Separated 5 years couples how to find love in the crisis

recently, we have been a woman brush screen. She is a high cold, beautiful, those successful women, each aura two meters eight appearances, the perfect makeup and modelling, garment products is high to burst, is the devil wears prada in the workplace to wear model.

the woman is the recent fire Korean dramas “fog” of female 1 & ndash; & ndash; Gao Huilan.

compared to her excellent performance in the workplace, her love and marriage is more worthy of our aftertaste and discussed.

separated 5 years couples how to find love in the crisis of


premarital fatal attraction,

may be married couples fatal destroy force

at the beginning of the graduated from the university, met her future husband Gao Huilan & ndash; & ndash; A prominent family background, character, appearance level both online’s lawyer.

the lawyer Gao Huilan crazy chase, but Gao Huilan had a cold refusal. She told them & other; Don’t want to be marriage drag & throughout; Because she has a bigger ambitions and goals to achieve.

however, we also have a cold again her soft corner. In the end, she was inspired by his sincerity and persistence.

she simply asked: even if I have no love in you, can?

he said firmly: yes, no problem, as long as I love you.

however, the underlying Gao Huilan birth, reared by a single mother, life often stretched thin. Her family, compared with male Lord prominent family, it is almost impossible to be accepted.

men encounter family opposed, parents firmly denied Gao Huilan daughter-in-law identity, but the man still chose relentlessness.

but their marriage is not in the seven year itch, two problems quickly exposed and increasingly violent. Soon after her marriage, Gao Huilan seize the opportunity of an interview of South Korea’s radio host. Sorry, it is at this point, she was pregnant.

for an early goal clear, ambitious woman, such an opportunity, is likely to rewrite the fate of her from now on, how can easily give up.

so she decided to: a kid dozen. She gave her husband the explanation is that children can have, but the chance in her whole life, but only once. She couldn’t risk the morning sickness at any time to attend such an important interview, she had to be sure.

stunned by her husband, amazed by her selfishness, heartache in her relentless.

since then, more and more indifference between she and her husband, an increasingly strangers under one roof.

is Gao Huilan changed after marriage? Don’t. She is still the her, just her premarital ambition and high morale, once in each other’s eyes is a unique charm and strong appeal; And after marriage, is also precisely this ambition and fight, become fatal destroy force relationship between her and her husband.

in fact, in a lot of couples, such phenomenon is widespread: premarital fatal attraction, can be fatal destroy force after marriage.

why? Relationship between lovers get along, often follow the lunar halo effect, we tend to enlarge their partner’s strengths and light; At the same time, the complementary effect is also often work & ndash; & ndash; Each other a lot of qualities, is just what I did not, then, is missing, the more appreciation, the yearning for.

however, when two people back to the reality of life, slowly see each other most real appearance, might, questioning, resentment, regret, disappointment.


& other; See & throughout; , is the first step in the relationship and

Gao Huilan after abortion, they began to separate. For the past five years, two people become strangers, but never parted ways. On the one hand, complete marriage in their respective interests. On the other hand, in the inner depths of her husband, in fact still love Gao Huilan.

twist, began with a series of major crisis events in their lives.

to eager to sun mother-in-law forced Gao Huilan and divorce, after Gao Huilan was involved in a murder kills together.

as South Korea’s top news anchorwoman, asaps family daughter-in-law, the influence and impact of this event.

in Gao Huilan into an unprecedented crisis of mark, her husband, the honest lovely lawyer Mr Stand out, firmly in his wife’s side, to fight together with her.

in the process, her husband, continuously recall two personal experience. These experiences let him mixed feelings. On the one hand, he realized his love for his wife is never completely fade; On the other hand, more deeply realized his wife inner truth.

the wife would choose it, had made him very pain. When his entire body and mind are in great pain and the fight against occupied, his energy in the grief of losing a child is loss. In such a state, his beloved wife, is actually unable to do & other; See & throughout; .

he hadn’t seen before, in order to cause and give up the child’s choice, for his wife, is almost a certainty. He chose such a wife, also means that he chose to bear the pain.

but, in fact, we make a choice, but are often reluctant to bear the cost of choice, cannot take responsibility for their choice.

when a husband cannot really & other; See & throughout; His wife, feeling her suffering, respect her decision, between husband and wife how can get real trust and intimacy?

until, he said:

before I, say love you, but try to take you around the cage of marriage, for the answer what I beg you, then, to do not understand the rules of marriage you feel chilling.

this time, his heart has actually genuine reconciliation with his wife. He put down the hatred and resentment, but also spared the once trapped in his obsession.

so, & other; See & throughout; Know and understand, is not equal to simple, but more of a deep understanding and acceptance.

