Alert to six signal! Women derailment occurred in these cases

guide language: strikingly similar to the plight of women cheat, so even if you have absolutely sure, but also your she will have so a spirit, who said this is just the man’s patent?

alert to six signal! Women cheating happens in these cases

1. She reached the turning point of 25, 30, 35

every 10 or meet five birthday, will become unusual day. Sometimes even men are unavoidable in life unfolded, and see how time flies as a woman. Women at this time often ask myself: & other; These five years I do a little bit of what? Who is this guy and I together? Throughout the &; Experts point out that women usually attaches great importance to the life at this time, a review of love and life, if all not equal to desire, she is likely to pass an affair to try she expected life at a time. The survey shows that satisfying marriage of women in the incidence of an affair before and after the birthday is three times as many ordinary women.

your countermeasures: for her, to care for her. One year at least two in the evening, a woman want to have a man in her side & ndash; & ndash; On New Year’s eve and her birthday. If leave her alone, that you are allowed her to an affair, in fact you also gave her a reason to. Remember to give her a sweet, more cost-effective than anything.

2. She promoted, got into the independent office

maybe you to this kind of complex is not very understanding, so think of yourself. Women and men, like to challenge myself in work. Can target once achieved, will ask myself: goals, but so what? People is like this, once the goal, the woman will put her life in another important part & ndash; & ndash; The focus of the feelings, as the next efforts. Experts point out that, in a career woman, feel oneself gets, continually success will motivate them to get more important parts of life. Besides, earn will become bad, also apply to women. A $10 w woman, than the salary of the 4 w 1.5 times as big as the chance of sexual relations outside of marriage.

your countermeasure: the celebration of her achievement, don’t because our analysis becomes alert or feel jealous. Also don’t like most men in China, the success of their women, on the contrary you will and your buddy. If she think you are proud of her, she will feel here as well as in the company, this means that she will not come again to others take to seek solace and recognition, such as the senior director.

3. She began to move to live and stay with you all day long

move to live together may be her mind, but after all, which is not to be so simple. You know all about each other, which lies BiQing; You start to feel seems to have nothing to say & hellip; & hellip; By this time she will subconsciously think you already tired of her, if there are other people at the moment in hovering around her, show her the very popular very interesting very attractive, she would have him into the arms of the man. In an affair of the woman, according to the survey, 41% of the object is a colleague.

your countermeasures: knew he is a lover, not a roommate. Don’t rightly treated her as his wife, whether you have got married, don’t stop dating, don’t stop romance, let him understand that you have to live with her as their relations with each other important starting point, not catch up even to the end.

4. She has a misconduct guess you

retaliatory affairs are common, a woman will take this as a way to regain self-esteem. Very simple, she is fair. Of course she is unlikely to hook three take four in the outside, but your actions will disappoint her anger, and less control over their own. In many cases, women want fair feeling, will overwhelm her inherent value system.

your countermeasures: if you really have the escapades, confession and apologize. But then again, maybe you are not cheating, you also can not escape from her paranoia general suspicion to you, because some women self-confidence is not high, poor security. Need not from recognize unlucky, you can do is to constantly recognized her, praise her, sincerely, constantly.

5. She didn’t get the content

as the relationship between stability and age, perhaps you not as active as when in bed. But for her, she may want to more, she will make it less attractive and you no longer love her a signal. Not simple due to physiological needs, but also is a kind of psychological need: she wants to prove that she has sex appeal in another, it is also a biological instinct of resist aging.

your countermeasures: change. If she doesn’t want to have sex, find out the reason and solve it. If not, then you know what are you going to do & hellip; & hellip;

6. She secretly determined

there is another reason why needless to say, is that she is to end the relationship, you and an affair is the easiest way. Used to have a survey of 100 people, ask them & other; One of the most commonly used method is to end relationship? Throughout the &; Answer: most & other; Start a an affair. Throughout the &;

your countermeasures: let her go, it was all over, man you are free.