China’s 21% women suffer from asexual marriage in which was so big

guide language: at renmin university of China sexology expert pan said that after investigation in China, 21% of women are & other; Asexual marriage & throughout; . Then the marriage exactly what harm?

asexual marriage is refers to between husband and wife no physical illness or an accident, but for more than a month without a tacit understanding of sex, is the asexual marriage. Asexual marriage also refers to both the male and the female in promised not having sex on the basis of forming a couple relationship.

according to the survey, a majority of white-collar sex less than once a month (including 46.1% of the singles), only a quarter of the white-collar workers have more than one sex once a week. In white-collar life satisfaction, one of the most dissatisfied for sex, satisfaction of just 1.64, far lower than other project score.

it is conceivable that asexual marriage has become a social status. Asexual marriage have what harm?

the dangers of asexual marriage 1: cause all kinds of physical and mental illness

let her anger is full, the mood out of control, with her own words & other; Very be agitated, easy to lose his temper & throughout; . In fact, some tortured by asexual marriage woman in addition to suffer from anxiety, depression and other negative emotional distress, also easy to insomnia, loss of appetite, sexual premature aging, hormone is not stable, causing all kinds of physical and mental diseases.

the dangers of asexual marriage 2: the serious influence relationship

sex is the most wonderful in the marriage the most core content, is the lubricant of harmonious relationship. Normal sexual needs are not being met, without reasonable explanation, and from the husband she & other; Scold him impotence, this kind of thing also speak to the family & throughout; This way to anger, both harm the husband’s face and feelings, also make the relationship more nervous, in a vicious circle.

the dangers of asexual marriage 3: threatened the stability of the family firm and social

asexual marriage directly cause the loss of happiness between husband and wife, this will be the indirect threat to the family firm and social stability. No sex is, as it were, a silent damage to life.

asexual marriage?

if you can’t change asexual state through communication, maybe break up is free for each other, each other to find a more suitable partner. If you already have passive asexual, but must continue to maintain this marriage, seriously discuss the real cause of the vegetative state is very necessary to find out why and targeted consultation to discuss the change project, make sex sex, improving the quality of marriage, is the real responsibility for his own life.