& other; Know what it is & throughout; , is only the shallow understanding. We need to know each other more & other; Why & throughout; , & other; See & throughout; Demand and motivation behind the behavior of each other, this is the deep & other; See & throughout; .

when seen by the other party each other between lovers, their heart will truly open to the other party. Because he/she feels really accepted by the other end, he/she got a sense of security.

a lot of times, when we were ok, step by step, it’s hard to see the other half of marriage. The real crisis, once love real foreign threats, we have a chance to see, to understand, to reconciliation. It may also be the life crisis for the meaning of marriage.

The couple made a great feast “divorce ceremony” expert: it is necessary

estimates that a lot of people and I am, for the understanding of the divorce ceremony from the movie “if you are the one 2”.

at the start of the film when it launched the wedding ceremony, oh, no, is actually a divorce ceremony.

& other; Divorce ceremony & throughout; Is it necessary?

& other; Today we witness together, our common friends, mango and xiangshan to end their for five years of marriage, from husband and wife to friends. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Divorce ceremony speech.

this movie was released in 2010, is already in the past eight years, but so far still news about divorce ceremony.

from baidu encyclopedia, divorce ceremony refers to many estranged Japanese couples choose divorce through holding solemn ceremony to end a marriage. As Japan’s rising divorce rate, many estranged Japanese couples choose divorce through holding solemn ceremony to end a marriage.

appears to be initiated in neighbouring Japan, for us to do new things. But similar news has recently increased slowly, with divorce rates rising, divorce seems to be very common things around you.

divorce ceremony anyway, also increased exposure on the news.

2016-09-23, guizhou mobile news, beam couple of shandong province held a & other; Divorce ceremony & throughout; , on the red arch & other; Warm congratulations XXX (XXX) divorce ceremony & throughout; , and set up writing & other; Divorce ceremony & throughout; The background of card, marking the time and place, high-profile announced their divorce, the instantaneous maxed news network.

before I also held a ceremony to divorce, also very don’t understand. For the average person, a divorce it seems the ignoble things, have you noticed when friends circle got married is all wish the whole world know that yes, but not the divorce will be hidden. Almost no one in the circle of friends announced & other; I’m divorced & throughout; .

to realize the importance of divorce ceremony, because of a chat and miao miao, miao miao when children are about one year old and husband divorce, because the miao miao feel myself to earn money, raise children myself, the husband do not care about me, what to do to a husband, and her husband emotional control ability is general, also from time to time mood at home.

miaomiao the divorce process is decisive, basically from ideas to the divorce formalities about a month is completed. Then there is no and friends complain about how much her ex-husband is bad, always very objectively to look at this problem, a typical independent women now.

but her ex-husband was always have some problems, and how we find miaomiao, a man’s face is not down, always beat about the bush, ok, we can understand woman, usually I will also give me some the present situation of the miao miao is not very deliberate.

but as a walk in the way of counselor’s me, always feel want to do something, when in class the teacher mentioned & other; Matters not & throughout; , I suddenly thought of divorce formalities done in intimate relationship, it will still have a lot of & other; Matters not & throughout; .

A man in love, please don’t mention these four things

guide language: no matter the love and life, a woman is not imagination in so difficult, as long as a man is not touching the death of a woman, most women are not from sheep to the tiger, the small make up just to tell you about their interaction between a man and a woman, what are the things never before girlfriend made or filed? DetailPic

a man in love please don’t mention this four things

a, absolute obedience

women love considerate man, but also want to see the place. How considerate in your life to a woman, a woman will accept, but if you in front of her, will you be able to present to be a person, then your situation is like the end of the world, I’m afraid, because not all women are expected to her husband’s & other; Henpecked & throughout; .

treat women, a man should be gentle like water, bullying has strong, anyhow is soft and hard to use, a call to obey is not a good thing. If you want to do wimp man, then you are from a divorced.

