Best friend and my dear John, because her husband’s a few words of a joke

and girlfriends live not far, so my husband and I often girlfriends about and get together with her husband. DetailPic

girlfriends and I dear John, because her husband a few funny

party sometimes outside, sometimes in my house. Girlfriends husband love jokes, always kua I cook delicious, said girlfriends never cook at home for a meal or paste. Or say I am beautiful, say my husband had vision. My husband and I are as someone else’s polite, laughing and also calculate.

but recently about girlfriends couple, girlfriends was always looking for excuses not to come out, not to say that the work is tired. I think not, because their girlfriends in the tone of the phone, the feeling is very stiff, a see be lying.

recently opened a new hotpot restaurant near my home, I again about girlfriends parents to eat, friends said he was busy husband is not at home, I can’t say you yourself at home, she faltered out excuses.

I was angry asked her, & other; What’s the matter? We can’t place the later? Throughout the &; Who knows best friend angry of say & other than I am To, do not place, dear John, how are you isn’t it, you look beautiful, you can cook, you figure is good, you sing good to listen, you what all good, my husband were to seduce you, do you find your own special something? Throughout the &; I was so angry at the words I hung up the phone, cry for a day, the husband advised me not to argue with their girlfriends.

I feel wronged, girlfriends husband joke she’s mind, then simply don’t let her husband to go out to see people good, keep at home all day won’t praise others, girlfriends this is a sign of no confidence in myself, can’t trust each other between husband and wife?

besides, she could not believe her husband, also don’t believe me this old girlfriends?