China “love” founder taught you how to capture the women

the media said, in recent years, due to the number of China’s gender imbalance and the increasingly free love culture, specially designed for men dating course began to prevail. Some programs take centralized training, students teach men how to dress, and will take them to the mall a conversation with a girl. Set up early is more famous several & other; The younger sister company & throughout; Including established in chengdu by wang huanyu inhibition and education, also known as the Asian PUA (Pickup Artist, the younger sister’s got talent) community the godfather of Tango had built up the bad boy of college.

come true will be sitting in a tavern, a glass of water, and then began to watch the boys are how to strike up a conversation with a girl. (the United States the New York times website)

according to the site on January 17, the New York times reported, grew up in Shanghai come true, not chasing girls, at an early age he understand, good grades, but on the emotional problems like a nerd. He said, & other; I was on the girls why don’t you like me, I am ugly, grow not good-looking. I’m short, one meter six; My home have no money. Must be the three reasons for this. Throughout the &; Young at home after the feelings of the battlefield to stumble, true to the abroad. His undergraduate study in the United States of Iowa grinnell college, one has no confidence he accidentally started reading up about the relationship of academic papers, and then began to use to communicate with like of girl. He often go to the bar near Washington’s Georgetown, a glass of water, and then quietly looking at how the boys speak with the girls.

after graduating from college, true to himself learned back to China. Now come true is a named & other; Fascinated me & throughout; Company’s boss, the company is located in Shanghai says mastered the secret of attractive to women, and they are taught in the secret & other; Don’t need your money, don’t need you handsome, also don’t need you tall & throughout; At least come true think so, & other; Our essence is to build your confidence, this is the ultimate goal of our course. Throughout the &;

& other; Fascinated me & throughout; Mainly through online tutorials, video and social media push to male compatriots to impart the secret to attract women. & other; Fascinated me & throughout; Sell their tutorial, according to come true, since its launch in 2010, the true love to learn the total volume has exceeded three hundred million, literally opens at a video on youku also can have 100000 views, which in some type of single men found a market there.

according to the report, but the true model have also been questioned and criticized some online. Some netizens think that love is not to teach didn’t also way, there are some women seen come true after the video, think he described too single and stereotyped images of women, is a kind of don’t respect for women. He strike up a conversation skills, from the United States is not and so politically correct s place, also is not today’s # MeToo movement (me too).

recently in & other; Fascinated me & throughout; Company office, come true talked her feelings experience, study course, and creating, the management idea of the company. The following is the interview summary:

q: your experience to stay in the United States bring any change to your love?

a: I was impression of the United States is also a very superficial impression. They are big, American girls don’t might like me. So I was in a thought, I the university four years to also do not talk about love, is the only way to find a wife later success. But I am to like someone, and when I was a freshman, the other is also a freshman, Chinese, and then I like psychology. I think, at that time from psychology that can find the way of a breakthrough. When I see the attraction of the paper every day, and see if I can find out some methods, then took the first step, I dare to try, because I think now seems to have an extra weapon.

I found a girl for some ignored her man some attractive. Those very drag & other; Rogue & throughout; , don’t listen to the teacher words, like girls like it very much. But light ye was useless, you also will be very humorous, can produce a good result. In fact in the paper, interpretation is like this, women love a man, a man of high social value. Grosvenor LTD is handsome, we first thought is unconscious perception inside out, through your words and deeds and expression. She doesn’t want to see you since the self-confidence, because of their own ability is the most understanding.

q: what are you in school is how to take an interest in the study of the relationship, and it is how to become your career?

a: I spent the whole four years of university are studying the issue. My GPA is not high, of the university of 2.98. Looking for work or in the bar. My real spoken English is learned in the bar, strike up a conversation with a girl in the bar every day, practice how to chat with a girl, how to attract girls, then a series of things, and begin at that time. When the junior year, I was very like it. I pretty deep research of the sexes, I was thinking of I studied this thing to come home. I told you I was a junior high school high school chasing girls childish idea, don’t mature, I feel a lot of people are such domestic ah, so I just want to bring his work to home, to the country to create the industry.

q: when you first start to study American dating culture, what do you think of Chinese boys and the boys tried to strike up a conversation with a girl the way what is the difference?

a: when I was observing, there is no points at home and abroad, I think it is the same, some difference is superficial, but the human essence is the same. I today I can clearly tell you, the method of domestic foreign boys to attract girls and boys have the difference, but in essence is the same, no difference. Nothing to do with race and even age. I took a course on ethnography (ethnography) class, I was writing the thesis is to observe the human in the bar mating (line). Because the bar every day somebody accosted, man accosted woman. I later summed up how to strike up a conversation can be successful, how to strike up a conversation will fail. I think men will think I’m chatting up routine is unique (special), but it is not creative. Because I looked so long, a lot of man with a routine, or even words, are all the same. And every time this boy, will fail.

q: since the tutorial online, any change in China in this market?

a: eight years ago and now the problems the same, the problem of love is everlasting. If you want to change, is likely to be more and more people are getting richer. Just began to do, there are a lot of people in the village, don’t have a computer at home, have to go a mile, to read the Internet cafe in the town. We have done a binding in order to prevent piracy, the operation of the computer. But now few, basically have no, now dating (consulting) a little more.

q: some people say that on campus in the United States, the Chinese/Asian men in western love chain at the bottom, there are such thing? How should we respond?

a: there is a thing, “she said. And to some extent (can). The west is like China boy is not sexy, this idea is a nerdy (nerd). But it’s not because he is Asian and lead to such an outcome, or in the final analysis, the mood of a woman being inspired. Regardless of the clan. If you are unable to attract the foreign girls, or as a result can spark, the idea of self set limits. I think this matter I can’t do, that is, I can’t do.

there is no need to say, I am a Chinese, I like white, there is no self-confidence. If you have this idea, will be deducted, in accordance with the appeal process, will attract. Because of the different culture, different RACES, you exotic (outsiders) and sexy, you give birth to children genes better, you actually have an advantage. But if you don’t pass, language communication is a line that is difficult.

q: what do you think in China, a new generation and the older generation, the marriage is the biggest different ideas?

a: is not the same as the standard. The younger generation, the key is 90, after the marriage, for men, less fancy material things, more look like it or not, is there a way to communicate. The larger the age of the can endure. For many later said that 90 material is unable to replace the emotion endure. To attract a woman has nothing to do with money, attract and marriage are two different things.