Dating woman asked the man worth 100 million: I value this price!

bring to dating a woman said of the conference, I hope the man assets must have more than 50 million yuan. (figure/taken from youtube, similarly hereinafter)

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sichuan chengdu recently held a high-end blind date, matchmaking conference of women’s request is breathtaking. A woman asked the man assets must be 50 million yuan, said they have received higher education, value so much; Another woman asks the man more assets must be in 100 million yuan of above, and would it be like to own, rather than their own.

integrated media reports, lu this blind date movie spread on “weibo”, described in the film, want to participate in the blind date man, worth assets must be in 5 million yuan of above, women have a height, age, educational background, features and other aspects of examination, pass polygraph asked sensitive issues.

a involved in dating woman said that day, for his assets in 50 million yuan of above, because have certain assets can prove that the person’s value, ability, and the men of his own also have received higher education, and other I value so much & throughout; , can accept 16 to 25 years older than her. She also pointed out that & other; A mature man, we can’t say he is only 20 years old & throughout; .

to bring another woman said, want to assets of RMB 100 million yuan or more objects.

another woman’s request is even more surprising, & other; I think I should find a more than one hundred million, too little, I think in a word, like insecure & throughout; , she admitted that she is done after nose plastic surgery to mutually close, & other; The surviving can let others remember you & throughout; And said he would find & other; Like me, not what I like & throughout; .

at the meeting, said another man, who can accept women for 15 to 30 years younger than himself, for a woman asked for assets, he thinks, assets is also a kind of comprehensive ability show man. These remarks caused quite a stir on the Internet, many netizens criticized women’s values, & other; This clearly is to sell! Throughout the &; , & other This is dad assembly, find who! Throughout the &; , & other Reading is to sell a good price, not in order to improve their training and education, the world is! Throughout the &;

rich material for the mainland to strange phenomenon, the expert analysis, said the real expression of money is, in fact, the Chinese society, the value tendency of Chinese society as a whole has fallen into a kind of values of money worship. & have spent