How to wash mulberry silk

How to wash silk clothes

Silk clothes in the washing if you do not pay attention to clothing care, then the service life of the clothes will be shortened.

1, when the silk clothing must be washed with a neutral detergent, detergent or detergent, ordinary detergent containing acid, soap and alkali, they will destroy the protein, the silk fabric will change again Hard and yellow.

2, pure silk surface is not easy to contaminants, so wash with cold water or warm water within 30 ℃, add cold detergent or neutral detergent, gently rub the hands can be washed after softening soft to do soft.

3, such as the use of washing machines, please put into the laundry net, choose soft.

4, a slight yellowing can be added in the cleaning 3 ~ 4 ㏄ vinegar, soak for 5 minutes and then rinse with water.

5, after washing if crepe just hanging with a hanger, the shade can be dried naturally, such as ironing to apply low temperature, while using a piece of hot cloth.

6, dark clothing and light-colored clothing must be washed separately, to avoid staining each other.

7, dry to 80% dry temperature ironing, wrinkle removal the best anti-face-up ironing to maintain luster, avoid water spray to avoid water marks.

how to maintain Mulberry silk clothes

Mulberry silk clothes to wear out of texture, to wear a long time, we must do a good job of routine maintenance measures.

1, use a special detergent to clean. If not, but also to use weak acid, light color shampoo to wash.

2, can not use bleach, detergent, soap and other alkaline or alkaline cleaning items.

3, can not be washed with a washing machine, hand wash with cold water, and can not rub hard.

4, after washing, ventilated place on the natural dry, do not dry or wrung wrists. Can not be exposed in the sun

5, can not be directly ironed, can not be contacted. Iron and clothing every 1cm above should be appropriate.

6, in case of stains, should be to the laundromat dry cleaning, and that the material is silk, please note laundry.

7, fire prevention, far away from the stove, can not be placed together with mothballs, or easy to become brittle.

8, silk clothing hygroscopic, do not wear the best hanger hanging and keep ventilation. Such as clothes are not very dirty can not wash, clothes to be worn in the ventilation to be sweat and then wear.

How to identify mulberry silk

There are many types of silk, silk clothes made with different body feel different, different quality, the price is also different.

1, silk is divided into mulberry silk and squeezed silk. Mulberry silk is a farmhouse with silkworms fed mulberry. Extracted silk is wild silkworm stocked in the mountains of northeast China. The mouth of the public said that the silk is mulberry silk was. However, the market is a wide variety of silk, the price from more than two or three thousand have, from the price we can see there must be true or false.

2, combustion identification method. The real silk and human hair is the same, is 100% pure protein. As you can imagine, when the hair meets the burning hair, the burning light will go out as soon as it leaves the hair and will not continue to burn. In other words, mulberry silk will not burn themselves,

So mulberry silk fire burning has the following characteristics: 1, will not burn, from the fire that is extinguished, if the same as burning paper is fake. 2, the combustion is to take the white smoke, if you take the black smoke then it is certainly chemical fiber. 3, burned when the smell of hair, if the smell of glue is false. 4, the burning residue, gently squeezed by hand into a fine powder, will not become particles.

How to wash cross stitch

How to wash cross stitch

Prepare a larger pot, but look at the size of the cross stitch, the stitch into the basin, into the water, but not cross stitch as well. And warm water in the basin by adding a neutral detergent (detergent, softener or shower gel can), so that embroider in a few minutes soak, if the color did not drop, you can also soak for a few minutes, and then Rinse carefully, but do not rub or squeeze. If the stain is removed, repeat the process until the color of the water becomes clear.

After the cleaning work is completed, the work can be taken out of the water, placed on a clean, white thick towel, and then rolled up and pressed to remove excess water, paved it flat, and placed in a well-ventilated place to dry a few Hour, then iron it when it is wet, but iron from the back.

When ironing the table above the shop a piece of cloth, cross stitch cloth in turn, the back up, it is best to put a white fabric to iron, you can avoid the phenomenon of ironing bad, but also pay attention to the temperature must be Do not adjust the high, to prevent the ironing cloth.

