Afraid of being anyone object points to kazakhstan girl to marry Chinese han

& other; Men to defend the homeland, the woman defend national & throughout; , recently, some people in the kazakh capital, astana hit the slogan, against the country girl to marry a Chinese, and called on authorities banned WaiJia girl.

kazakh girl

, kazakhstan’s daily reported on Thursday, about 30 people in astana before a marriage bureau office building to protest, they reach & other; Love motherland, love people, not WaiJia & throughout; & other; Throughout, opposed to the girl who betrayed Chinese &; Such as the slogan. After the called Gimeney dating agency ads said, from an elite club of Beijing singles plan in February to astana for his fiancee. These men rich, received a European education and know English, no less than $90000 annually. Which will be held for them some special activities. The AD caused quite a stir, in the society.

kazakhstan & other; Law & throughout; Web site reported that the meeting participants believe that the marriage agency to help rich Chinese looking for partners to kazakhstan, but in fact these Chinese want is kazakhstan’s land. Crowd demanded the government by law, to marry a Chinese women will be immediately cancelled their nationality, and requires that all is going to marry women of Chinese must pay the cost of $50000. Crowd was once rushed into the office building, request to close the marriage agency, by the security guard until after hours out of the office building.

prior to that, in the countries they express such concerns. Kazakhstan kazakoni newspaper reported last may, kazakhstan poet mukhtar & middot; Louis saha’s said, in land reform national committee meeting & other; We say, land lease only their own citizens, but need to consider the question & ndash; & ndash; , currently has 24000 the girl married to Chinese citizens, this trend will continue. How to ensure that don’t let these Chinese son-in-law lease millions of hectares of land? Therefore, in the land law should consider to the dangers of miscegenation. Throughout the &;

although rallies in the number of people involved in 12 is not much, but this matter, in the Internet. In the hundreds of comments, most people feel very boring, interference in personal freedom. Someone says wryly: & other; So we need for each can become kazakhstan female husband candidate a referendum? Throughout the &; ,

the general’s representative, matt & middot; Firm, Krakow, especially on the day of the meeting held the crowd and hope their position within the scope of the current constitution expression, according to relevant government agencies will work to check the dating agency. Kazakhstan total website reported that involved the dating agency, director of the tower JiYaNa & middot; Los GeWeiYan, says this is the first time they cooperate with China. China’s elite club to negotiate with them, going to 7 to 10 people are sent to kazakhstan. Tower JiYaNa said that their female clients, facing the serious shortage of men. In fact, 80% to 85% of the female customers prefer their own men. & other; We are not on sale girl. Many women here crying and asked for them to find a husband. The man, you are there? Please register to us, to start a family. Throughout the &;

o, Russian regnum website quoted the China experts JiLi & middot; Card wu knopf’s words, the dating agency is in the practice of Russia, but not necessarily can succeed. He said: & other; Men more than women in China, many people have to go to abroad to find objects. But the girl has always been very careful to marry abroad. , and if you don’t understand Chinese, the girl living in China would be very difficult, the marriage will not happiness. Throughout the &; ?????

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