Attorney out startling truth: the longer you work, the more likely to divorce


work to clock in, home to clock in

& have spent

the longer you work, the more likely to divorce?

all say, marriage has & other; Seven year itch & throughout; .

the rising divorce rate, especially in the north.

the seven year itch, has become a & other; Three year itch & throughout; .

a divorce lawyer, has handled more than 400 divorce cases, summed up a rule:

& other; The longer the couples had to work, the more likely to divorce. Throughout the &;


because more like a home office. Home, a hotel instead.

we are in the office, get along with colleagues, far more than the time together with your partner.

contact and communication, too.

this may be associated with our blundering society, everyone like clockwork, to move forward, forward.

and contact time of husband and wife, not how much.

remember to have seen a news, is very interesting.

a Shanghai wife, at home and pack a punch machine.

a friend q, the attendance machine is why ah?

the answer was the biggest surprise.

attendance machine mainly is for the sake of the husband & other; Management & throughout; .

her husband in the Internet company work, often work overtime late, his wife will come up with this idea:

go home before 9 o ‘clock in the evening, and clock;

go home to have a meal not washing the dishes in advance;

in half an hour late fines of up to 100 yuan;

over the weekend curfew for half an hour to do housework in a day.

watch and smiled.

however, the wife also told friends that & other; Now that companies can use the attendance machine management the husband go to work, I can also use the husband work attendance machine management. Throughout the &;

you also don’t say that with the attendance machine, the husband of the late situation improved obviously.

both husband and wife feelings much better than before.

actually, you also can have a try, look at home with each other the other half of the time, how many.

in limited time, how many time, we are in the brush, with micro letter.

really high quality company, few and far between.

Facebook founder mark zuckerberg is not only good career, affection also praised by others.

zuckerberg, quite busy, and chan career is a strong woman.

however, he and his wife chan has a unique way of business relationship.

they have a & other; The love contracts & throughout; :

& other; Two people must date at least once a week throughout the &;

& other; Alone time shall not be less than 100 minutes & throughout;

& other; Dating sites may not be at home, more can not in Facebook”

a good marriage, require careful management.