How to print stitch embroidery

Printed stitch and ordinary cross stitch cleaning the same way, it is printed on the top of the water-soluble materials are printed on, so very good cleaning.

Printed stitch before cleaning our hands clean, to avoid stained cross stitch. In the cleaning, water can be washed, not dry cleaning. With cold water or warm water coupled with neutral detergent, and then the printed cross stitch into the water soak for a few minutes, washing can not be rubbed, can not be squeezed, can be directly washed until those colors disappear, and then rinse with water again .

In addition, we should pay attention to printing cross-stitch there is a certain degree of toxicity, because there are formaldehyde in the composition, in order to print the pattern on the stitch cloth, you need to reconcile various pigments, with formaldehyde fixed on the fabric. Formaldehyde is very soluble in water, so the fabric dissolved in water after the dissolution of formaldehyde, the pigment will also be dissolved in water, after rinsing the water can not see the color.

Because of the special nature of printing cross stitch, so pregnant women, lactating women and children are not recommended.

How to wash cross stitch water soluble pen

Embroidery directly immersed in water at room temperature, water soluble pen with water will automatically clean. In the water soluble stylus handwriting, be careful not to add any daily washing products like washing powder, laundry detergent, soap and so on. If added, the handwriting will react chemically and discolor, making it impossible to quickly remove traces. And chemical reactions, the handwriting is difficult to eliminate. If this is the case, extend the immersion in water for a long time to remove the traces of ineffective, you can try to add a neutral detergent scrub to trace diminished or disappeared; if not cleared, you can try alcohol Or white vinegar bubble to wash the next day.

Because the stitches are made for a long time, whether the embroidery can be kept clean and tidy will directly affect the handwriting removal. Therefore, everyone in embroidery embroidery, we must keep his hands clean, but also try to avoid a perspiration, tea stains and other stains stained embroidered cloth, otherwise it is not very good cleaning. In the same piece of embroidery to avoid the use of different colors of water soluble pen overlap line drawing symbols, not the same piece of embroidery on the use of different manufacturers of water soluble pen, try to avoid the sun is the sun.

How to maintain cross stitch

First of all, from the aspect of embroidery, we must keep the hand clean before embroidering and wash the hand frequently to prevent the oil on the embroidered cloth and spiraea material from being stained. If you use a cross stitch cloth hoops or hoops, after each embroidered must take the embroidery, to avoid dust. And in the use of embroidery threads, it is best to keep the length of 50 cm, so you can prevent knotting or pilling conditions appear. After each embroidery, it must be stored in a sealed bag, to prevent contamination.

Then for embroidered good finished, when cleaning can use neutral detergent to clean, direct soaking rinse, do not rub, do not wash with soap. After washing it is best to use iron steam ironing, hot table when the shop a piece of cloth, embroidery patterns in reverse, back up, if the above can be separated by a layer of light-colored cloth ironing better. Note that the temperature is not too high, to prevent the ironing cloth. After ironing, put the box or clip it to a smooth place, the best framed, do not damp, do not exposure.



Can silk be sun?

Can silk be sun?

More and more people are using silk, but many people do not know how to maintain silk. Because of the high price of silk, so usually pay special attention to maintenance methods. First silk can be sun it?

1, silk can be sun, but not exposure. Because long-term exposure to the silk will be easily spoiled. Although it is often said that the drying quilt is bactericidal, in fact, the exposure time can not be too long.

2, the newly bought silk can not be prolonged exposure. Because the newly bought silk will be the taste of silkworm pupa, generally we will be placed in a ventilated position. And come out once every two weeks, then gently tap. However, it is not recommended for prolonged exposure.

3, half a month or a month drying time. In silkworm silk was, the time control in 3-4 hours, both positive and negative sun.

Can silk be washed?

Silk can be sun, then silk can not be washed it? The answer is no. If you buy silk is 100% silk, washing will make the quilt worse. why?

