Don’t be late! Women still symptom of 10

guide language: into the marriage, is to two people, a stream of a rope, heart think toward one place, on a make, women generally the one who is loyal to marriage, can also be daily necessities running out of thering is no lack of enthusiasm, if a woman so quickly it’s hard to turn back. So what’s behind the woman change performance?

don’t be late! Woman an affair of 10 big sign

1. Irritability

before her, sure not easy to calm down, even if you made a big fault, she also responds to touch your head is a little naughty. But, when she forgets, any of your a little careless, reason has become her boy.

2. Indifferent

when your woman after a change of heart, her first feature is absolutely indifferent. Indifferent to you, for your friends indifferent, to everything around you indifferent. Even if you work overtime to very late, she also can’t dozen DE law wind to greeting, more don’t want to entertain wild hope she will meet you downstairs to your company.

3. Act

women do cold cool after a change of heart, the first gist is to learn to be. For example, she clearly know that after you leave work very tired, she can also pretend not see; As she clearly understood your confusion, will pretend to be a face of innocence. All says woman is a permanent grow up little women, especially in the play the fool fully distracted that on the one hand, they are relatively has generated a genius.

4. Drowsiness

you ever so love her, because her rest time is always so little. You are now not clear, however, why is she back to arrive home only preferences on the bed? When are you still busy with the housework, she has been lying in the bed; When you want to chat chat with her, her report you want to go to bed. For her after a change of heart, home is just a place to sleep.

5. Forgetfulness

when a woman loves you, her memory will be very wonderful, she would remember every little miss your day. But when your woman after a change of heart, her influence will slowly decayed. Those who once engraved in her life, beginning gradually disappear in the future. Even she remembered some nervous days, she would prefer choice forgetful.

6. Dear John

when a woman change once time to the hopeless, coolly will become their unique expression. Otherwise, what do you think she will leave some mood? In fact, when the woman absolutely affection up, that kind of level as li mo sorrow to secular indignation. Only to, but she absolutely affection is not aimed at others, but only you a just.

7. Strange

love fades, what will be left between you and him? In addition to the stranger, are still rusty. Don’t expect you can maybe do between friends, a woman once a change of heart, is not to forget all of the other you had a good, forget you have happiness and smile. Wants to go back to her friend? That is impossible, for her, you will only be a stranger.

8. Busy

you can invent, suddenly start from one day, you of the woman was very busy. Not need to work overtime today, is necessary to pass the future, even the day after tomorrow is brisk and full with learning. You find that once belonged to you time by her hard work from the calendar erase, if she really busy is not important, the first is that she never busy around you.

9. Silence

some women naturally are not good at whitewash, when her heart was no longer belongs to you, your any words for her became the excess. Is your talk incessantly especially, more let her think impatience, then start silence calm silence. Don’t suspicion, when she told you chatter began not patience, when she began to happened to you, her heart is not in you here.

10. Selfish

love is great, love is the inclusion of all. When there is love between two the ego private existence, there is all about happiness. Only when the relationship disappear machine, when you of the woman never do not love you, tolerance and forgiveness will all disappear. She will to forget your strengths and your power, she will be happy to do things, only satisfied itself is selfish.