China is more and more don’t love the woman get married, 40% said single more happiness

a while ago, a letter from a father to daughter, maxed out my circle of friends, the effect is: & other; Daughter, I would rather you don’t get married. Throughout the &;

express the father loves his daughter, even if she’s 30 years old, if you want to do with looking for a partner, the father would rather his daughter still single, it is good to live their own life, and not urge marriage said.

this letter speaks like a cold wind affection, set up the image of a wise father

which girl before getting married, not the small lovely at home? We all know that in marriage, a girl into a woman and a mother’s identity transformation, is really not easy.

now well & other; Woman not only is Howard & throughout; S, even so, the father of the older generation, all want to have to connect fully, but there are a lot of men, thought to marry a woman will pay for family completely.

some people say that has people who are single too, not too pick, is just to know what you want.

a lot of good girl, enjoy a single day. For them, if marriage is going to take a long time, to take care of another person, it is better to maintain the status quo.

on zhihu has a hot question and answer: & other; You clearly so lonely, why don’t you want to get married? Throughout the &;

under the problem, I saw a very stamp heart of answer:

& other; I don’t want to get married, for men, marriage is likely to mean that can have a warm home, but for women, the responsibility is too large to take care of the family diet, pregnant in October, deal with old woman daughter-in-law relation in the home, some even suspend business. Throughout the &;

in this dog-eat-dog society, if there is no career, work is not outstanding, must be means economic capacity decline, at this time and if the feelings and the other half of the crisis, most likely end up the goods.

there have been reports online:

in 2015, China has more than two hundred million single population, the living population rose from 6% in 1990 to 14.6% in 2013.

in 2016, according to the survey, 36.8% of Chinese single women think, don’t get married is also very happy.

you see, more and more people would rather a person freedom, rather than because of loneliness, and with complex mood, open a tangle of relationship. I think, this is the most young people perception of marriage.

in fact, sometimes, oneself also think to find a partner to fall in love, it’s good. But feel really talked, after the trouble a lot of, want to spend time with another person, communication through, struggling in your heart, even when the free go to dating or overtime work, all sorts of trivial things and jealous, and always quarrel with each other.

a friend and I said, since married to trouble, so why don’t I will time and money on yourself? Some also more at ease.

to go out and several girlfriends party, don’t need and reported to the who.

empty from work, is to do a full set of nursing spa.

have a long holiday, is a to a luxury trip abroad.

since a single life, why should a marriage under duress.

a clever woman, can earn their own bread, with love each other.

Emma has a classic line:

& other; Can you get married I don’t care, anyway, I’d rather have the money. Throughout the &; It was my first time feel, this is a rich woman unique capital.

this reminds me of Han Guogong to blue star & ndash; & ndash; Lee hyolee.

ten years ago, almost no one does not know the name of lee hyolee, singing and dancing, variety acting, swept across South Korea almost everything.

the South Korea days later, did not choose to marry into, but the choice and out-of-touch musicians, Li Shangshun wedding

they married, the seclusion in jeju island, have a lot of little animals, in the autumn harvest brought to the market to sell their crops, and in the evening the couple will in the seaside stroll, lived a fairy living life as a handsome couple. DetailPic

lee hyolee and her husband

even more utilitarian heart woman, who doesn’t want to shoulder the burden, and a true love themselves, live a pure life?

Li Shangshun to filial piety, the most pure love, away from the bustling idyllic life of entertainment, two people talk about music, every day is the day of you, I was laughing, like all of the fairy tale.

but what I admire most is the filial piety, this due to the efforts of the first half, while & other; Huge rich & throughout; Woman, when love to knock at the door, she have to this pure love, don’t let it touch a little impurity.

I have always thought that women should be independent, with the other half, that doesn’t mean you can throw your troubles completely to the other side, just only a accessories.

I can earn bread, love is with you to good, always feel that this is a woman’s best love. The only thing you need to consider is that he love you, you love him, want to spend a lifetime with him, like filial piety, said: & other; The rest of my life I just want to chat with my brother chat, just want to get married. Throughout the &;

a friend coco sweet beauty, side also thering is no lack of suitors, but has more than 30, still unmarried. For marriage, she is a person I have ever seen, see the most transparent is one of the most practical.

used to have a man like cocoa, proposed to cocoa, cocoa very serious asked, & other; Marriage is not just to live, and when you coma lost consciousness, as a legal partner, I have the right to decide your life and death, and property, you have to I like to go to, rest assured that such power to me? Throughout the &;

the other guys going after hearing.

cocoa later said to me, looked at each other’s back, I don’t want to take rest in the hands of him.

remembered kneel yulin pregnant woman to her husband’s news, before a pregnant woman in the process of production, because of too much pain to cesarean section, but the man and the man’s family several times to refuse. Finally left one of helpless: & other; It seems I choose wrong. Throughout the &; Embrace life beyond love heavy mood, aborting floor suicide.

a hospital in the video, the husband the straight figure, stand how ruthless, pregnant women kneeling on the ground and wept bitterly, the in the mind have much despair.

now too much relationship can easily, and regret to end soon, in the final analysis, is to love and marriage lack of faith. Compared with joy, marriage need more of is a new partner who can understand each other, to a total of bitter, on the way to go, and never let go of your hands.

it reminded me of watching the Mrs Mak sur, moved by a word from the heroine father. The effect is: & other; Marriage is cruel and hard, so look for objects like fighting, are you looking for in a hail of gun, the forest can die for you, rather than be on the safe zone, holding hands and you say & rsquo; I’m here & rsquo; Of the people. Throughout the &;

but too many people too late.

marriage was not a goal, and people had a good rest.

remember elders had to longly say to me: & other; Girl, while he was still at the best age, is to give married themselves. Throughout the &;

I was just smiling without a word, all know elders goodwill is concerned, but we are all born stubborn generation, until the last moment, how do you know the man before?


as the world’s busiest dad & ndash; & ndash; Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg. At the end of last year, he again put a minute dozens of million business, take paternity leave, was shocked by the news around the world.

when a lot of men are righteousness is words to say, I’m busy making money for the family, no time to accompany his wife and children. Zuckerberg ikkyu is two months paternity leave, even back to make a speech at his Alma mater, also included the gold sentence: at harvard, the best things is I met my wife.

it’s only when you meet the best partner, marriage seems to not suffer, but to care for each other, support each other, each other good achievement.

there are more and more women know that success is not to say that: & other; I want to how many years old before, put himself to married. Throughout the &; But the rest of my life and all the people together, there is no will willingly choice, meet the love person, work together to make every bit of life good, marriage is the biggest success.

there is no the marriage age, only the feelings of the marriage. Although love will be late, but it will come, so in the waiting time, trying to make yourself better.

who we are not really want to die alone, only waiting for the man not to do

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