1, the function of silk. We all know that silk is silkworm silkworm cocoon secretion of fiber, is a natural silk. The silk has a good moisture absorption, breathable, soft, but the silk will be concentrated after the deformation of water.

2, affect the life of silk. After being washed by silk, the silk shrinks into lumps, loses its inherent loftiness and warmth, and can not be used normally. It seriously damages the internal fiber structure of silk and greatly affects its longevity.

The benefits of silk

About 97% of the composition of silk is a pure natural animal protein, with human skin close, so have a good skin-friendly. Originally silk enough soft, slender, is the people’s favorite green health bedding. What are the benefits of silk?

1, green. Because silk is silkworm silkworm secreted fiber, silkworms generally eat only mulberry leaves, does not contain any chemical pesticides, is a pure natural green products.

2, soft and comfortable. The composition of silk is silk fiber, is the industry’s “Queen of fibers”, also known as “the second human skin,” care of delicate skin.

3, beauty beauty. Because the silk contains 18 amino acids, the female, baby skin nourish the amount of effect. Often used silk, women can extend aging, the baby can place skin allergies.

4, high air permeability. Because silk is highly breathable, to quickly absorb sweat, take away the heat, reduce the temperature within the quilt. So do not be afraid boring stuffed baby.

Can the wool be sunblown?

Wool can be sun, but the same can not be exposed. Because the wool is made of curly wool, the material contains a lot of air, and the air heat transfer rate, to prevent cold air into the high thermal insulation. At the same time, the wool is very soft, the quality of the human body to promote sleep. So, usually when the sun was wool, it is recommended not to choose the time of the sun and the sky, so choose the morning sun wool is the best. High temperature will make wool oil changes, resulting in changes in the composition of the wool structure, because the best drying 1-2 hours to achieve sterilization, to moisture. If you find the quilt dirty, do not wash, can only choose dry cleaning.

Wash the curtains

How to wash the curtains

The correct cleaning curtains can be divided into four steps.

1, remove the curtains need to wash part.

Before removing the curtains should first carefully remove the curtain surface dust with a feather duster and a vacuum cleaner. In the demolition process to use professional tools, encountered difficult to dismantle the trouble, the different brute force to use, or some curtains, cards and other small parts easily fall.

2, curtain soak tips.

Curtain soaking should be based on the material itself, the choice of specific detergent, the general proposal to use neutral detergent immersion curtains, acidic or alkaline liquids will have excessive damage to the internal fiber curtain material. According to curtain material very different soaking time is generally 15 minutes to 60 minutes, for example, made of linen curtains because of their thick, usually in the washing have to soak for more than 1 hour. There is a little trick here, soaked in warm water soaked, can greatly shorten the curtain soaking time and curtain washing more convenient and quick.

3, curtain washing attention.

With velvet, silk fabrics and some high-grade fiber fabrics are not suitable for automatic washing machine washing, if the type of fabric curtains recommended the best hand wash or to a dedicated laundry dry cleaning can be. Finer fibers of this type of fabric, if the use of excessive mechanical washing methods easily lead to fiber breakage.

4, curtains drying.

Clothing fabrics are directly exposed to direct sunlight in the wash after the paint is very prone to bleaching, people in daily life when many people drying clothes are negative drying clothes. Curtain fabric and clothes washing the same if prolonged exposure to the sun is also very prone to bleaching, it is recommended to choose a ventilated shade for drying, the curtains to dry.

How to wash holes curtains

Punch curtains using high-tech aluminum evaporation method to produce a thermal insulation effect of the film, the use of proprietary technology into extremely subtle filaments, and the selection of high-quality polyester fiber, high-end through the preparation of technology, weaving A series of thermal insulation curtains, anti-UV curtain series, one-way perspective curtain series, shape memory curtain series and other products.

Punched curtains should not be machine wash when washing, to be cold hand wash; first soak 10-15 minutes, gently washing; curtains should be used to clean the detergent, color curtains do not use bleach detergents, do not use concentrated laundry detergent, bleach Damage to the fabric of large cleaning agents; should not scratch the curtain with sharp things.

