Between men and women can’t say 20 rules

guide language: love is elusive in some detail, in the heart of a man, there are some difficult to say & other; Hidden rules & throughout; , do you know?

between men and women can’t say 20 rules

1, the love is like the same apple in half, god threw them any land, generally meet the other half is the probability that & ndash; & ndash; Zero!

2, love will not be in a certain place waiting for us, it will only let we stumbled across in your life, just like we occasionally seen flying saucers. And can be found in the marriage, marriage as a human society needs to exist in a certain place in people’s life.

3, the love is a kind of extremely harm mental and physical things, like a match, instantly send out light and heat, then we have nothing left.

4, duel for a woman is the man’s nature, too many men who don’t love, friends and jiangshan is far worse than up.

5, married women will use single women as the biggest enemy, because single women can at any time, anywhere, having a relationship with a man.

6, no first love, don’t have to wait in line, in the face of love, all the men and women are opportunists.

7, always there is heavy, and honor each other between men and women of their relations, this is common sense. But we have not more or less from the common sense to look at things.

8, jealousy is the thermometer of love? The love is the envy, love does not envy?

9, envy should not be the only criterion for a love, if he really love you, don’t care about your feelings before history, because you are in love.

10, why male doctor easily attract a woman, even if does not love understanding born goodwill. & ndash; & ndash; First, because he is a man. Next, because he can save people’s life, he is wearing white coats in the parade of the emergency room, just like in life come and go between.

11, you can’t in to love, you can devote to marriage, marriage is practical.

12, in fact, the process of looking for love, not looking for love, but find the right love.

13, you love a person is to live a happy life, if someone gave you this ahead of time, you can be neglected you love him or not?

14, life is very contradictory, the person you love can not give you safe, to give you secure person is not necessarily you love. Love and safe than is too unreliable.

15, the immortal dying love a person is very abnormal, why love a person have to hurt? You will love a person to be reserved with you love a person can only explain the level of love does not mean that the good and the bad of the person you love.

16, meet vulgar is called beautiful, not beautiful call have temperament, met no woman flavour is called wise & ndash; & ndash; A man met a woman always an excuse.

17, difficult to be a woman, it’s harder to be a ugly women do difficulty in pretty woman.

18, man with money and power exchange hue of the woman, this is bullying the pretext of women.

19, men are nomads, looking for a woman.

20, men never allow women than their knowledge, learning and talented. They put the wise woman when the classroom, the vulgar women when the bedroom.