After the 90 French Bai Fu beauty after Chinese guy With daughter in law against her mother in law to learn martial arts

Sun Renzhi holding a French girl Pauline, armed with a marriage certificate with Chinese national emblem, face full of sweet.

in nanjing to license to marry Paris

received, Yin ju ling couple showed reporters a photograph of son and ocean daughter-in-law. Photos, tall, handsome Sun Renzhi holding a French girl Pauline, armed with a marriage certificate with Chinese national emblem, face full of sweet.

received tells a reporter, because is the foreign marriage, in October 2015, they were dealt with marriage registration in nanjing. & other; Pauline also sent a letter, said they were very happy, and in its own name with a & lsquo; Sun & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Received the said, according to the Chinese transliteration, Pauline full name & other; Pauline moon & throughout; , & other; The moon has & throughout; Is France’s father’s surname, plus a & other; Sun & throughout; Immediately, her full name & other; Match well of Chinese and western & throughout; .

& other; Their wedding ceremony, held in outside Paris family farm, subject to close to nature and green. Throughout the &; Yin ling said, in July 2016, she flew to Paris, to attend Sun Renzhi and Pauline’s wedding. The wedding day, on the outskirts of Pauline parents farm, Sun Renzhi and Pauline had balloons, structures, peng door flower diameter, the busy until three o ‘clock in the afternoon. At 4 o ‘clock, held a formal wedding. As the Chinese element, Pauline specially wore a bordeaux red shirt, blessed by the parents and guests. & other; I was wearing a Chinese cheongsam, Pauline give me a face. Throughout the &; Yin ling said, & other; She also told French friends & lsquo; My Chinese mother is very beautiful! & rsquo; Throughout the &;

in Paris, Pauline also accompanied by Yin ju ling sightseeing. & other; That day I practice martial arts in the arc DE triomphe, someone learn accordingly, there was screaming and Shouting. As China’s aunt, I feel proud and proud! Throughout the &;

jiangdu handsome boy dumped France

carelessly, received the ocean daughter-in-law became France and great grandfather. & other; How is it that this marriage? Throughout the &; Facing reporters doubts, received quipped: & other; Long-distance romance on a string, when the French princess meet jiangdu handsome young man, the transnational marriage will follow. Throughout the &;

& other; As a son named subcontractor, the intention is to stop it, for those routes. Throughout the &; Received tells a reporter, since the childhood, to his own son to instill, body stick more to practise, interest in learning to be strong. Sun Renzhi good at sports, interest hobby is widespread, has been appraised as the national secondary athletes. Before studying abroad, he won a full scholarship. In 2011, when the French higher school undergraduate course graduation, becoming the school for five years only one headmaster award outstanding students of Asian. Worked as an intern in a large company in France, the seven days the top sales in the whole company.

& other; A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near the sea memory know already, & throughout; . In 2012, Sun Renzhi during graduate school in France, held a & other; Chinese wind & throughout; Traditional culture exhibition. He is both as director and walk-on, LinChi ink, BiZouLongShe, pushing palm to deduce the Chinese martial arts, let love French girl Pauline deeply fascinated by Chinese culture.

Sun Renzhi and Pauline.

love fall in love with a person on a city

& other; In the autumn of 2013, the qualified master degree to return home, unexpectedly, after Christmas, Pauline came from France to chase. Throughout the &; Yin ling said, & other; This fulfilled in a word, love a person, love a city! Throughout the &;

Yin ling told the reporters, Pauline parents were soldiers, father ranks high, family condition is superior. Pauline was study in the United States, but has never been to China, to her the spirit of self-reliance is startling. Pauline to jiangdu, in yangzhou university to study Chinese language, often take 88 bus back and forth alone. Pauline also met with the look unfamiliar frequently, to help with the housework.

& other; Know that I am a Chinese martial arts is 6, national wushu referee, Pauline special worship, she also brought a group of foreign students, practicing tai chi alongside me. Throughout the &; Yin ling showed her to the reporter and Pauline of kung fu. Photos, Yin ling and Pauline knives strong-arm reaction, a pistol. In 2014, Pauline into Shanghai east China normal university to continue learning Chinese language.

in May 2015, Pauline’s parents flew to China from Paris, both parents meet in jiangdu. Stand Sun Renzhi smile Mimi, Pauline volunteered when translation, open said it straight: & other; I love the Chinese, he sunshine self-confidence, kind-hearted, polite, has the tutelage & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Pauline’s parents very enlightened, immediately agreed. & other; Pauline’s parents only stay 3 days in China, a visit to the river and the lake, the beauty of yangzhou. Throughout the &;

& other; My name is Sun Renzhi. My name is Pauline, we already married! Throughout the &; In & other; Meng tour Paris & throughout; Shooting a video in 5 minutes, Sun Renzhi kisses, affection, Pauline.

the host ask: & other; Chinese man give money to the wife, you who CARES? Throughout the &; Two people with one voice said: & other; Sometimes he’ll treat, sometimes I pay, sometimes is AA, together we buy a car, buy a house & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Pauline pursed mouth said: & other; Valentine’s day, and he didn’t buy flowers, gifts. Throughout the &; Sun Renzhi said: & other; The day I work too busy, later, I wrote her a limerick. Throughout the &;

when it comes to impression of Chinese mother-in-law mother-in-law and France, Pauline said: & other; China’s mother-in-law is very good, in the past she ask when to get married, now to ask when I gave birth to the baby. Throughout the &; Sun Renzhi said: & other; French mother-in-law use range, the feeling is very free. Throughout the &; The host asked: & other; Because of cultural differences between east and west, will you make a joke? Throughout the &; Sun Renzhi said: & other; Pauline can sometimes put the Chinese word order reversed, the & lsquo; Vegetables & rsquo; Said to & lsquo; Herb & rsquo; The & lsquo; Bread & rsquo; Said to & lsquo; Package surface & rsquo; , but as soon as I want to see. Throughout the &;

at the end of the recording, the host please tell them to want to marry a French girl friend some advice, Sun Renzhi blurt out: & other; To keep fit, to progress, to be good to her, to cheek! Throughout the &; Pauline said: & other; Fashion, humor, respect & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Video couple of intimacy, artful, was in stitches.

Yin ling told the reporters, Sun Renzhi galeries lafayette company headquarters in France as a manager at present, a lot of French friends gathered around him. Talking about the transnational marriage, received meaningfully say: & other; The Chinese should enhance national self-confidence, hope the qualified and Pauline will become china-france friendly and & lsquo; One Belt And One Road & rsquo; The folk ambassadors. Throughout the &;