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& other; I suggest the heartbroken girls, can study the physics & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

on March 14, the human world will never lost an interesting genius. Physicist Stephen & middot; Hawking, died in the UK at the age of 76.

physicist Stephen & middot; Hawking

he used to take us to see the wider world & ndash; & ndash; This is an effective way to resolve grief.

hawking is a very humorous and interesting man, in the host asked & other; How do you think of the “theory of everything”? Throughout the &; When replied & other; I don’t feel how, saw a piece of found all kua my ex-wife & hellip; & hellip; Not too happy about it. Throughout the &;

physicist Stephen & middot; Hawking and plays his “theory of everything”, actor Eddie & middot; Redmayne

when going out hawking, recognized by tourists, visitors a face excitedly asked: & other; Hawking is you, please? Throughout the &; He a face calmly response: & other; You made a mistake, I’m not hawking, his reality is more handsome than me! Throughout the &;

in a scientific lectures held in Australia, a girl named Samantha asked him, & other; One-way band (One Direction) members of Zayn leave the world countless young girl heartbreak, it will produce what kind of effect of the universe? Throughout the &; Hawking shrugs, & other; Finally, someone asked a crucial question. I suggest the heartbroken girls, to study physics, so someday, parallel universe theory is confirmed. In our existing outside of the universe, there is a completely different universe. In the universe, Zayn is one-way in a band. Throughout the &; Hawking has also added, & other; Ask the girl to me, in the parallel universe, maybe happiness of life together and Zayn have been married? & throughout; .

physicist Stephen & middot; Hawking for his role in “the simpsons” dubbing

in the big bang theory, hawking guest many times, humor Dui Sheldon. In the star trek: the next generation, he and the academic circles and gather together a table for four persons; In “the simpsons”, the voice for his own; His experience zero gravity feeling; He making advertisements; He said, the woman is the true riddle, lovely a physicist.

while love each other go all out, when didn’t love each other gratitude

on New Year’s eve party in 1963, hawking has met friends sister Jane & middot; Wilder. A school of science living, a school of arts living, are attracted to the temperament of each other each other. The movie universe theory is based on a hawking and Jane’s story.

Jane said, until now, she saw the Felicity Jones, a theory of everything (actress), eyes will be wet, because, as though she saw it myself.

Jane and plays his “theory of everything”, actor phillis mix & middot; Jones

in the documentary “the biography of hawking, Jane also accepted the interview. She recalled: & other; I was very young, also very optimistic. The point is, I love him, do all I can to help him. Throughout the &; Hawking recalls, & other; Jane is very beautiful, also very gentle, she seems to be not afraid of my disease. & quot;

physicist Stephen & middot; Hawking attended the bafta party

actually hawking and JianGang started dating, hawking has gradually appear gradually frozen disorder symptoms, but the power of love is great. In the face of hawking’s disease, Jane is determined: & other; We are not afraid of the disease, we, no matter what did the doctor say we want to challenge the future. Throughout the &; In July 1965, hawking and Jane married, when they got married, hawking has need crutches to walk, his hand began to lose strength. But it still didn’t stop them happy together. After marriage, they had three children. Hawking, doing everything they can to him as a father’s responsibility, such as happy accompany children play.

physicist Stephen & middot; Hawking and family

but they seemed very different. Jane said: & other; If you don’t have faith in god, I can’t get through it from such a difficult situation, from the start, I won’t tell Stephen to marry, because I can’t be helped me through optimism, less likely to keep that kind of spirit. Throughout the &; A believe in the existence of god, Christian, another believe in science, is an atheist. Different faiths and through, eventually make their relationship fall apart.

in the spring of 1995, hawking divorce from Jane. As the movie said: we can and people who aren’t attracted to each other, is very difficult and not the same person for a long time. Love existed, just at the beginning fall in love, not love now. In spite of this, the farewell is still very tender feeling, love in a long life together already pass into blood is thicker than water of affection. This is probably about break up the most beautiful and good faith & ndash; & ndash; While love each other go all out, do not love when the gratitude to each other.

although hawking’s gone, but left by his wisdom and wealth will be sufficient to light up each and every one on earth.

physicist Stephen & middot; Hawking

a reporter had asked hawking: what do you do for a miracle? A: hawking insists.

hawking said: & other; A man must be mature enough to realize that life is not fair. Regardless of your circumstances, you can only go all out. Throughout the &; I think, every adversity in life should be a good listen to the words.

there is no hawking, time for a brief history.

heaven all the way walk good! & have spent

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