a couple of reasons, first of all, it is possible is a body disease, be afraid influence to the other party and had to bed; Moreover the grandparents and maternal grandparents could do to help children with children and points a bed; There is one snoring, or other sleep patterns affected the other party, and choose points a bed; The last one is the couple feel older, both the relationship is weak, don’t think it’s necessary to sleep together, this is the root cause of most of the couples to middle-aged points a bed. These reasons have led to a lot of couples to middle-aged and old choose points a bed, the elderly couple points bed is ok or not? On both sides of husband and wife after the emotional life of what? Guangdong province people’s hospital of guangdong province mental health center director professor fu-jun jia family doctor before online interview gives his Suggestions.

fu-jun jia said professor sexology expert thinks, middle-aged couples separate beds, hard to avoid feelings of loneliness and emptiness and loss, is not conducive to elderly husband and wife to take care of each other. More importantly, the points after bed, sex can become less and less, and even into the sex, thus reducing the intimacy between the sexes, affect the relationship. So, can regardless of bed or don’t was divided into good.

and among middle-aged and elderly couples regardless of the purpose of the bed, it is mainly in order to maintain a relationship of intimacy. In form regardless of the bed, not only in content, the elderly couple can also has the close of the skin, such as giving her a gentle touch, such as touch his forehead, cheeks, arms, these place will give each other a sense of warmth, turn a heart. Regardless of their bed, husband and wife can intimacy everyday, not only can strengthen and sensory stimulation to the skin, also can improve the body’s resistance, anti-aging, better is to make the relationship more harmonious love, make the old man avoid aging after the lonely feeling of cold and cheerless.

the middle-aged couples choose points bed there is a bad place, that is if both sides of husband and wife relationship is inherently more nervous, indifference, then points the bed for a long time, to a great extent, make originally not good relationship more aloof, resulting in a larger crack, the couple also have more deeply into the gap. Therefore the comparative indifference or relationship between husband and wife have contradictions, even points bed scale should be grasped, can choose to temporarily separate, but not permanent separation; For the love of husband and wife, if you don’t have to the cause of the bed, or do not choose points a bed to sleep.