Ex-wife and I support my mom ten years after the divorce have millions of heritage

ex-wife and I support my mom ten years after the divorce have millions of heritage

the net friend letter:

when I was working, my mother in the countryside rural give me a door close. She said that women are very hard-working, a good wife, let me get back to a trip home, to knot a marriage. At that time, I work in the company has talked about a girlfriend, but my mother firmly opposed, also said that if I don’t promise to get married, is excuse me her support.

I’m my mom fetch, adoptive father died early, she put me up, I don’t want to let her sad, had to allow.

but I came home, she is pretty, but the skin is very black, also like to wear colourful color. Looks like the feel of the women in their 30 s, but my mother is very satisfied, said such a daughter-in-law can a see be director-general, can move.

at that time my mother say as long as I marry her, give me to buy a house. My mom said to do it, it’s in the name of I and she bought a house. I reluctantly got married, I marry her completely to gratitude to mother. A week later, I said I’m going back to work. But my mother don’t want to let me stay longer, with daughter-in-law good benefits, cultivate feelings.

my wife really insecure, I buy a suit of more than three thousand yuan, she directly with her 30 a piece of clothes washed together. I said a suit to put the dry cleaner to wash, but she said that is a waste of money. Every time she went to buy food, buy cheap food, although my mother, but I think she is very stingy! I really can’t stand, but my mother not only not angry, also special satisfaction.

a week, I took French leave, back to the city. To see a beautiful young girlfriend, be caring and attentive to me, I think with that ugly man had not bottom go to, have to divorce. But I’m a little savings over the years, I don’t want to give to her.

so, I will spend money to let brother go to the next village, village to find a man, when I go back that day, to the man in front of the village people in the face of my wife pandering. Sure enough, a lot of people around watching that day, I was in flames over there said how could she when I go out fooling around with another man! She cried and said, no cheating, she did not know this man. Collusion with me the man contended that he and she have a leg.

village people all saw, all advised me to get divorce. My plan worked, and I take her out and gave her $600, only in others’ eyes, is I still have a conscience.

ex-wife out, after my girlfriend lightning brought the marriage certificate with the city, the girlfriend back home. His girlfriend after come back, throw the ex-wife things out. The results of that day, I got a call from the mother, she said she and his ex-wife together. I really don’t want to be what to do, she and his former wife was very angry to let her come home, nor am I couldn’t afford to keep her.

mother home, wearing rags and clothes also played patches, gooey greasy hair. Haven’t seen before my new wife, she came to my mother, open the door, she thought it was a beggar, said: go for a walk, how is home to people the beggar & hellip; & hellip; Then I think it is my mother, quickly put her to answer the door. A beggar in the city, but the wife complained, than she is clean! Wife, wu wear nose then said to me: this old woman is too dirty too smelly, don’t and she together, if you don’t want to live together, I’ll move out with the baby.

the wife was pregnant, ah, I had to put the mother back to the suburbs where the old house, I didn’t think she was back to his former wife there. Before the divorce, she is to help his wife, so his ex-wife has always been very good to her. Has been like this for ten years, mother never returned, I also gradually because of busy breadwinner, forgot to take her back.

ten years later, mother died, his wife asked me to close to mother eyes. I heard a faint relatives said his ex-wife good people good, made a fortune, don’t like her adopted son, brutal and cold blooded, finally didn’t catch what. Curiously, I ask the ex-wife, the original mother old house by the government to impose, because these are his ex-wife in the care of her, so mother gave his ex-wife, all ZhengShouKuan fully millions & hellip; & hellip;

back home, I told my wife, she asked me to discuss from a previous marriage, for half of the money, after all, mother is my mother, which have not reason for son! I don’t know what to say, but I think all the money in this way to his ex-wife, I’m not voluntarily, I am entitled to ask for the money? I also know that I made many mistakes, shouldn’t do that to foster mother, really very sorry, but I after all is her son! I now what rights? And his ex-wife openings?

summer mo re:

gratefulness to pass. If there is no mother put you up, without her devotion and effort, there would be no of you now.

you claim is in order to repay you, only married to his ex-wife. But in fact, the reason why you marry her, is for the sake of the house. And you get a divorce in order not to let his ex-wife property, hire people insult her, set her up, also let her reputation falls away. In order to give you, will she hurt was black and blue all over.

it is your ex-wife, and after the divorce, you still take care of your mother. She is a sentient beings a righteous woman.

when you don’t love a person, she is virtuous, even though you feel her country; She even frugal living, you will think of his stingy. Because love, so what do you think she is shortcomings. Your ex-wife and the divorce you, did you reflect on? You don’t love her, but use her, use to marry her to get a house. You are not filial piety mother, is the property of caring mother. In order to struggle for a divorce property, you desperate hurt his ex-wife & hellip; & hellip;

and your wife, and you actually is a kind of person, not only abandon mother, will she get back to the countryside, is a selfish heart, and there are no good people. In the moment you will mother back to the countryside, you’ve lost for adoptive mother sorry qualification. If you want to rights, only by prosecution, in the form of judgment by the court. But, as a result, you will not necessarily as you wish.