Fabric curtains cleaning and maintenance: fabric curtains can be machine wash, screens need to be placed in the laundry bag, to avoid being hooked by other clothing; soak for 10-15 minutes, select the soft button washing. Curtain cleaning application of flexible detergents, color curtains do not use bleach detergents, do not use concentrated laundry detergent, bleach and other agents on the fabric of a large injury; should not scratch the curtain with sharp things.

How to wash Roman pole curtains

Roman pole curtain cleaning steps:

1, first with a vacuum cleaner, remove the curtain dust.

2, the back of the rope untied, and pay attention to the curtain washing scrub or dry cleaning, if it is recommended for dry cleaning dry cleaning.

3, the curtains on the lower rail and the next under the rail removed.

4, with a neutral detergent soak about 5-10 minutes, gently scrub with your hands. And clean.

5, the curtain back to the outside dry, do not put in direct sunlight, avoid curtains fade.

6, to be dried curtains to 80-120 degrees Celsius ironing ironing.

7, the front of the blinds and the track after the front adhesive, and then to the back of the rope tied to the fine rail and the next track to wear a good trial whether the normal smooth rise and fall, such as testing no problem.

How long to wash the curtain once

Curtain how often to wash it more appropriate? Generally twice a year.

1, the curtains should be won every six months to clean. Do not use bleach cleaning, try not to dehydration and drying, to be dry naturally, so as not to damage the curtain itself texture. It is best to read the label instructions on the curtains before cleaning the curtains.

2, cleaning different curtains require different methods. Ordinary fabric curtains can be used to scrub with a damp cloth, but easy to shrink the fabric should be dry-cleaning; canvas or linen made of curtains is best to use sponge dipped in warm water or soap solution to be dried to be rolled up; velvet curtain should be cleaned Soak the curtains in a neutral detergent, light pressure by hand, washed on a ramp shelf, the water automatically drip dry, it will make the curtains clean as new.

How to wash the blanket

How to wash thick blankets

Usually everyone only uses thick blankets in the autumn and winter seasons. After winter, many people will certainly want to collect and save the thick blankets after cleaning. Thick carpet how to wash better? General thick-walled dry cleaners recommended dry cleaners, so to ensure that the soft blankets and flexible. If you want to clean thick blankets, thick blanket cleaning should pay attention to the best hand wash, wash with warm water, as long as gently rub the light bubble can be washed in a cool place to dry. Thick carpet cleaning methods are as follows:

1, ready for warm water: wash thick blankets can not be washed with cold water, it is best to use warm water, generally 20-30 degrees of warm water can.

2, soak the soap or detergent: in the laundry tub using neutral soap or detergent into a 20 degrees light soap.

3, soaked thick blanket: the blanket soaked in water for 30 minutes.

4, gently rub: gently squeezed into the water and then into the soap gently rubbed the pressure by hand, gently squeeze out the water and then into the soap gently rub the pressure by hand.

5, anti-aging vinegar to prevent: gently press the wash can be, if it is a pure blanket, the last time rinse, if you want to prevent wool blankets getting old, in the wash water drops a few drops of vinegar to prevent this situation appear.

6, squeeze water: rinse, the blanket rolled up, gently press, discharge moisture, and then the brush will fluff brush neat into the original box shape.

7, Drying or drying: After cleaning the wool blanket can choose to dry, if there is no dryer on the pole to dry, keep the tile form, can be placed in the shade. Not recommended to use the hanger to dry, so easy to deformation.

8. Wrinkle: If the wool felt after cleaning appears wrinkled, you can place a wet towel on the wrinkled place and gently iron it with the electric iron, then the folds will disappear.

