A woman’s drop 6 kinds of behavior

guide language: a woman to love, seemingly content, full of joy. But really happy? He really will you think of his gratitude? Will not, women pay much more, in the eyes of a man is & other; You didn’t I can’t & throughout; . So, sister must not do these things to drop.

woman’s drop 6 kinds of behavior

1. Every day to call him more than N

if you because he want to give him a call, make a line, he didn’t answer you don’t continue. Men will think you idle, but tired.

2. Give him a laundry cooking

who don’t want to have a cooking for his laundry & other Nanny & throughout; If don’t money the better. This is done could you briefly let him happy, but a long period of time, all these became you & other; Throughout their job &; Quit, which day to rest, will be scold, what is this? Is this what you want a relationship?

3.24 hours, on-call

he’s a phone call, you on call, as long as it is about him, you will have the time, a man for too easy to get a hand things often don’t know & other; Cherish & throughout; The meaning of the word, the more will ignore you feel, because you may have neglected the yourself, eyes are his existence, do you still expect others to care about you? That you may not get his attention.

4. Every day will be on inspection

date he and his friend, you inquire about the friend’s name, sex, dating site, he said to work overtime, you make a phone call to his office on time at eight o ‘clock on inspection, my dear, if love had a & other Monitor & throughout; , where is this relationship happiness? If he really want to escape, you may be on inspection are not useful, love again beautiful, also should have dignity.

5. Too dependent on men

a woman even if a strong and powerful, sometimes also need men to help, such as carrying heavy objects, repairing the machine & hellip; & hellip; This is because of the differences between men and women who, supplement each other’s work can let each other to play a bigger role.

but it doesn’t mean that everything depends on the man. Some women always have a puzzling superiority, think everyone should spoil yourself; What’s more is to use a man, not only for pay, each other’s money, borrow each other’s potential to satisfy their own purposes. Triumphant play with the men at the palm, using someone else’s sincerity to complete her vanity.

6. Tease him with you

a woman is a very easy to feel lonely, so they can’t no one to accompany, can not live without love, but in a relationship, and the often roll, afraid she is not good enough not lovers, so try to grasp each other, like a conjoined twins best 24 hours are not separate. Therefore, if one ignored them, will be open mode of melodramatic, qiong precious jade main body, cry ah make, query lover what you did wrong, so enough, who can stand it.