2, to humble

on one thing, a woman is absolutely & other; Only states set fire and forbid people light-on & throughout; , it is on economic issues women can haggle over every ounce, but see not men no haggle over every ounce.

so, if do not have enough wisdom and absolute response capacity, and so on to accompany his girlfriend to go shopping, must to pay when the hand bag, when the blood must be willing to part with or cut with a knife. Would like to open points, willing to give up money to set up the wife, never be miserable and shabby appearance is shown in the critical moment, make your girlfriend. Because can’t mouth small, losing face.

3, hit swollen face depth

is that men don’t hit swollen face depth, because when you give women want, but what all can’t do that or get things done in a big mess, let a woman down, then to get understanding, you will find than do not do the loss is bigger.

so, if a man without the diamond drill, simply don’t embrace China live, honesty, giving veracity, & other; Dear, I can’t & throughout; , maybe a woman, in your honest enough sake not only forgive you, and still think you this man is a man, really, to keep a good impression on you.

4, sarcasm figure

say a man is a bit silly to do such a thing. Don’t think that a woman has become your girlfriend, you can say anything. Remember to take a person’s weight as a topic, if there is no way, you are rubbish into the weather good chat with his girlfriend in Korean dramas, also don’t say her weight, otherwise, you will die very ugly.

because, a woman of weight is very mind, whether it be fat or thin, weight is her most sensitive topic, if a man dare to adventure, involving the minefield, women generally there is always a reason to let a man inside and not people. More capable men even to a woman’s evaluation of this was nothing to do with his girlfriend, she would think a man to be a joke aimed at her, and secretly sad sulking, this will only make the value of you in her heart, don’t know how to respect a woman of man, is not a good man.

Phoenix man husband the family let me exhaustion of body and mind

the husband family let me exhaustion of body and mind

my husband and I got married four years. We are university alumni, and he is two years older than I was, I am wuhan ordinary family only child, the husband’s home is very poor, the poor mountainous areas, parents work in wenzhou, there are three younger brother.

the husband is very diligent, studious, hard, enterprising, took a fancy to him at that time is of these advantages. Undergraduate course graduation, I went to work, the husband got a job in the institution, and then read a graduate student, Dr.

when we got married, he has a welfare housing units, the price is lower, the location is a little partial. The husband work hard, day in, do several part-time job, finally paid the down payment. I home decoration furniture appliances are my parents and I. Wedding jewelry, travel is free. In fact, his parents are working, have income, then didn’t out a cent. We didn’t find they want to, because thinking they also not easy, there will be two sons to read a book.

after marriage had the baby, was thinking about take mother to take care of the kids, mother-in-law only 49 years old. Thinking of the young, the body good, good with children. For four months, totally speechless, illiterate, not the powder, not changing diapers, sanitary condition in a great mess, baby clothes with her own pants in washing machine. The key is how to teach her all can’t, don’t mind, day and night to watch TV. But my mother in poor health, my father did a little business, can’t help us with the children.

the final decision I resign to take care of the baby, my parents every month subsidies 2000 yuan to my home, the mother-in-law or back to continue to work in wenzhou.

baby is two years old, in the last two years, the husband is mixed better, be the leader in the unit, take an examination of the many affiliated evidence, also made a lot of part-time job in the outside, at ordinary times had almost no rest. Earn up to 300000 now. I will bring it to the best of the baby, do household chores, because thinking of the husband is not easy to earn money, hard money, I didn’t go to work, at home also save, you basically don’t buy things, baby milk powder diapers are very general, but also do activity and buy, baby wear a classmate to second-hand clothes. Because I want to save her husband’s money, then buy a house downtown, convenient for the baby to read.

what was supposed to be over, the better our life, but the problem is here. Husband’s brother graduated all got into the business unit, decent work but the pay is low, if there is no home corresponded, married to buy a house not reality.