How to wash Raschel blankets

Raschel blankets how to wash? Raschel blanket cleaning should first pay attention to control the water temperature, preferably at 20-30 degrees Celsius, soaked in soapy water for about half an hour, just gently rub the water and then rinse 2-3 times, and finally Raschel blankets Pick up and tiled in the shade to dry. Raschel is the best quality carpet, Raschel (RASCHEL) fabric itself is a kind of acrylic, but this fabric raschel wears the name. Many blankets are often called raschel blankets because they are named because they are made from acrylic yarn and passed through Raschel warp knitting machines. Raschel acrylic blanket is currently China’s Raschel blanket manufacturers, the highest yield, the most widely used, the largest export varieties. Raschel carpet cleaning methods are as follows:

1, the water temperature: If you do not wash dry raschel blankets at home, you can use the bath to clean. Use 20-30 degrees Celsius of warm water, can not use cold water, so as not to affect the softness of the blanket;

2, washing powder choice: use ordinary household neutral detergent, do not use bleach;

3, soaking: intervene washing powder soak for about half an hour, so that you can achieve the role of removing dust;

4, rub: knead by hand or by foot light tap, but can not use a brush or hard scrub;

5, rinse: rinse 2-3 times with water, do not need to wrung and then rinse;

6, to the water: After washing the bath water is empty, do not twist the Raschel blanket with hands or feet to avoid deformation;

7, dry: Raschel blankets placed in the bath to dry drip, can not use the washing machine dehydration;

8, light brush blanket: the blanket placed in the sun while dry with a soft brush light brush blanket, keep the blanket softness and flexibility.

Can the blanket be washed by the washing machine?

Can the blanket be washed by the washing machine? If it is a thin blanket can be washed with a washing machine, will not be affected too much, but if it is thick blankets are not suitable for washing with a washing machine. General wool blankets are soft and elastic, feel fullness, good warmth, but after cleaning it will destroy its role, so the best choice for dry cleaning or hand wash, do not use the washing machine, or easy aliasing, softness and cold Will be reduced. If the thin blankets or second-class blankets, washing with washing machines will not have much impact, because such blankets are usually used for bed sheets, light weight, so you can use the washing machine.

Under normal circumstances, the best hand-washing blankets, washing machines can not be washed for the following reasons:

1, the blanket has a strong water absorption: the blanket because of strong water absorption, the general dry blanket is very light, but after soaking, the blanket will become very heavy, then choose to use the washing machine cleaning, the problem came out, one is to increase the washing machine Because the cleaning of the blanket requires a gentle washing, the choice of a low profile results in a heavier load on the flooded blanket, and the dehydration function dehumidifies the blanket all at once. Therefore, the washing machine to wash the carpet to be careful.

2, easy to make the washing machine agitate the carpet deformation: washing machine washing, the carpet after shaking vigorously by the machine, it is easy to sample deformation, affecting the original appearance of the blanket.

Wool blankets are basically sent to the laundry room for dry cleaning, you can use a large industrial washing machine washing, industrial washing machine manufacturers that the best washing method, wool blanket washing can, but to choose a neutral detergent, you need to air dry dry.

Therefore, when we wash the carpet, we have to choose the machine to wash, so long as your carpet will not change much when washing or drying, for example, it is a thin blanket or a second-class blanket, so you can rest assured Washing machine to wash, on the contrary if your blanket before and after the process of changing too much, then it is not suitable for washing in the washing machine, such as pure wool blankets are not recommended washing machine. Under normal circumstances, the blanket scrubbers are marked with a washing machine can wash, so we can refer to the scouring pad on the card.

How to maintain the blanket

Winter passed very quickly. In the summer, it is necessary to keep the blankets well, but the poor maintenance of the blankets will affect the quality of the blankets and affect the use of blankets in the next winter. How to maintain the blanket? Including cleaning and preservation of two aspects of the note.

1, cleaning:

(1) The blanket is best to dry or hand wash.

(2) If you want to machine wash, it is best to put the blanket into the net bag in the cleaning, so that it can well guarantee the shape of the blanket.

(3) blankets must not bleach, it will affect the softness of the blanket.

(4) Wash the blanket with warm water at 20-30 ° C.

(5) if there is only a little stains on the blanket, it is recommended to use a towel to wipe, do not wash all, because the number of blankets should not be too much cleaning.

