Closer relationship of 10 skills

guide language: love sometimes need to play a little & other; Skill & throughout; To let him take your heart all the time. All these 10 love, will make your relationship more sweet!

closer relationship of 10 skills

1. His romantic message to

words sometimes can play an unexpected effect in the relationship. Try to send him some sweet words, romantic moment between you, she Shared with him passed to him that you miss.

2. And sisters tao spend time

when a man found his girlfriend without him also can have a happy, heart a little envy can inspire his miss. Don’t sum boyfriend be bored with together, without his permission with sisters for a Girl‘ S Night!!!!

3. When he was working on flowers or candy

when being in the midst of a wonderful love relationship, you have to constantly remind each other in the days of his is how sweet. You can be in when he is working hard on any small gift, to teach you one hundred yuan clothes take one thousand yuan class, a bunch of flowers or a box of candy, maybe you will get the unexpected surprise!

4. Leave a little note in his love lunch

in your lunch in their love for him, leave a write full of sweet words notes, tell each other how much you love him.

5. To his surprise

choose a ordinary day, as he prepares to a romantic date only belonging to both of you, can not only show your lovely side, also let him know that you are the perfect girlfriend.

6. Let him take the initiative to call you

you always uninterrupted give him a call or send text messages that one? Don’t do it, let him take the initiative to call you is the real deal & ndash; & ndash; Because this just shows that he miss you!

7. Send him your lovely photo

AD cute doesn’t mean sexy or naked! Hair once or twice a week in your daily life photos, let him at a busy time also can feel your company.

8. Don’t quickly reply his message

you always rush roar to reply his message in the first place? It will only give him a you do nothing, just waiting for his message. Slow down, sometimes faster!

9. Give him the space

don’t let him be your whole life. Try to do what you like to do, give each other space, which is more inspiring his respect and love for you. Remember: it’s constant pestering him, let him take the initiative to take the time to accompany you.

10. Leave him your gadgets

a T-shirt and a bottle of perfume, inadvertently quietly left him everyday items with your breath, let you even if not in his side, also can let he sad, for your thoughts.