A man is what always like to see beauty?

most of the men usually like to believe my love at first sight, like to use if there are any eye love express their affection, so, the vast majority of men are & other; Appearance & throughout; , as long as it is in line with their own eye catching appearance, there will be a kind of hormone impulse continue exchanges with the girls. In fact, a lot of men are to be blinded by the appearance of the beautiful woman, but ignores the other character and accomplishment. Want to know the beauty of a woman with the passing of years and gradually aging, only inner goodness and beauty will exist forever.

why always believe men seek object have eye catching?

I know you are not a handsome boy, in the past, I have forced myself to interact with looks quite common girl, but always after meeting have no emotional impulse want to meet again and continue to communication. But I know their own economic condition is better, although I am only 27 years old, but home as early as a few years ago for I’m ready to get married bridal chamber, in the area of mature plot has more than 130 square, there is no mortgage, therefore, for many girls want to fall in love with me, condition is superior.

as the growth of the age, some classmates have entered the marriage hall, but I still doesn’t even have a girlfriend, this let parents more and more anxious, the classmates said I am too picky, parents doubt my psychology has a problem, friends with wondering eyes look at me, all of these make me feel the pressure. But I feel there is no opposite not to have children, so my anxiety does not seem to have others so serious, can find their favorite girl better, can’t find it slowly find, anyway, I am a boy, doesn’t matter if they are over thirty, after all, people live a lifetime, always want to making a real even a magnificent and victorious in love.

most girls are not into my eyes, my side is the lack of appearance to meet the requirements of my girl, let’s just say the other side of the tall record of formal schooling and other conditions, to find a life partner always look pleasing to the eye is granted, as a result, over the years, I am not looking for object, just can really meet the needs of the girls I always did not appear.

in college, I used to have a girlfriend, she looks really beautiful, the figure, the appearance, the temperament is not lost film actress fan bingbing, university three years, after graduating from college she went to Canada, by parents send later heard that she was married to a rich man in Canada, then there is no contact.

she would naturally became the goddess of the world, my heart could become my mind looking for object ingrained reference, because I feel if a girl looks can’t compare with her, will be sorry oneself, one day meet again will be laughed at by his former girlfriend, psychological resistance, let me not more beautiful than her girls don’t marry.

a lot of people think like that was love, can transcend all age, appearance, regional, and even all the conditions, you can ask indiscriminate and there is no reason to fall in love with each other, in fact, this is just nonsense, in the novel of every person has the value of marriage, although not as direct as the market price, but also must accept & other; Aircrafts to price & throughout; Market rules, that is to say, looks nice girls are easy to be boy pursuit, and conditions of general nature attract less than my eye.

once upon a time, I also want to love a very hard very popular girl, is the daughter of dad’s colleagues, in others it seems we’re a well-matched couple, but my psychological always have unwilling, and resist, because my attitude is not very positive, neither too hot nor too cold that girls can’t stand my leave me. I had thought of going to Canada to look for the lost girl friend, even she is in what city and what university study has been find out, only later heard that she was married and forget about it.

now, in the small city of my life, to find a girl who looks not lose fan bingbing seem very difficult, so, either to bigger cities to develop, or to reduce the standard itself, or wait for, then perhaps one day your dream girl really will appear

I have consulted a psychologist, he said: & other; Man looking for the psychological expectations of objects cannot be too high, if your love is too high, will lose a lot of good but the average girl, and heavy appearance and ignore the inner, this is the man not mature enough, and speak vanity do comparisons are the apparent characteristics of childish man. Recognize themselves, positioned, find a can be steadfast life with my woman, is the wise man should have. Throughout the &; I understand, but can’t accept it.

I am now the psychological contradiction, also very entanglements, I knew that his former girlfriend already marry a woman is impossible to come back again, but I don’t accept girl looks less than his former girlfriend, I unwilling I just reduce the requirements, after all, men only meet their cardiac girl will have the impulse of love.