Dating online runescape: liar, prodigal and infatuation

there is a woman, 42, guangzhou has talked about three boyfriends, are met on the jiayuan, also do a pyramid scheme. In the third time, she still refused to give up, also want to help her boyfriend out. & other; She just feel good to her, just like the evil. Throughout the &;

someone describe the psychological, & other; Like a sugar into the child’s mouth, and living to dig out, baby don’t cry to death just strange. Throughout the &;

2012 valentine’s day, a dating website models open umbrella, have above & other; To find the other half of the wind and rain way & throughout; The words, standing in the restless streets of Shanghai, nanjing west road. Images from visual China (21.290, & have spent 1.73, & have spent – 7.52%)

article | Beijing news reporter educating interns Zhang Yihuang her chin

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two hundred years ago, the British woman writer Jane & middot; Austen wrote in her “pride and prejudice”, women tend to love this stuff, fantasy is not realistic.

in fact, the man is no exception.

early in the morning on 7 September 2017, 37, entrepreneurs to Sue at mau home committed suicide by jumping off a building in Beijing. He left word, said he encountered scams, & other The divorce agreement kill me. Throughout the &;

he just end with his ex-wife ZhaiXinXin 40 days of short marriage. In march of this year, they met on dating sites, then the flash marriage.

in 2016, a month on average, 16.59 million people in China can login dating sites. They mainly in 26 to 34 age. Usually in the evening, they will open the mobile phone or computer, not to find the waiting.

these arms to men and women, dating sites for APP installed capacity of more than 200 million, more than 270 million hits per month, 10.18 million hours of browsing time. This is the third party research iresearch consulting provided by statistics.

some people in the pursuit of love, it is a kind of medicine against ordinary days, providing comfort, shatter loneliness. But the reality is always much more broad, there are deceived into the pyramid selling is still unwilling to delusion, so romantic prodigal & hellip; & hellip;

& other; Cut & throughout; 1, tap login, there is endless secret, deep humanity.

a programmer dating APP phone installed. Before he was 27 years old this year, only about a half year long distance relationship. The Beijing news reporter educating taken

& other; Code farmers & throughout; Adventures of

& other; Code farmers & throughout; Lin Boran made a report dating website fraud website.

it’s called & other Shine on a demon mirror & throughout; .

this is not a good user experience on the web. Interface roughness, slow access speed, image search only five times a day, the most important thing is that, because the server maintenance, it only can access between 8 am to 11 PM.

but hanging above 28 pieces of information, but the basic covers all the deception on dating website & ndash; & ndash; Saucer, wine, business marketing, online wechat business, to borrow money, or even a pyramid scheme. Each article has these suspected liar QQ, phone, the information such as photographs, micro letter.

Lin Boran 32 years old, graduated from a famous domestic universities, after entering system, farmers become a yard.

he’s handsome appearance, smile have dimples, for their own definition & other; Senior single dog & throughout; . From undergraduate to graduate, learning is a computer, the sex ratio of seven to one. Carelessly, single to 27.

parents nasty, he hurriedly seek object. He was only in 2012 and registered in dating sites. Five years, he talked deep a girl more than 50 people, seen in line more than 20 people. Love didn’t find it, cheats, have met a lot of.

wine is most likely to encounter.

they generally say Beijing college students, or just have a job. Chatting chatting, suddenly said, recent work pressure big, very tired, very depressed, want to go out to drink alcohol.

still, clearly about is for dinner, to the prescribed destination, they said they ate, temporary will go to KTV to sing. Lin Boran put forward his throat is bad, can’t sing, they will pass away, or just go elsewhere.

there are some sell oil or silver spot trading platform. They never meet people, only in micro letter friends transfer, earnings screenshot, shape their job is to earn money illusion, wooing men investment. If was rejected, you will be emotional changes, and other You even did not dare to do this, return to dare to do? ! Throughout the &;

there is a woman, who says he is Chinese music college. She will catch a hot spot, the film “charlotte pains, she wrote to the film starring, hair in the circle of friends, said two people familiar; Singer kimi’s death, she said two people know when recording shows, very sad. But the strange thing is, they have no photo.

Lin Boran proposed WeChat voice with her, but was refused, she refused to reason is her stammer & ndash; & ndash; She is a music college graduates.

these things let Lin Boran frustrated, feel angry and disappointed. Encountered many, he became very heavy guard for online. Chat with a person, will first thought, she is liar.

2015 National Day holiday, he holed up on the website code, trying to find out more motivation not pure, let others no longer fall for it.

Lin Boran encounter, is not alone.

in fact, currently on the dating sites, has warned about marriage fraud. Jiayuan website has a & other; Security center & throughout; , lists the bar, rice, loan fraud such as identity fraud, finance and investment mode of operation in detail.

on September 18, baihe a matchmaker told the Beijing news reporter, & other; Online users a lot of all is false, every day there are complaints were tricked into, too many, can’t help it. Can you make hundreds of millions of registered users are questioning it again? Not reality. Throughout the &;

at the end of 2016, iresearch surveyed 1438 dating website users, their level of satisfaction to the dating sites, are as low as five percent.

but there is still more than sixty percent of users are willing to pay for web sites, they want to spend money on the blade, which is site audit strictly identity & ndash; & ndash; The nobody want to be deceived.