Feelings of a woman the most sad

letters to the editor:

luckily teacher, hello!

I’m 34 years old, 10 years old son.

at the age of 18, I fell in love with a man, perhaps his childish, maybe he doesn’t love & hellip; & hellip; It is irresponsible. Later, he simply. Frustrated, I made him divorced.

later, he told me very heartless, I once gave up his, but considering the feelings for so many years, and I can’t do as he was so heartless.

now, we have been separated for more than a month, I lost him, he went to my shop, now I live alone with children, has not yet been formally separated.

think about the way some confusion in the future. I want to look back, no longer about feelings, just for the economy. Current negotiations, I want him to look back, don’t know how to negotiate with him & hellip; & hellip;

in feelings, a woman the most sad, is logical shut!

Pan Xing:

from 18 to 34 years old, and you pull the fingers count, how many years young?

is that you are the most profound love?

17 years.

34, you use your live half of the time, with a man, you shouldn’t bet a tied together.

if you are 18 years old this year, I would say, well, fulfill your experience. People this life, always committed some mistakes of love.

if you are 24 years old this year, I would say, now that you are pregnant with the child, you decided to born, also have a good mind, is that you are willing to bear.

but you 34 years old this year.

I don’t want you to, 44 years old, for a man, feeling frustrated.

is not the man broke your posterior, let you half sad, but you didn’t learn a new verb, called separation.

in the dictionary of our life, there is a verb, call sequence.

we have a lot of woman, not live to live understand, has nothing to do with age. Live, even the older, the more don’t understand. Why is that? Because, since the childhood, wrapped into a deadlock. Can’t open, smoothing and new age, and he wrapped up a new fast knot. The old new, new old, day ah, with the chaotic, life is unknown.

we woman, in love, always sad logic level. I help you to stroke a stroke.

let’s see your last sentence, and you started this doubt appeal: I want to look back, no longer about feelings, just for the economy. I want him to look back, don’t know how to negotiate with him.

your appeal is that I want money, I want more money, because he has swallowed my shop! I took my children, how to live alone! I have to negotiate, let him see in our NianLia, pay for so many years’s sake, let him more money.

girl, how do you want to our talks? Do you have any bargaining chip? Sorry, you already divorced, can you tell me the divorce agreement on how to write? The court is how to implement? If not, then I tell you, now also have no! He swallowed you shop, you have to let him to sign the agreement in black and white? If not, then I am sorry!

if you want to say, at least can also play the feelings of chips, so I tell you, have no! You that is not the chip, but beg, you so goose’s sake, he can give a little is a little! If he care about feelings, 17 years, he would not be so treat you. Unless you make the trick, you hold his seven inches, such as let him lose the work, you let him embarrassed, let him at once to the full. I’m sorry, but this recruit, only make once.

but you really just want some money? We have a lot of women do best thing, say a, then secretly said the two, while thinking of the three.

this is the reason why we manage is not clear cut also disorderly!

your objective, you say, you just want more money, but the subtext of you? As long as the money is not enough, I want him to turn back. And then what? Back is not enough, you don’t an affair. Then again? Your ya so ruthless, so naive, so do not love me, you return to divorce with me, you are so unfeeling, why do this to me!!!!!!!

he do this to you, are you still with such irresponsible man, everyday affairs let you lose hope, entanglement? The more you entwine, he take you as the most, occasionally can use tools. Don’t blame me say ugly, that’s all.

learn to separate. The future road, his walk. Man, son, don’t forever accompany you go on. Don’t completely blind, wrapped in a piece of vines, would rather own blind.

learn to sequence. Not to let you from the beginning to sequence. Emotional thing ah, you take balance to call a, always put the uneven, you calculate from the age of 18, even to 44 years old, also can’t let it absolutely fair. You can live up to their own most about, is when the man died, to do again. Also want to go, life is lost again. Sequence is a short, then walk for a short period, later life, slow down, it is good.

to oneself, to point out the courage, to applause. (from the wind: Pan Xing know)

The seven men the most “scary”!

neighbors Zhao Jie work in the supermarket, she told me a story.

38 women’s days, on the eve of a pair of young couples to them the supermarket.

women pick up a box of health food thrown into the shopping cart.

a man looked at favour ask: who bought?

the woman say: buy give me mom!

a man continue to cross-examine: is your mother, or my mom?

women without thinking: of course is my mother!

some unhappy man, in a small voice oh a cry.

women find sound wrong, hurriedly added: by the way, if your mother need it, we’ll buy two boxes of!

man leng for a while: no, still buy a box! Our house is not a box * * *? Although the term is a bit close, but there is still time to let mom to eat.

women seems to be some can’t keep up with rhythm, the newly bought a box of it?

see women not happy, men reckon explains: for my mom! My mother in the countryside, we still don’t know what time can go back. Long term things by leave some & hellip; & hellip; You know what my mom likes to stay, until the last to take away & hellip; & hellip; If we give her the expiring things, will certainly be broken & hellip; & hellip; What might even make a joke.

