A woman’s exposed position what little secret

guide language: a woman’s position can contain many unknown secrets, for example, a lot of women on the surface looks very strong, but hidden in the deep heart’s core weakness is in need of your attention. Careful observation you love her how to sleep, let you know more about her.

women lay exposed little secrets

1, upturned sleep

upturned sleep women tend to be more gentle, open-minded, kind and generous, easy to communicate with people. There is no psychological burden, always believe that a new day is new start, kind-hearted, not narrow-minded, also won’t intrigue. Upturned sleeping woman is the most perfect, but can see such women too widely popular, easy to let a person produce insecurity.

2, lying down to sleep

lay sleeping woman is kind of a woman of commonly, strength of character, don’t lag, aspiring and so on. Themselves to sleep lying down, the subconscious mind can control everything in his hands, in his own body. Fear of losing as well as the most outstanding character, never yielding, stubborn are revealed in their own strength.

3, left side

in this position of a woman is not been feeling hurt, the sadness of the past. Put the heart under pressure, isolated from oneself, anyone touch can not, for an injury is always unforgettable.

and she is very good at hiding his grief, outsiders are not see through her, what things are holding in his heart, don’t tell anyone. Sleep, of course, this is a very negative way, if not handled properly, will affect all aspects work life.

4, right side

in terms of position, this is the most suitable for sleep is to do the right way. Women temperament, right side of the women particularly hard to the requirement of itself and others, will have any flaws.

anything conform, for, never do not sure thing, never are rational creatures. Meticulous can be said to be the best for her, but its nothing serious and responsible attitude is sometimes let a person can’t stand it.

5, cuddle up

such women tend to be insecure, maybe life, work and emotional loneliness she felt extremely exhausted, alone. Sleep like a cat, is also an expression of the effeminate, lack of warmth, a lack of care. In real life would behave extremely weak, strong dependence, is a fatal killer for many men, especially the arrogance of boy.

6, large font position

this heartless kind woman, morning quilt must be on the ground, if married, up in the morning the husband must be on the ground. Woman.she, tomboy is its most prominent characteristics, doing things, is not show the male characteristics. For friendship love very seriously, but often due to the neglect of his loss, the category of woman is the most vulnerable.

7, arms pillow behind

this woman has a high degree of wisdom and passion of learning. Sometimes full of fantastic ideas, however, it’s very difficult for people to understand, hard to follow in the footsteps of her. Such women very will take care of the family, but it’s hard to fall in love with anyone, a bit elusive, isn’t it?

8, stretching his legs

usually have narcissists, so it’s hard to accept the change of life. Alone is likely to be this kind of women subconsciously best choice. In other words, the ability to solve the problem by her patience clamped down.

9, hand rope content shaped

some women to sleep what hand always present to hold or claim what posture, the position of the woman for the desire of extremely strong, perhaps only greed such words to describe her. So possessive of her, perhaps for haven’t get, or is about life, the hunger for material and so on.

10, in the woli

such women in public will appear natural and graceful, frankness, characteristics of needs, but in her deep buried shy with weakness. She would rather suffer, rather than ask for help.

11, you sleep a ring from behind

if you of the woman used to sleep around your waist from behind, that she is very dependent on you from the heart, I hope you do the pillar in the home. Thus reveals the desire to be a person the sense of love and cherish.