Contemporary writers personal experience: China’s divorce system is too rash

home met a couple divorce, thought is so say, drag drag. I didn’t expect the next day they say is over! Compared to the United States long divorce red tape, divorce in China is too easy, which to a certain extent, reflects the Chinese system of divorce lightly. & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent

China needs reform hasty divorce system

home met a couple divorce, very close friends, thought is so say, in the spirit head up, drag drag in the past. Didn’t expect the next day the somebody else say it out.

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& other; Don’t bai, nobody, just don’t have to line up immediately, kaka a stamp, over two minutes. Throughout the &;

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& other; The marriage registration office. Throughout the &;

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& other; Divorce on what the court, and no property dispute, an remember not just finished & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

listen I was completely stunned, the whole people hold not to live completely, the along while have not suck up yao had theirs. Perhaps too long living in New York, view of family has changed. Family is the basic unit society economy, is equal to a & other; Unlimited company & throughout; . Its function is to promote the development of productive forces, the company first to maximize the pursuit of common interests and family and the society on the basis of the status and power. Due to family interests can inherit, so the family should be relatively stable, and the reproduction of wealth. , on the other hand, if the family is too fragile, easy to collapse, will lead to social unrest and social management cost, and more uncontrollable factors, such as women’s rights protection, whether a new poverty, and children’s education problem.

as a mature capitalist city, New York, it is very prudent on divorce management, trying to maintain family stability and social stability. First of all, not to the marriage registration office to deal with divorce. Clearly tube to marry, how tube divorce again? In sociology, marriage divorce is a completely different concept, cannot in the same treatment. Divorce is much more complex than married, involving a variety of laws and regulations, to the marriage registration office of aunt do?

second, the state of New York divorce can take effect only by the court decision. Divorce agreement or the agreement is the same, have to apply to the court. Marriage is a registered company, a piece of white paper. Divorce is a company is disbanded, the interests of all parties involved, must be in accordance with the law of profit distribution to examine and determine the legitimate rights and interests of any one party can be effective after being respected. That conforms to the family exist, can guarantee the stability of the results as far as possible, is suitable for the economic basis of superstructure.

in addition, New York on divorce has three months a cooling-off period, even if both parties agree to divorce, talk about good condition written complaint to the court after three months no one take reason you, three months after the court tried to line up. This is intentional, for both sides to calm thinking of the time, half of the divorce were dropped in three months. Practice has proved a cooling-off period to protect the family stability. By the way, even get married all have 24 hours to calm period, New York, a day complete can withdraw the application, not a divorce.

China is already the primary stage of market economy, and there is no essential difference between the United States. Family role and effect of the positive energy of significance is also very similar to the society. right now, genetic hasty divorce system in the past planned economy era, with the objective need of economic development is more and more not adapt to today. Too fragile, too hasty divorce, family, will destroy the reproduction of social productive forces, create new unfair, greatly increase the society management cost, and bring extra burden to taxpayers. this irresponsible divorce system almost comparable to the infamous Las Vegas Renault, that kind of loose state or the Bahamas, the negative energy that is civilization, and China’s international status are not suited. Family is the origin of private ownership, protect the family is to protect the market economy foundation, China’s current hasty divorce system has to need time to reform.