Zhao Jie side and I speak, and a face of abandon:

the man seemed to be the five six, thought was so selfish! If I were that girl, slap shot him to death! A big masters, net know ShuaXinYan tube these things. With what to buy my mom, you must give your mother buy? With what time long will leave your mom? Also said so all is a way, sick to death me!

the seven selfish narrow-minded man, the most terrible!

to be honest, I agree with Zhao Jie point of view.

in fact, for women, the most terrible marriage, often is the appearance of people five six, seems have a lot of accomplishment, and the heart is very narrow selfish man!

very cherish their own face, but each time the love, will be at the expense of the expense of others;

they are often on the tooling for others, but in fact is always in the back with their life;

they drive others weaknesses, congenital one is changed decayed for magical, integrate various resources of experts;

and any communication between them, as long as they didn’t really finished, we will never know that he finally how much turn, what real intentions.

Man dating 36 years still not successful Red niang: he has a serious problem

recently, a & other; Beijing man blind date story & throughout; Heat transfer on the Internet, the story of the man from 29 dating to 65 years old, have failed to find the object. Beijing youth daily reporter from Zhu Fang matchmaking for 47 years old man, the man does exist, the main reason for its failure to find objects is always refused to lower standards. Zhu Fang introduction, own their already has 47 years, during which met all kinds of men and women. He concluded, dating to women than men often condition is good, but the number of men to a lot less than women.

man dating 36 years bring hot & other; Matchmaker & throughout; Said asked too much for

& have spent & have spent Man dating 36 years bring hot

recently, a & other; A man in Beijing from 29 dating to 65 years old, has yet to find a object & throughout; The story of the circulating on the Internet. Described in the story, the man have been introduced and many girls before and after the kiss, but because is not willing to drop conditions, always can’t find the right girlfriend.

haidian district & other; Zhu Fang dating agency & throughout; Zhu Fang tell north green press, really have so a person. & other; The man surnamed zhao, from the beginning of 1980 s, I would help him look for, he is only 29 years old that year, until now also didn’t find the right, (he) is 65 years old this year. Throughout the &; Zhu Fang said.

Zhu Fang tell north green newspaper reporters, Mr Zhao have not been able to find the right object, the problem was out on his request, & other; On the one hand, he demand is high, beautiful, even younger than his age; His request, on the other hand, a little naive, hope she will write poetry, this request is too thin. Throughout the &; And with age increasing, the requirement of Mr. Zhao is not how to reduce the difficulty of the mating nature is bigger and bigger, the last also failed to find the women of his ideal, & other; Can’t find when 30, 60, more not seek, finally gave up myself. Throughout the &;

in fact, this story is not alone. Zhu Fang is 74 years old this year, from the age of 27 people, introduce a blind date. According to him, he brought together more than 1600 pairs of men and women in 47 years.

in Zhu Fang point of view, the same thought to find pretty girl zhang (not his real name) is relatively sensible, & other; He phase all the way from 25 to 33 years old, I introduce him to more than 150 girls, finally carry presbyopia. Throughout the &; Eventually xiao zhang, 33, was finally put down his obsession at the age of 25, chose a & other; Looking at pleasing to the eye & throughout; The girl tied the knot.

& have spent & have spent Phase QinZhe archives have nearly the

Zhu Fang in haidian district Chang Qingyuan north village runs her name to the dating agency. A dating agency, is actually a mortgage to buy a his daughter the two bedrooms of 80 square meters of the sitting room is decorated, simply stick on the wall in red paper to write in calligraphy & other; Zhu Fang matchmaking & throughout; Even the sign.

than this simple signs, men and women with wall pictures seems more worthy Zhu Fang & other; Beijing’s first male matchmaker & throughout; Their names. Zhu Fang tell north green press, there are hundreds of these images, most of them are romantic interest photos, & other; Many people object to this I find will take pictures of a post their information on a post on the wall. Throughout the &;

the sitting room is on the wall of an old desk bookcase, bookcase two layer on the full close to this folder with local codes, receive the each phase in these folders romantic interest information. Decided, in his opinion, a person can in he that the key to find the other half, is actually in the data & other; Requirements & throughout; This column. Such as the aforementioned Mr Zhao, because & other; Requirements & throughout; Always is not willing to drop, so far failed to secure.

