A woman the most easily attracted by the six men

guide language: love is elusive, a woman’s heart is more unpredictable. Although & other; Turnip greens throughout his taste &; , but there are these men or can easily get the women.

women most likely to be the six men attract

1. Somewhat & other; Mass at the right hypochondrium & throughout; Men

such a man like to wear clothes of cultivate one’s morality, such as narrow pants, trousers tightly closed, or casual look, a cigarette dangling from your mouth, seems to suck suck, relatively silent, and so on. Such a man is called the woman mind & other; The bad man & throughout; , they somewhat mysterious, especially can make women full of curiosity, such a man was still can make a woman produce a conquer desire, women are often willing to with such a man to go to bed to test their charm.

& other; The new & throughout; Man’s label is very rich, such as habits hand holding the phone, when you do nothing to keep play; Such as appliance repair, small carpenter or good at the computer, etc.; Like the wallet into the bottom of the pocket, for example, when paying very hurried, also very hurry-scurry, & hellip; & hellip;

2. Sexy men

women’s sexy man must be low-key, men who are not open my arms to show chest hair is sexy. Such a man has a good smell of, has a good figure, but there is no exaggerated muscle, slender legs, raised one tuo before after open fork. Women care about the quality of the stick, however, contain a faint and not dew is beautiful, naked men tend to make women turn a blind eye.

at any time with carved out sexy men is flawless, tacit is inexpressible. Bags, for example, in a corner of the scattered of tobacco, such as the forehead of her wipe began sweating, etc.

3. Pay attention to the details of the men

a man needs to have the details, details are not used to such a constrained, but women to experience. The man’s wallet, for example, have a photo of his childhood, or their child’s photos, carry a notebook with a gold red leaves, etc. Pay attention to the details of a man is a gentleman, more love clean, but certainly not cleanliness, not timid, more is not stingy.

4. Looks beautiful men

a man looks beautiful make women feel at ease, a sense of security. Some may have such misunderstanding, think macho man will get the favour of women, actually otherwise, in a woman heart, bed & other men; Fierce & throughout; With & other; Don’t fierce & throughout; And if there is a tendon, or scar on the face, gentle men women are reflections.

5. Childish men

this seems to be a little some close, in fact, childish man and looks beautiful men still have very big distinction. Feeling, of course, the two men to women may be similar, but childish men are more likely to arouse women’s maternal, inspire women care for. As a result, some men from time to time and play the woman, or to make some rely on, so that men tend to be women fantasize.