DaDi first, salary 5000, moonlight clan, mobile phone apple 5 has spent the past few months, changed note3. The usual dress shoes are brand. Marriage have a leisurely. Ready to get married next year, her condition is good, the parents are civil servants, the family out of the house is decorated, but the man home furniture, electrical appliances, jewelry, diamond ring, banquet, and to their honeymoon abroad. Preliminary calculation, 300000. But his brother only deposits 20000, 20000, his parents my husband made a great decision, 260000, pay attention to is to give, not to borrow, this is the basic of all our savings.

the husband said his brother poor, poor home, ate a lot of bitter, eldest brother, such as a parent, he owes them, had his brother to do well in university, have the opportunity to go abroad, but no money in the home, missed the opportunity to go abroad, if it is right now, he will go abroad for his younger brother’s tuition. And say not good, the $260000 of which 200000 are his personal income, so even to his brother.

his goal in life:

first, to his parents in the town to buy suites, give money, they let them next life comfortable.

second, arrange two younger brother get married, let them to be happy.

in the end, is let the baby with a good education.

my heart completely cold.

I just want to say, the husband’s brother had a natural and unrestrained, and use are better than us, don’t do any part-time, part-time research, sometimes my husband introduced him to all refused, said over the weekend to accompany his girlfriend. With what we provide them, I haven’t their own diamonds, had no honeymoon. And his parents, are young, some work in the outside, don’t worry about don’t try so hard every day, waiting for the son, a year after we are married to my in-laws to buy clothes, buy food, back to my mother-in-law bought jewelry. Our children, and I’ve never seen them a penny.

and husband communication several times to nothing. I can accept he lend his brother, can’t give, can accept each month to his parents living expenses, but his words: if my parents and my brother had a bad, I’m not at ease in my life, also won’t happiness. This in the past ten years I save some money for them, we consider the baby after ten years, again say, baby, I don’t have to waste, I originally didn’t kindergarten, is a mountain area elementary school in reading, admitted to a famous university. When you find a husband with a monthly salary of 3000, also is not same to save them money.

(article number from the wind: emotional oral)

Online chatting on uncle Girlfriends have turned against me

web chat on uncle girlfriends have thus turned against me

network meeting & other; Uncle & throughout;

on July 8, is my 23rd birthday, long so big, so not happy birthday for the first time. All this, from his.

he is called chi yong, 10 years older than I, is a married man. In April of last year, we met accidentally in the network. I am the youngest child in my family, have two sisters, since the childhood I love with my father and mother and sisters, what are they for me, route planning well arranged, I do.

he yong age ratio I big, work long time than I, natural experiences than I do, I just graduated a year, many things I don’t understand, don’t know how to deal with the problem, will ask him on the Internet, and he just like big brother, tell me how to do it without reserve.

like last year, I graduated from half a year, to remember with a report card placed the file is good, but at this moment I how also can not find the registration certificate, I think it is not in & other; System & throughout; Work, to report for duty card can’t find even. I tell him about this problem. And he said this is a misunderstanding, registration certificate to the holder of the graduates is the recruitment of students, is also a national cadre identity proof. Report to the earlier time, calculate length of service records time the sooner, the obtainment of grading and titles to declare the earlier time also will accordingly.

because he this sentence, I fill do a decisive ran back to school to report for duty card. Days that he was afraid of me after my help things more and more, we are talk to each other, I adore, for he is also increasingly a lot of things will listen to his advice. In front of him I like a small sheep, there is no definite view, gentle and clinking. I’ll tell him everything, he is also very concerned about to me.

can’t help falling in love with he

on the Internet chatting for more than half a year, in November last year, the two of us chatting chatting said meet each other. At noon that day, I booked a restaurant near the unit, ready to thank him at ordinary times of all kinds of help to me. I came to the restaurant early, through the window, I saw a man coming straight to the restaurant in leather jackets, although not met, but with intuition, I think the man is he yong. First saw him, and he wears glasses, the hair is side, like a & other; Uncle & throughout; , not my type, but his voice is magnetic, particularly well, this is very attract me.

