China’s largest ocean daughter-in-law village: small all married a Russian girl

guide language: Russia is a country rich in beauty, in recent years as a serious & other; Women more than men less & throughout; More and more girls want to marry Chinese lang. China’s jilin a & other; Skewed & throughout; Slowly become & other; Throughout the village & Russian bride; .

Russia beauties

in our neighboring Russia, here is a country rich in beauty, not just in the busy streets can see beauty, in the remote rural areas, also hides a lot of beautiful women. In Russia a serious imbalance between the proportion of men and women, almost reached the sex ratio of 1:5, therefore in the environment of male girl more, these men became & other; Luxury & throughout; And even cause the idea of son preference.

in China, by contrast, China’s jilin shulan a rural, in the ’90 s are poor, the young man all the money he earned, most people are not married, so also known as & other; Skewed & throughout; . As China’s economy developed, many Chinese people marry the ocean daughter-in-law, and foreign girl also aspire to life in China.

the village nearly 300 men to work in Russia, also more and more Russian beauty marries into the village. Now more and more small to earn the money in the outside, one by one all married beautiful ocean daughter-in-law back, & other; Skewed & throughout; Turned out to be & other; Throughout the village & Russian bride; . Russian far east is declining population struggling: only 6.7 million russians, and across the Chinese border region that is prosperous, but lived 90 million Chinese people. Blah GeWeiShen city and heihe two cities are 750 meters apart. At 7 o ‘clock in the morning, natasha sat down in the hovercraft sail across the river. Three minutes later, the retired old people on shore. The Chinese side is 8 o ‘clock. In between two cities along the border between China and Russia are not only separated by a amur, also is in two different time zones.

natasha from, luo village, about there except for a cement factory, no more other scenery. She doesn’t go 90 km regional capital than robbie jg, but shopping in China. With 2000 rubles (about 50 euros), she would sit after 5 hours to get to the China across the amur river. But she still think it’s a good deal, & other; Everything is twice as expensive in Russia. Throughout the &; Natasha bought a purple dress spent 250 roubles (about 6 euros), and pay 100 rupees (about 2.5 euros) for a coat, also bought a gardening tools and make the hair, paint her nails. Natasha in Chen Yujia, store decoration. Chen nail shop is located in the heihe river’s largest shopping centers, and other All my customers from GeWeiShen tusk. Throughout the &; Cost per nail for 20 yuan (about 2 euro).

the Russian beauty in heihe has become the Russian tourists a good place for shopping. Heihe river since 1992, building a free trade zone between China and Russia, where China merchants began to speak Russian and accept rubles settlement. Clothing store called natasha, pharmacy called maxwell Portland, restaurant called Mr Putin, is called allyson bar. More than a decade, heihe river gradually developed into a thriving city. Many russians have choose came to the Russian border city of consumption, life & quot; Live in Russia, consumption in China & quot; As a unique scene on the border between China and Russia.

transnational marriage, especially the Russian women marry abroad has become a trend. This phenomenon began in the mid – 1990 – s, to the late 90 s, intensified marriage immigration, main component is a young Russian women: the women under 30 years old (60%), with an average age of 28. And the men of other countries is very willing to marry a Russian girl as a wife, the reason is that their cultural level is high, a beautiful young, bears hardships and stands hard work. The end of the 20th century, the Russian women gradually institutionalized WaiJia immigrants, many russians made a fortune in the international match-making agency, the matchmaking agencies mainly for women.