Endure the insults in-laws for money

to endure the insults in-laws for money

the net friend letter:

my parents are farmers, in-laws and farmers. My husband and I met at work. At present, my husband and I have worked in Shanghai. My husband around $fifteen thousand a month, twenty thousand yuan a month. When he got married, because their parents are unable to help us to buy a house, so we still rent to live. My husband and I almost naked marriage. Newly married, because the child is small, every year the Spring Festival, is the husband a person to the parents’ home. Not only did I haven’t seen for years in-laws, even my parents I haven’t seen for years.

some time ago, her husband uncle children get married, my husband and I made a special trip for leave home. Way, for his cousin of electing; And secondly, took the kids to see grandma and grandpa. Go back, I give in-laws prepared a special one thousand yuan red envelopes, in addition, they brought some back Shanghai specialties. Let I didn’t expect that her mother-in-law after took my red envelope should face is not happy, and quickly took out twenty thousand yuan, from the case to the grandson of the gifts. At the same time, her mother-in-law also said some such as: the city is a mean and dig at me. To this, I don’t really happy.

in my cognitive: how much money I give in-laws a red envelope, just me a piece of filial piety, and they should not use money to measure the number of the filial piety; My husband and I each month may earn more than the ordinary people, but the cost is quite big in Shanghai, moreover, my husband and I acquire a, who is also a province would like to have a set of their own homes in Shanghai. The mother-in-law zha couldn’t considerate of our difficulty? My husband and I had married, never ask in-laws almost any unreasonable demands, at that time, how they don’t say I mean?

because basically no intersection with in-laws, over the years now, I found her mother-in-law is simply nonsense. In the face of such a bratty unreasonable mother-in-law, I need to submit to humiliation?

reply online:

often see my words, you should know that I grew up in the countryside with my grandmother. After college, a job, although the life in the city, however, is still a poor prick silk. Every time back to the village to see my grandmother, neighbors would kua I have ambition, however, it is necessary to the state they live in the city I helpless pain?

remember living in the countryside, not a cent with me, in the village can literally ceng rice for a week, but, in the city, if you no money, a week after, estimates will be starved to death.

many rural people will find the city more than making money, rich life, but only those who are or will soon become a mortgage slave urbanites, still envy comfortable life of rural people.

I think, everyday, your husband at the time of in-laws with you on the phone, usually is the good news about the policy, so, your in-laws will think of you and your husband salary together every year there are hundreds of thousands of, and because your in-laws didn’t experience pressure of city life, therefore, will think you are not home for several years, one thousand yuan to give her a red envelope, a bit shabby.

maybe, your mother-in-law rare is not how much money you gave her, because she and your father-in-law to save money, will eventually surrendered to you and your husband. In-laws value may be you think one thousand yuan red envelope in sent them a bit.

a lot of contradictions in life itself is derived from: environment different, the cognition of things. To do this, you really don’t need to because you in-laws for your misunderstanding and their theory.

believe you in-laws lifetime, must come back to your work city to visit you, then, when they feel the city noise, at the same time, must be able to feel you and your husband pressure, when at that time, they treat you & lsquo; Stingy & rsquo; Is solved.

personhood, works, fate, the heart is good.