gossiping, he telephoned his wife asked him if he could go home to have a meal. Hang after the phone, he told me that, & other; This is your sister-in-law calling & throughout; . Chat on the Internet, in addition to the usual work, hobbies, he yong will also often told me that he and his wife, between words, with happiness. He told me that his wife is 1 years older than he, mutually close, especially good for him.

after the meeting, he is no longer my brother, we became good friends. After graduation, I have always been a person in the outside rent a house and can’t cook, he learned that I often eat, just tell me the girl should learn to cook, outside the rice isn’t health. On one occasion, he actively about meet me, take me to the supermarket to buy kitchen utensils and ingredients, although is very simple, but I was very moved.

a weekend in March this year, suddenly made my stomach ailments, sore, I called to tell him, he asks for leave to take me to a hospital checking, the days in hospital, he will come to see me, to bring me a meal, to accompany my chat.

I’m a bit timid, a man in the outside rent, there are always can’t sleep. As long as I suffer from insomnia, he will be on WeChat to accompany my chat, no matter how late, he will accompany me to say with me good night. Get up in the morning, it is the first and I said good morning.

I slowly dependence on him, can’t help to like him, even though I know not to do so.

friend quarreled suffering

my these little idea eventually escapes your close eyes, in your close & other; Condemn & throughout; I asked her to tell what I with he yong. After she knew that the first opposition, girlfriends think I was a little, like a big his 10 years old and married men, very funny, urged me to quickly cut off contact with tzu chi yong, otherwise the injured only me. However, I am like crazy, think of him on my good at ordinary times, still can’t give up.

best friends get to know each other for 12 years, and I saw myself, in the girlfriends unexpectedly gave me an ultimatum, if he don’t break up, then I with girlfriends in 12 years of friendship will end.

gradually friends all know this matter, and is very opposed, I know they are good to me, angry ignore me also to let me go back, my in the mind all understand, can let me put down is really very difficult.

I have asked he yong in the network, like me, like he said. Love, of tzu chi yong girlfriends. My heart is more and more. On July 8, is my birthday, my mother called me wish me happy birthday, and ask me if there are any difficulties in life, I have difficulties, but I dare not tell mom. I especially sad now, do not know should continue to contact him.

small make up reply

like a pain on his own people right, but love is not moved is not impulsive, but caring and ordinary in the future. Cherish, fell in love with a shouldn’t love of person, he yong is a married person, he has his beloved wife, have a sensible child. Even though he yong to cherish every good, but he never said a divorce with precious little article. Instead of watching the love no results, put the time in looking for the right person.

cherish, now have to do is to make yourself calm down and ask yourself a few times more, want what, on the way feelings really want to find a what kind of man, their choices will not bring irreparable harm to others, when know the own demand, then maybe she finally doubt there will be a clear answer.

Open marriage spread to China do you dare to try?

marriage refers to open mode, after getting married, both sides of husband and wife’s treatment of sex taken by the casual way of life. Casual, ie, sex life is not to interfere in each other and who to go to bed, but still maintained the relationship. 12 zodiac signs how open marriage? With small make up together and have a look.

about open marriage to hear how to say the 12

what is marriage? Former Soviet writer gorky once said that marriage is the union of two spirits, the purpose is to overcome all the difficulties the world together. Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once said, married people from the other party of that kind of happiness, is just the beginning of the marriage, is by no means all of its meaning. The full meaning of marriage is in family life. Because each person’s personality and growth environment is different, so everyone has different views on marriage, after all, there are one thousand readers will have one thousand Hamlet. In fact, the marriage which have complex, ordinary people think? The essence of it is just two people who love each other, holding hands, eyes half-closed.

and an open marriage said listen well point is to give the other person’s freedom, but to put it bluntly in guarantee under the premise of a husband and a wife, husband and wife both sexual infidelity. Some people think the marriage neutral random is very good things in life, but not really to flower heart and find an excuse? Marriage should be sacred and solemn, open marriage always lets a person feel insulted my marriage itself. If the two sides reached a consensus, that right, after all, are you feeling I wish. But choose open marriage people usually don’t think too highly of the marriage, and less as a static, since can get married, if you are unhappy, of course you can divorce.