(6) It is best not to use the method of drying blankets, the best natural drying, taboo exposure.

2, save:

(1) care should be taken to maintain the carpet moist to avoid mildew, avoid exposure to the sun boring heat, to prevent deteriorating gloss, feel rough, anti-insect agents to prevent moth-eaten.

(2) In daily use, the blanket should always be bathed in the sunshine and patted gently to remove sweat, dust and dander adhering to the blanket, and to comb the fluff carefully The carpet surface is clean and soft.

(3) When collecting, the blanket shall be flatly folded into the cabinet or bag to avoid beard hair and folds, prevent extrusion, keep the texture of the blanket flexible and better care.

Carpet cleaning

What is the carpet cleaning method

Carpet washing method

Scope: chemical fiber carpet

Equipment: carpet brush, sprayer, suction machine, carpet cleaner


1, first with a vacuum cleaner or broom go to dust.

2, the detergent diluted, sprinkled on the carpet.

3, wait 10-15 minutes, then water pumping.

4, if there is a water machine can naturally use a suction machine to absorb the net carpet, can also be used to blow hair.

Dry cleaning carpet

Application: pure wool carpet


1, or use a vacuum cleaner or broom to go to dust

2, with a dedicated cleaning agent for local stains separately.

3, then dilute the high foam cleaner.

4, when cleaning, you can use a larger comb to wash the carpet.

5, until the carpet is dry, then clean it with a vacuum cleaner or a clean broom.

Carpet cleaning tips

1, with flour, salt, talc water to reconcile, add white wine, the mixture heated, transferred into a paste, after cooling, the paste cut into small pieces sprinkled on the carpet, with a dry brush.

2, Soak the broom soap (try not to touch too much water), then sweep it again on the carpet, and then sprinkle some salt and then sweep, the salt can absorb dust.

3, edible oil stains: detergent can not be cleaned, you can use alcohol to clean.

4, fruit juice stains: You can use citric acid or soap to clean, with alcohol is also possible.

5, coffee tea stains: you can use glycerine solution

6, ice cream stains: you can use petrol wipe test.

How to clean the carpet under the dust

For most families are using a vacuum cleaner carpet cleaning dust, but a long time, it is often difficult to work. Here are some ways to do when your vacuum cleaner can do nothing.

1, take a piece of old sheets, soaked in water after wringing. Tiled on the carpet, then beat with a stick, the dust will be wet sheets adsorption. If a cleaning is not clean, repeatable operation.

2, take the fine salt sprinkled on the carpet, with a broom to sweep dust on the carpet a lot, you can use the broom soaked with soap and water to sweep the first sweep 1-2 times before removing salt. The broom should always be dipped in soapy water or swill.

3, take flour 600 grams, 100 grams of salt, 100 grams of talcum powder to reconcile water, add 30 ml of white wine, mixed heated, transferred into a paste. After cooling, evenly applied to the carpet, to be dry and then brush (do not wet) and flannel to clean, to clean up.

Carpet cleaning process

Carpet cleaning program

First, the ordinary carpet cleaning:

1, first with high-power vacuum cleaner will have a lot of dust or serious pollution of the area vacuuming.

2, the carpet cleaner, oil agent diluted in proportion to water and injected into the foam box.

3, if the first cleaning, the first unobtrusive place to try to see if the carpet fade.

4, with “Z” shape uniform cleaning carpet, cleaning at the same time using high-power suction machine to blot out the water stains in the carpet.

5, open the window after cleaning, or open the air conditioner so that the carpet dry naturally, generally after 24 hours to completely dry.

Second, wool carpet cleaning:

1, vacuuming: The first step is to use a vacuum cleaner full vacuum, especially on the ground solid waste and objects need to be cleaned.

2, partial treatment: with a special detergent on the carpet of grease, fruit stains, coffee stains alone for processing.

3, diluted carpet foam cleaner: the detergent into the box diluted.

4, hand brush treatment: hand brush handle the edge of the carpet, the corner and the machine pushed to where.