& have spent & have spent Women earning 30000 only 10000

Zhu Fang tell north green press, quite a few women to date of record of formal schooling is master and doctor, but most men are undergraduate and college, they are difficult to match.

hide highly educated, tall, in order to increase the success rate of the their blind date, many girls started on Zhu Fang files & other; Hide facts & throughout; Income, & other; Some girl an income of 30000, but only write 10000 on the data. Throughout the &; Zhu Fang is a little in distress situation, but even so, he had the data in the month past thousands of men also account for only a few of proportion.

however, although & other; Hardware & throughout; Conditions on the average of women is far more than men, but a woman more is still to find Zhu Fang introduction object, & other; I the young people here data, 61 this girl, the boy just 27 this, less than half. Throughout the &; And it is these two days, come to Zhu Fang introduction object nearly 40 girl, the boy was only four.

& other; 2000 years ago to most of what I am here is, after oneself to less and less. Now most of them are parents up on a blind date for your child. Throughout the &; Zhu Fang some regret to said that actually come in person to work better, between parents and children tend to choose a spouse standard not consistent.

The woman in the marriage should be calculating?

to play all the woman in the marriage?

shia is a RenSiLi girl. Behind her despite family opposition, despite numerous suitors, nothing to Ivan married nothing at all.

the day go to civil affairs bureau to license shia firmly in front of my parents and brother sister-in-law said:

I can earn money! I also is not afraid! I care about is he the man, as long as Ivan really good to me, I’ll tell him all my life!

shia clearly remember, in those days the night before the wedding, the mother in tears secretly gave her 300000 dollars to him, and told her that this was home to her BaoMingQian, less than the most difficult time never take it out. But she also didn’t wait upon heat, the second day to Ivan. In order not to let Ivan have any pressure, she only brief said 1:

know you have a dream! Don’t have enough money, we go slowly. Can think of some way to together!

day, Ivan was moved his eyes red, he with his fists tightly, put his arm around the shia, voice choked: dear, know that you understand me!!!!!!! I will try my best, let’s now everything is just temporary, I will soon let you live a rich and happy life!

at that moment, shia smiled. She snuggled in Ivan’s arms, mumbling way:

I don’t need any of your promise, you hard!

in the third year of marriage, made 800000 Ivan company. During the festival, Ivan ask shia: honey, do you think you are big belly, I want to use the money to you and your child down an apartment, so we three people in nanchang, even if have a real home!

shia some moved, but still angrily pushed on Ivan’s head:

you ah, don’t dream just a little bit big? You never want to make more money, put the business bigger, then NianLia buy bigger villa for us?

Ivan holding the shia, smiled: silly woman, will know that you know me!!!!!!! That I listen to you, the house we will buy later! I have remembered, however, must be a villa!

in the fourth year of marriage, they had her first child was born, the child’s milk powder, diapers, home costs more and more. But Ivan’s previous investment and income are not a penny.

the Chinese New Year is coming soon, shia secretly sold all the jewelry when they get married. She to sell jewelry 9000 dollars into the hands of Ivan:

the New Year, all the parents want to buy things on both sides pack a red envelope, let’s etiquette can’t lose! I forget it, these nearly enough money to have a years. Then over the years, I can go back to work. Satisfied you trust, I had arranged well and next door’s aunt Lin, anyway take grandson at home, she let her during the day to help take care of the swirl, I took back from work at night, as long as give her one thousand dollars every month is enough. So that I can to boost their household income, you won’t have any burden.

Ivan low head took the money, nothing.

Former girlfriend wanted to ruin my wedding, I’m lucky I left her

former girlfriend wanted to ruin my wedding, I was glad to leave her

xiao-li zhang is three years older than me, at first I say to her when she was so tartly rebuffed me. I am importunity lai, didn’t give up. She looked at me so determined, slowly moved by me, accept me. Fall in love, I’m very well, XiaoLi almost she want, I will meet her.

XiaoLi take me home to see her parents, but her family situation is more complex. Her mother keeps a person XiaoLi, although her mom and dad didn’t divorce, but because of her father in jail, so it doesn’t and they grew up together. I do not know the specific problems, only hear XiaoLi said her father, her father at that time because of the massive fraud involved will be closed more than 20 years.