Aries person personality is straightforward, innocence and purity, they think that marriage should be honest to each other two people, loyal to each other, both mental and physical aspects. An open marriage and their point of view is different, they can understand each of us has our own view of marriage, but this kind of marriage is obviously not in conformity with the popular. Although dare to try, they don’t love the challenge to try an open marriage.

Taurus people for open marriage view is feel normal, but they don’t want to try. Their personality is conservative and traditional, love and desire for quiet and peaceful marriage, don’t like the life there are too many changes and waves. Only if they can gain great benefits from an open marriage, so for the love of money they may have moved. Whether or not to try to open marriage, it actually depends on them at the time in the environment.

Gemini personality active, has a strong curiosity, like to try all kinds of new things. For them, if both sides agreed to open marriage, that is understandable. If you don’t have any real concerns, they also want to try this kind of marriage. , after all, they don’t like being bound itself and the pursuit of freedom and fresh, but also like to try a variety of different experiences in life.

inner sensitive and exquisite cancer people, attaches great importance to the family and family, the attitude of marriage is one-to-one. And they have a more traditional ideas, think marriage can only exist in the two men. If find others is cheating in marriage, even open marriage, they also think that is cheating, is cheating on the marriage itself. Marriage is a sacred thing, and open marriage is like a flower to their own excuses.

proud Leo personality has a strong self-esteem, and are possessive and jealous. Whether love or marriage, they all want to each other all its own mind and body. Whether it’s physical or mental, as long as ambiguous and others will make them feel upset and disappointed. Therefore, open marriage is not going to be their choice. At the same time, they can’t understand why someone is ready to accept this kind of marriage form, the feeling is in the marriage itself.

the virgo personality is serious and serious, they are easy to learn and have a strong thirst for knowledge, for he was not familiar with the will to learn. Open marriage though, but I don’t like this form of marriage. With their view of serious physical cleanliness and spiritual cleanliness, open marriage is too dirty. Such a marriage form like in general trading, fully in conformity with the traditional marriage. They will not try this kind of marriage, and they don’t look good.

the person to open the view of marriage is neither support nor oppose, without any prejudice. Because they have always been the pursuit of fairness and justice of the peace, as long as you love is what I would like to. But if did not show the idea before getting married, in the process of marriage suddenly come up, they will feel very angry. In their view, married before asking each other marriage is a very important thing.

Scorpio people have a strong desire to control, possessiveness, jealousy, they hope that the other person’s feelings as deep as yourself, loyal to each other marriage is what they pursue. Their attitudes towards love and marriage are very persistent, if not only belongs to one of them, so they’d rather not. And open marriage happens to be their ray point, they don’t fully understand how can love a person to have sex with other members of the opposite sex, it is ridiculous.

Sagittarius people warm and cheerful personality, to advocate and pursue freedom, like the free life state. They do not like to be any people, emotions or things, once feel at home can escape from the status quo. In addition, they are an optimist, all things are like looking forwards. For open marriage, they would feel if someone is willing to and they try, they think try is not, after all, this seems to have more freedom than traditional form of marriage.

Capricorn personality composed inside collect, people skills are very low-key pragmatism, and have a strong sense of responsibility and bear. Moreover, they also had a more traditional conservative ideas, always think that marriage should be mental and physical also loyal. Is good at analysis and sum up the experiences of others they do not support an open marriage, in their view, open irresponsible marriage not only to the marriage itself, and to love itself is very irresponsible.

Aquarius people for open marriage view is surprised, but also is not very understanding. Although Aquarius people’s ability to accept new things is very strong, but this kind of marriage form clearly and run counter to their love and marriage. They are only choose a can have a strong resonance and the tacit understanding with his mind people together life, rather than in each looking for marriage. Rather than maintain the marriage, so it is better to not get married, we are more free casual.

Pisces people for open marriage without any bias, but they themselves do not accept this form of marriage. They are like the romantic fantasy, for love and marriage has a nice longing and yearning, especially only hold one hand grow old together is their most want to have. In addition to themselves and each other in an open marriage, there will be the presence of others, this is the most unacceptable they feel. For to love them, they dare not, also don’t want to try the open marriage.