Delicate woman has six big secret weapon

guide language: to describe a woman’s beauty, there are a lot of beautiful words, such as: elegant, intelligent, virtuous, has the temperament, and even have goddess of everyone with rotten, and so on. Obviously, this is not what I want to express. Because, I think those are a little bit of what seems to lack, or too empty ground out of breath, or too narrow not comprehensive.

delicate woman has six big secret weapon

in blue eyes, the most words to describe a woman beautiful is delicate. The delicate, of a woman can not. It should be a woman based on a good family background and education background, good looks, open-minded and conduct, and a healthy lifestyle, and integrated performance out of a flowing in the blood of noble temperament.

delicate woman, not too and affectation, but she know what is best, and deserve the best. Delicate woman, never compare with the people, but she always in dwarf inaction; Delicate woman, never to show off in front of people, but her eyes closed smell the flavor of 18 different perfume; Delicate woman, won’t have too much jewelry clothes and cosmetics, but she took out a casually, can send out a special temperament.

so, what kind of female talent truly deserve delicate this word? Blue think, delicate woman often take the following six secret weapon:

a secret weapon: has the heart of fear.

I have always thought that the heart of fear is a man walking in this world, let oneself always maintain a humble, kind and clear at all. One more outstanding, the more need such a thing, especially for many in the woman in the happiness, it is particularly important.

with the fear of the heart of the woman, has its own basic value of ethics and faith. They seldom talk loudly, can consider the feelings of others, never hysteria, more not to curse others, especially their closest people.

with the fear of the heart of woman, never buck the trend for, if they comply with the laws of nature and gender world, they are more valued in the morning time and change of the seasons, they will bring good wishes, let oneself have maintained a good state of mind every day.

second secret weapon: let health and become a way of life.

once on an emotional salon, a women asked me: what is the highest return on investment women? My answer is beauty and health. Why do you say that?

because only beauty can let you have more stamina to manage yourself, to observe and compare, and keep learning and improve themselves. This force is born with a woman, until the last, no one can forecast to its true potential.

of course, the United States must be healthy again. Especially when the health and beauty is a kind of habit and life style of people, that kind of inspiration and nuclear power, is absolutely we are immeasurable.

here, we might as well as an example. In our real life, many women always like to buy some cheap stuff. Good or bad, it is need now or later, as long as it is cheap, is that they think profitable, they would not buy buy buy self-control. As it is to buy a home, have tend to be rare, even in limbo. Not only caused serious waste, and makes life particularly relaxed, not everywhere is filled with old items, but often no one is your true love and use.

and in the aspect of eating, as long as it is like to eat, crane to also want to taste it. All sorts of article spicy noodles, Fried malatang, and small snacks, never not to eat greasy. Even if it is hot mouth irritation, thread, would. There is no doubt that such a lifestyle, not only not beautiful, but not health, after a long time, must pay with happiness.

three secret weapon: never rely too much on.

about women the importance of self-reliance, blue said in the previous articles is really sick of it. So here, don’t want to say more naturally.

I just want to say is, how big is your own ability, will be how much charm. And ability is always rely on the usual practice, consciousness and thinking exercise. You only have the consciousness and ability, you can exercise high bold, ability & other Food in the hand, don’t panic in the heart & throughout; .

on the contrary, when you are accustomed to rely on, you will be lazy down prematurely, and give up on yourself, will be easily controlled by others. So, your life will be too many variables, and can’t say to calculate by yourself. In addition, you need to for their excessive dependence on, take time and high human cost, this life is heavy, no fine.

secret weapon 4: know a choice, can abandon those who don’t need.

in fact, people this lifetime, have built up some things. But often accumulated, is not necessarily what we need to fame and wealth. More often, it would be the wrinkles on the face, pain in the heart, and that the people and the things I’ve always wanted to DiuQue lost not to drop. Obviously, we cannot let all of these things grow naturally, for those bad things, we must be removed. Such as, timely lose some old furniture and clothing, do not need to say goodbye to some let us unhappy people and things, get rid of the negative emotions of the past, and so on.

why do we have a lot of women’s wardrobe will be more and more full? So, not because of their closet, really have a lot of beautiful clothes and baby. And precisely because it is filled with too much, they usually can’t even look at the names don’t need.

so, why don’t they get rid of those things you don’t need? Yes, they can’t do that, they simply loathe to give up. On the surface, this is the virtue of thrift, but in fact it is very bad. Because they want to pay for their own, more time and space costs, even the emotional cost. They will be to find a beautiful dress, and spend half a day, because almirah is more and more difficult to tidy up, and be in a bad mood. There is no doubt that if we compare life to the closet, so life will be without aesthetic feeling.

so, delicate woman, has always been know thin body to their lives. A beautiful and expensive clothes again, as long as she doesn’t need, she will be throw away.

five secret weapon: thinking clever, never ring die himself.

delicate women, mostly have interest. Because their thinking is clever, no matter what you and she said, understand, or agree with, they never easily opinionated and argued.

they are willing to listen to the opinions of others first, and happy to have a more diversified, they are more likely than other women to accept new things, it is easier to stand in the era of ideological front. So, they often have good aesthetic, never ring die himself.

secret weapon six: not passing, all things have two points.

I’ve seen a lot of ability, and intelligence and women. But the real contact down, make me feel beautiful. Why is this so? Because they are too hard!

they would to a wrong character, is flushed with people; For a very small amount of list, in competition with friends and colleagues; In order to prove his own charm, let the husband succumbed to her in public. Will force their children to go to all kinds of endlessly, & hellip; & hellip; And they will eventually go very helpless to tell you: now the social development so fast, delays are dangerous, not serious, don’t early to prepare will that do? To be honest, such a woman, there is no aesthetic feeling.

really delicate woman, not like that. They always leave room for two points for their own. One thing is just like eating, she even like again, she also will only eat eight of the subcontract. They are like this, it is because of three reasons: first, eight full beneficial to body health; Second, the delicious need to share; Third, they need to have sudden leave some stomach.