Cheating a woman’s confession husband ignore is the first step to cheat

导语:一个出轨的女人告诉你,出轨的第一步只是因为丈夫的忽略以及和他的无话可说,面对女人出轨这种现象,其实我们更应该从女人的自白中找到答案,女人真正想要的是什么。 DetailPic

cheating woman’s confession husband ignore is the first step to cheat

the word cheating in some harsh sound. But if married men think women do everything for granted, women’s infidelity may is not far away. Why would a woman cheating? A derailed confessions tell you of the woman, the old and the husband have nothing to say is the first step to cheat.

a, and her husband have nothing to say

amorous feelings of the talented woman, marry to bump or muscle male. He never could have on leaves autumn wind or snow sun to express feelings, and see this move as ignorance ridiculous. If a woman dream has always been an elegant scholar, can thrive with him, totally affair, found that married people are not so. One day, another person came quietly, this meet, seems to be a no escape from fate.

2, the husband can’t understand his wife

in the usual life, pick out the defect on his character. All interests, but his wife’s husband know nothing. That was a strange man, but let a woman smell his mighty breath, heard his rapid heartbeat, found from him as a woman happy, natural, then, is the derailment.

another Chinese couples rarely willing to mention, in occupies an important place in the life of husband and wife is sex. Sexual life of husband and wife is a very important content. If the husband because of sexual dysfunction, or because the pursuit of career busy all day long, neglect to give his wife, or husband in the outside lust debauchery, cannot satisfy the wife normal physiological needs, as time passes, will make his wife resentment psychology, thus likely & other; An affair & throughout; .

3, economic pressure

in any case, he is a good man, with his wife is very good also. Once thought a self-made man, like the swallow take mud, bit by bit to build their own small nest, is a happy thing. But when one day you experienced the BMW cars, sparkling stars of luxury hotels, only to find that this is what you want & hellip; & hellip;

4, women to men ignored

a husband is a hero in career, invincible, attract numerous people envy yan, entered the gates can attract numerous cheers. But you in his eyes, but with low proportion. When a busy wife is but a grain of dust. Remember a word: good drunken wu phonetics in phase, white-haired young weng Ao. In this way, you can understand why Helen will leave heroic war of the king of Sparta, willing to follow the gigolo Paris fled to Troy.

on the other hand is because working reason or separation, some husband often is not close to his wife. If the husband lack of family sense of responsibility, do not care about his wife, not often write to express their thoughts of love, over time, must make the affection between husband and wife to indifference, make the wife produces psychological loneliness, feel no spirit. At this point, if meets the right of the opposite sex, the wife is likely to lose the ability to resist temptation, to rely on to him.

five, every day around children and men

the husband, the woman marry after arriving home, he put her natural mother and a nanny unnecessary pay salary. Men are like a wayward child, in front of her exposed his greed and ignorance, laziness, and as a symbol of love, as a symbol of affection was born. But one day a woman was tired. Hence, the emergence of another man like heaven arrangement.

a lot of men think that women should have to pay all children and families, natural that buried the curse. Who should pay for who? In addition to the parents of children, perhaps no one can do selfless paying? Pay because his wife and her husband deep emotions, for the family there is love, rather than what ought to be.

6, the original is to get married and get married

thought that man just girlhood dream, does not exist in reality. Marriage, is actually due to the force of the age, the reality of helpless, then think even dream of that person. However, when another man finally appeared, had to quell rumors and reduce the pressure to get married, now is the root of regret.

7, the husband is not true love

the best man in where? He won’t be around, not here, he will always be unknown in the distance, he is the next, next is the best way to a man, this is a distinct logic of cheating woman, in many a woman’s heart can never be made public. Like a madman, who also don’t know what they want, even oneself also don’t know, but have been looking for.

eight, he just gave a woman warm

although her husband is a partner, but not her that, you don’t give a woman want to warm. The husband is good, but at the end of the world, so nearly so far. Although in the eyes of the man generally, they give her kind epic temperature, can’t say where good, but it can give a woman a feeling not the same. So women could start long sleeves, approach him in my arms, is helpless, but feel his warmth.

9, revenge on her husband’s infidelity

although has entered a new era, many men still have three wives four concubines dream. If have a good wife at home, outside have confidante wai, is better. Wife now, just like the ancient woman can only endure in silence. Some husband is cheating on his wife, cheating hooking up outside, once the story leaked, often lead to an unhappy ending. If a wife is ill-conceived, anger may produce revenge mental, to find sustenance.

cheat on the face of it is a mistake, in fact, it is the responsibility of two people. If you want to put an end to cheating, appease the greedy heart, only two people together to pay can be oh.