Because of desire and money I lost my love

carry the suitcase he left, she didn’t come forward to hold him. She wanted to retain, but she couldn’t say request, her heart is very sad, but she is not out of step. She is only held tightly to the remote control, he also don’t talk. Then, until the door was closed at that moment, she just can’t help but looked in the direction of the door, tears also finally pouring out, tear apart those already into the bottom of my heart pain.

because of desire and money he left I

she don’t know what you did wrong. She doesn’t like the taste of pain, she wanted to cure the trauma in your heart, but when not consciously think of the last sentence he left her, she is like the needle broken balloons, suddenly lost the courage to comfort themselves. He said, she doesn’t love him. He said, she didn’t understand love. Since he left, it began to sound around her, one after another, again and again, complaining about her selfish and heartless.

she know a lot about myself, also know what kind of love you want. Promised at the beginning, and his contacts, she was everything to him, in fact, she is also like what she said to do that. She knew she was not a regular & other; Love & throughout; In person, she doesn’t like sweet talk to anybody. And he dating for more than two years, she told him & other; Love & throughout; A few. In front of him, she will always maintain the independence of the image. She is not willing to use his money, and rarely accept his precious present. In fact, she just don’t want to be seen as a material girl. For occasional small romantic, she doesn’t like other girls showed obvious surprise and excitement, she wouldn’t play the woman to him, or, more should be said that the weakness of the she hates to make that kind of request and cuddling. Before meeting him, she is a man like bear alone.

she not used to their own heart to talk and laughter or tears, she would rather be buried deep in the heart, silently digestion. She felt that, in this world, no one can really know and understand another person, including closest parents and loved ones. She thinks, even if his inner pain, the only others to comfort, because they are not her after all. She doesn’t want to increase the sad again. Also, she wouldn’t have asked him the secret. So, even though she and he became a couple, she still keep their own ideas, habits, and a person’s pace, distance and space to each other, never change.

but, in the end, these should all be his reason to break up with her. He hoped she would make a change for him. He told her that he needs is a considerate and gentle girlfriend, rather than a piece of self, always indifferent cold stone. At that time, in order to enable the relationship to continue to maintain, she also had tried to put their posture was lower. She tries to show off to his own more diversiform expression, smiling her sweet smile in front of him, and hid in his arms cry, also try and share their thoughts, he listened to his comfort.

but when she does change, the more she has become more and more lost and confused. She thinks she is no longer own, the body as if something is lost. She found, according to the man on his shoulder is not real to her, and she like to turn into that area of the real pieces of pieces of shadow, scattered into nothingness. Before she eventually returned to change yourself. She put the scattered fragments of the picking up again, and then put together back to her original appearance. She knows, she want to love is not the self as an offering.

for this brief feelings, she has persevered sentimentally attached to, and she eventually agreed to end it. Since the original rich family because of my father’s bankruptcy and different hardware business, after she had got used to the broken and disillusioned, also understand that the acceptance and independent sometimes is more effective than resistance. Deep inside, she learned to a person bear, she gradually don’t need to rely on anyone, and bones of pride and hard are more intense than it used to be & ndash; & ndash; This is the most real she, no one can understand her & ndash; & ndash; She is eager to love, like other girls, she hopes to be care, but her shell in the ego to protect also refused to close to others. Her feelings desolate world.

split up after a month of time, she lived a life cycle of a split almost every day. She still as usual during the day so daring: she never ask anyone to this relationship, as if not long ago were breaking up is not her. From a very early age, her self-esteem and stubborn will have in-depth bone marrow, and she has always been the pride of never take lightly. So, for those who want to leave, she would choose open, with a light. Thus, in front of strangers, she laughed accustomed to their own wounds over, in a sunny mood. However, in the night, she was left alone, she suddenly turned into another picture: sat alone does not turn on the light in the room in tears. At this moment she is a live in the memory of people & ndash; & ndash; Like a tail black vines on the wall of the mottled inverse gives birth to pawn of confusion & ndash; & ndash; She is always groping in suffocation general pain once the dribs and drabs, and then cry with a smile. Those in the past, the more bitter, the more she wanted to touch, like tempted eve, you can download the ban, and painful punishment is inevitable.

this is her pride, her inferiority, is her strong, is also her fragile. She lost her love, but at the same time, she was lost in the feelings of the injury.