5, dry foam brushing: equipped with a bubbler, carpet brush single disc sweeping machine, dry foam scrub the carpet. Cleaners and other cleaners have a role in the carpet after repeated brushing work.

6, carding: carpet comb or rake comb carpet hair, which is very important to the appearance of the carpet, especially the longer fiber velvet carpet, but also to speed up the role of carpet drying.

7, suction sewage: carpet hair so completely dry, then vacuum cleaner to absorb dirt and dry bulb crystals

Home carpet cleaning

Commonly used home carpet cleaning steps

1, the carpet hanging or tiled, with a vacuum cleaner or broom dust.

2, and then dilute the cleaning agent sprayed on the stall. Wait patiently for 10 minutes and wash with water.

3, a suction machine can naturally use a suction machine to clean the carpet. No air machine to dry naturally.

Home carpet dry cleaning steps (for pure wool carpet)

1, first with a vacuum cleaner or broom dust.

2, local stains with a dedicated cleaning agent alone.

3, diluted with high foam cleaner, while cleaning with a large tooth comb comb.

4, wait until the carpet dry, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a clean broom simple clean.

Carpet cleaning tips

1, with a soaking soapy water broom, sweep the carpet again, and then sprinkle salt on top of it, because the salt can absorb dust.

2, juice stains, can use citric acid, soap, alcohol cleaning.

3, water, flour, salt and talcum powder, mix well, add a little white wine, mixed with heat, transferred into a paste, cut into small pieces scattered on the blanket, with a dry brush can brush.

How to choose carpet cleaner

The market, a lot of carpet cleaning agent. So how to pick cleaning agent? What kind of cleaning agent easy to use?

1, high foam carpet cleaner. This type of cleaning agent is rich in a variety of surface activity, with decontamination, anti-corrosion, whitening, adding light, but also to extend the life of the carpet. Use this product is best to 1:30 ratio of water rinse. Using this type of cleaning agent will make the carpet more vivid and reduce electrostatic and dust absorption.

2, low foam carpet cleaner. These products are rich in surface activity and brightener, softener, the ability to quickly clean the oil, can be safely used in various types of material carpet. According to the degree of oil stains, use the ratio of 1: 20-1: 30 water distribution. The use of the product to avoid carpet sticky, moldy.

3, dry foam carpet cleaner. These products are rich in active agents, carpet protectants, to anti-corrosion, whitening, suitable for cleaning various types of material carpet. This type of cleaning agent can make the carpet bright and fluffy, reducing static electricity and dust adsorption.

4, carpet oil treatment agent. This type of detergent is a strong detergent, can dissolve the depth of the carpet surface dirt, but should not be used to clean the carpet surface. Because of this alkaline detergent, oil stains, coffee stains, juice has a special cleaning effect.

5, defoamers. It is a highly concentrated product specifically designed to remove residual foam used in cleaning carpets and foam products to quickly eliminate large amounts of foam.

How to care for the carpet

Not only people want to maintain, but also to maintain the carpet. Maintenance process to accumulate some small experience.

1, except scorch marks. If the carpet inadvertently burnt, you can first scrub the place with a hard brush to brush off. Then cut the carpet elsewhere and glue it to the charred area. Then use a book pressure on it, waiting for the adhesive to dry naturally. Finally brush gently comb can be.

2, regain the bright colors of the blanket. The first night with salt sprinkled on the carpet, the next day up with a clean warm rag to remove the salt, the carpet will restore the bright colors.

3, to animal oil stains. Cotton can be stained with high purity gasoline wipe.

4, fruit juice, beer stains. First moistened with a soft cloth detergent solution, then add a little vinegar solution with warm water scrub.

5, daily brush suction method. Usually you can brush the comb with a rolling blanket, brushing dust or dust adhesion, with a vacuum cleaner vacuum.

6, regular cleaning. Frequent pedestrians usually carpet, to be prepared to fight bubble machine, regular cleaning with dry foam cleaning method to remove dirt.