I’m a little afraid, there is no way, I’m a normal person. My parents once you know these things, they would never agree to let XiaoLi with me. So I consult with XiaoLi, see you later my parents just don’t tell her dad. XiaoLi promised me at that time, but I never imagined that XiaoLi recently and saw my parents for the first time face, she said her father according to the facts.

sure enough, let me break up with XiaoLi after my parents know, and I promise never don’t associate with her. I am very contradictory, to be honest I like XiaoLi, even also had plans to get married. But I also respect my parents, I don’t want to let my parents worry for me, so I can meet the requirements of my parents as much as possible.

but this time, XiaoLi and I break up, she felt that we look down on her, so feel hurt her self-esteem, say what all want to break up with me. I retain, pray for her even don’t leave me, but to no avail. No way, I and XiaoLi split up. After break up, I had a very decadent, what all don’t want to do, also have no passion for anything. My parents see me like this, very heartache, and they tried to introduce me to mutually close, I hope I know other women, and they hope the girl fall in love.

in the case of desperation I know the small fang, small fang is my parents give me introduce girl. Her gentleness docile, beautiful generous, is a very suitable for married girl. Exchanges after three months, I will propose to small fang, small fang also promised to marry me. But as we prepare to get married this time, XiaoLi again to contact me. She said to me, since I after breaking up, and she had a bad, thought I was the only the best of her and I hope I can give her a chance, let us begin anew.

I told XiaoLi, I going to get married right away, please her not to harass me again. But XiaoLi know these situation to make in my home, even in my work place, said I deceive her feelings, said I and find small three outside. In short, my days are destroyed by XiaoLi mess. I think because of these things make small fang suffered injustice, break up. But small fang said to me, though she can’t know my past, but the future I will face all things together with small fang.

I feel I am lucky, and found such a perfect woman. I want to treat the woman in the future.

Why are so many marriages, lost in the personality?

since when, in addition to the cold war between you, quarrel is?

quarrel not afraid, afraid you don’t see each other from behind to satisfy each other’s needs. Noisy noisy, love to fight, home and noisy.

two people want to live for a lifetime of time, which can’t disagree? From love, to marry and have children, and then to go hand in hand to the old, the ability of the zhi dou trivia, this marriage would make chicken fly a dog to jump.

to total personality in marriage?

youth: break up the trivial

on valentine’s day, is to prepare a candlelight dinner, enjoy the day of 2 the world. Unexpectedly, two people carefully planned date because explode to want to break up.

women: & other; I told you, porridge cooked put pot is good, you have to a pot full out put on the table, take a place and cool faster! You don’t have long ears? Throughout the &; (from behavior accused to attack)

man: & other; Is a joke, I since the childhood are filled out on the table to eat, also didn’t see the table crowded bad, eat bad belly. Put out not convenient dish? Fill a bowl of porridge still run the kitchen, don’t bother you? Throughout the &; (explain excuse)

women: & other; Haven’t seen you such a lazy man, served a meal all trouble! Throughout the &; (again)

man: & other; Haven’t seen you so melodramatic woman, keep cramming this disturbing thing too, it’s enough! Throughout the &; (start back)

women: & other; I think you are deliberately gas me, see me not pleasing to the eye, hypocrisy, nagging, you don’t want to have? Throughout the &; (subject to upgrade)

man: & other; You say this word, you don’t want to, I who also don’t force! Throughout the &; (anathema)

women: & other; But, however, you roll for me! Throughout the &; (intensified, more humiliating)

then is a man’s slam the door out, leaving the woman cry alone at a table good food & hellip; & hellip;

this is common in the life pattern of quarrel. A trivial small things, both sides of husband and wife standing in their own perspective. Once his point was not accepted, derivative enlarge unceasingly, from language conversion to attack each other, again from attack associated with the two people not appropriate, break up.

they subconsciously feel that you are the most understand me the person, you should agree with me, I don’t have to mention it to you. We are to personality, if you don’t agree.

women always want men to coax her, to the point. But tolerance is easier than I, at the moment. The above example, when a woman began to express their views, he brought accusing tone, the other subconscious will enter & other; Fighting & throughout; State.

then angry forced men leave, scowling men did not retreat. So sweet appointment fell through.

actually things in life, looking for a win-win situation is very easy to do, but we don’t want to empathy, ideas to create.

benign development dialogue should be like this:

women: & other; Husband, you why every rice pot directly to the table? Throughout the &; (ask questions to know each other ideas)

man: & other; I do think more rice need to run back and forth, kitchen is not very convenient. Throughout the &; (explain answer)

woman: oh, is originally this, I also worry about pan out and no place to put. Also rice easy to cool, I am afraid you eat have loose bowels. (express feelings)

women: but I thought of a way, you see half of the table we are used to put sundry, space is not enough, of course. When eating or clear up the place, can take out of the pan, the power of the plug in the wall, not kill two birds with one stone? Throughout the &; (take into consideration both sides feeling, come up with a compromise)

man: & other; The idea is good, I’ll clean up now. Throughout the &; (feel respected, active help)