Chinese men Russia marry beauty? Only actually fat aunt

according to some media (named), New Zealand & other; Man drought & throughout; . Population report & other; 50000 people throughout & more female than male; , and also quoted a group of the United Nations population survey organization reports: in recent years, New Zealand’s population continues to grow, is expected by the end of the century, will increase from the current 4.6 million to 4.6 million. In the sex ratio of population in 2017, the United Nations, the population of the world outlook report despite the global sex ratio is 102, 100, but on the contrary, in New Zealand 78000 more women than men.

Ukraine beauty love to marry Chinese men?

in 2015, according to estimates, the New Zealand people aged 25 to 49, 50010 women more than men. After unbalanced trend is still increasing, to 2017, & other; The remaining & throughout; Women reached 52920.

New Zealand’s population is small, so the extra fifty thousand women, the difference is notable, but the New Zealander still said nothing, foreigners sit still, Australia demographer Bernard & middot; Salter simply create & other; Man drought & throughout; The word used to describe the phenomenon of women more than men do tens of thousands of New Zealand.

in here, some people in order to publicity sat not to live, have played a variety of online title, hype New Zealand & other; Man drought & throughout; Topic, the implication, only our vast school-age young men went to New Zealand to save foreign female friends.

as for Russia and Ukraine in the former Soviet union, such as rumor source is more difficult to distinguish, as promised, but Russia’s gender imbalance is serious, the Ukrainian beauty by their most welcome Chinese people.

in June this year, the domestic media had reported that a group of beautiful, tall Ukraine beauty piles took to the streets to protest demonstrations, they are carrying big slogan to end male god lives, demanding to get married as soon as possible. Domestic media last comments: it is because of the severe gender imbalance in Ukraine so Ukraine beauty took to the streets to demand the Ukrainian government took steps to the door, to help them married.

this kind of news times, there are some so-called reality of dating site organization of water army stories, describes how to embrace get beauty return from Russia or Ukraine, like so many foreign man drought areas, the industrious and brave Chinese too popular with the foreigners, and even in some psychosexuality became the Chinese men do not marry.

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& other; Leftover women & throughout; Rational

however, the reality gave these media left immediately big mouth.

is the actual situation of New Zealand, New Zealand’s immigration country, in the case of the indigenous Maori are fewer and fewer, europeans are more and more to move on this. Among the early immigrants are really men more than women, after all, explore the new continent on this, the men are more aggressive than women, is also in the indigenous Maori men more than women.

at the end of the last century 50 s, this situation is starting to happen turnaround, along with the advance of society in New Zealand, New Zealand increasingly attractive to women. According to the New Zealand government statistics, in 2013 the immigrant population of New Zealand is women more, in addition to a few countries more male immigrants. In New Zealand and New Zealand home market is narrow, so young people have a tradition of go out to travel, they generally go to Australia, and then to the commonwealth of England. According to some survey at the university of New Zealand, there are quite a number of New Zealand men in going abroad to travel often choose to stay at the local, women will choose to return to New Zealand, in a few years back to their country.

on the other hand, is more and more female immigrants, on the other hand native New Zealand male youth is being drained, it seems, women more is indeed the truth.

so New Zealand women feel & other; Man drought & throughout; ?

the answer is not.

New Zealand massey university professor Hannah & middot; Dr Auguste in her “old virgin no country?” Said: in fact & other; Man drought & throughout; Phenomenon is in in the male gender imbalance perspective, it is a family, that women should return should xiangfujiaozi. According to Dr Hannah’s survey, after the second world war, most women obviously improve the level of education, New Zealand and New Zealand girls think that women hold up half the sky, they are more and more pursue independence, more and more pursuit of quality of life, not a life of sacrifice himself for his marriage.

although on the surface, the New Zealand women do more than men, but women in New Zealand but didn’t appear what strange parade on the streets looking for man, the so-called New Zealand & other; Man drought & throughout; Is more of a media hype, it is some voluntary efforts to keep women came out of life.

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just need to save a portly old

in the Chinese most misunderstood, & other; The lack of a man, love Chinese men & throughout; In Russia, Ukraine and other countries?

look at the data, you will know that rumors are vulnerable, according to the statistics of the cia and the Russian federation, Russia in 2014, the sex ratio is 1:1.17, this means that the corresponding 117 boys for every 100 Russia girl, really more girls, but at the age of 20 to 34, marriageable age, the number of men and women in Russia is essentially flat. Men under the age of 20 is a bit more than women, really the difference is this age 50 to 64 years old, about two-thirds the size of the Russian men only the women around.

this is a question of Russia for a long time, the Russian men too love to drink wine, so the shorter life expectancy than women, the number of natural came down, aging population sex ratio imbalance seriously make the Russian men’s and women’s sex ratio imbalance are followed.

Ukraine and Russia similar, young men and women about sex, men age 50 upwards, the greater the population is less, the reason, and Russia, all love vodka will pay the price.

in addition to data, for white, east Asian than their compatriots with Chinese, kind of, it is less attractive, especially in Russia, looking for a foreign spouse choice must be a European. Look at every little intermarriage between China and Russia’s population can see out, for the Russian girl, physical characteristics of the Chinese is clearly also big eyes high bridge of the nose and hair exuberant europeans are attractive.

since the wei and jin dynasty, the Chinese men’s aesthetic standard is not tall and strong, most of the time in the history of Chinese traditional does not favor the kind of male beauty is very aggressive. Influenced by Taoism and the theory of Yin and Yang, the ideal male figure, should be not muscles, bones and muscles, abdominal slightly fat, the skin to white, of course, physiognomy soft kind, sum up is like & other; Baby & throughout; As to this feeling.

although changed a lot since modern times, all to the west, but the overall impression of Chinese men in western eyes already cured.

Russian women and even the entire western women are appreciate a suit of tendon & other; Nabla & throughout; A man. In all of the male hormone to secrete more, have chest hair smells great.

Asian faces of the Chinese people do not seem to predominate.

the author learned about, with some friends who have been to Ukraine seems to Ukraine does not exist the so-called beauty waiting to save the situation, the domestic such news, I’m afraid all is made of Chinese dating sites, commercial factors and emotional since hi more behind it.

however, although Russia Ukraine’s beauty doesn’t need men to save China, fat when they are getting old and widowed Boyle was needed, making to Ukraine & other; Spring outing & throughout; The dream of male compatriots, where are you going?

this article reprinted from phoenix: Yang hengjun overseas house