Chinese women are less destructive? The expression of desire is too revealing

导语:这几年最常听到的关于女性的风评是:“ Less and less destructive & throughout; . But slightly further questioning, the so-called destructive women are not bad in where? Got the same answer: they drink and smoke a scantily clad, and nightclubs, want to hook three take four on social networks.

woman is getting more & other; Bad & throughout;

if for a man, the behavior is more common, however, is unlikely to become a judge standard, but the society for women, always a bit harsh. So, not women generally gone bad, but women have the opportunity to show their normal desires, and the expression is not universally accepted, so is particularly revealing.

& other; Bad woman & throughout; The & other; Bad & throughout; Of different standards in different time and place, & other; Bad & throughout; The threshold, have high low. Times of the book of songs are not naive age, all kinds of bondage is not coming, desire expression is normal, to meet the water’s edge, between men and women mulberry also be singing. So once garden teacher said that the so-called & other; Thinking innocent & throughout; People, not the era particularly grave, but no & other; Evil & throughout; The concept of never feel what’s wrong with that.

and then information gradually tight, all kinds of rigid constraint is plus. In “liao zhai zhi yi”, there is a lot of character of poor women, who is bad, too lively personality, with more than one male had in-depth exchanges, will be labeled & other; Bad & throughout; The label. This kind of standard, until modern times also works, feet wrapped well, mother-in-law on, is also a bad woman. In the movie “the grand master, leaf asked to bring your wife cheung wing sing to the gold floor (roughly equivalent to upscale nightclub today to listen to music, has been touted as a revolutionary move, cheung wing sing in other people’s conjecture, the whole body uncomfortable, need husband just settled down to.

in the 1970 s, that & other; Bad & throughout; The threshold of what also didn’t improve. In the eighty s? Mr Michael’s novel this nondelivery wrote 1983 & other; Strike hard & throughout; , a group of young people, behind closed doors open family party, 19-year-old Liu Danqing, because and girls, good at the ball, was sentenced to death.

after 30 years, a woman’s desire to express finally return to normal gradually, & other; Bad & throughout; The threshold of the more and more is also high. Of course, this process always accompany with controversy. If you are the one “has just shown on television, some men are very angry. Yes, women publicly chosen men, openly expressed opinion of man appearance, income, rotten to the core.

but under long-term imprisonment, suddenly get desire expression opportunity, the shape of women express a bit. All human experience need inheritance. Clear is missing, but this kind of inheritance and women like from the wild is dragged into a prosperous, significantly somewhat confused, may be from one extreme, came to the other extreme.

met many women, is a very sexy, but sexy like movies & ndash; Is not good, is a derogatory sense. They like from porn movies, exaggeration and dramatic. But it is as unreliable as costume to wear down the street, under the stage atmosphere, costume won’t let a person feel strange, in daily life, the same desire to express that kind of costume, is especially odd.

you know, all in a male dominated society, erotic images of women, are not ordinary people, they are created to men, they always try to please a man, take the initiative to present themselves, baiwujinji, have the courage to try.

many media, also follow this way of shape, a variety of social network, all kinds of mobile social networking platform, and together create a wrong impression: must be so, a woman is the only way is their liberation, is face to face with desire, is the return to nature.

& other; Bad woman & throughout; Why more and more? More and more desire to express the opportunity, and the expression of distortion can be seen everywhere.