A man in love, please don’t mention these four things

guide language: no matter the love and life, a woman is not imagination in so difficult, as long as a man is not touching the death of a woman, most women are not from sheep to the tiger, the small make up just to tell you about their interaction between a man and a woman, what are the things never before girlfriend made or filed? DetailPic

a man in love please don’t mention this four things

a, absolute obedience

women love considerate man, but also want to see the place. How considerate in your life to a woman, a woman will accept, but if you in front of her, will you be able to present to be a person, then your situation is like the end of the world, I’m afraid, because not all women are expected to her husband’s & other; Henpecked & throughout; .

treat women, a man should be gentle like water, bullying has strong, anyhow is soft and hard to use, a call to obey is not a good thing. If you want to do wimp man, then you are from a divorced.

2, to humble

on one thing, a woman is absolutely & other; Only states set fire and forbid people light-on & throughout; , it is on economic issues women can haggle over every ounce, but see not men no haggle over every ounce.

so, if do not have enough wisdom and absolute response capacity, and so on to accompany his girlfriend to go shopping, must to pay when the hand bag, when the blood must be willing to part with or cut with a knife. Would like to open points, willing to give up money to set up the wife, never be miserable and shabby appearance is shown in the critical moment, make your girlfriend. Because can’t mouth small, losing face.

3, hit swollen face depth

is that men don’t hit swollen face depth, because when you give women want, but what all can’t do that or get things done in a big mess, let a woman down, then to get understanding, you will find than do not do the loss is bigger.

so, if a man without the diamond drill, simply don’t embrace China live, honesty, giving veracity, & other; Dear, I can’t & throughout; , maybe a woman, in your honest enough sake not only forgive you, and still think you this man is a man, really, to keep a good impression on you.

4, sarcasm figure

say a man is a bit silly to do such a thing. Don’t think that a woman has become your girlfriend, you can say anything. Remember to take a person’s weight as a topic, if there is no way, you are rubbish into the weather good chat with his girlfriend in Korean dramas, also don’t say her weight, otherwise, you will die very ugly.

because, a woman of weight is very mind, whether it be fat or thin, weight is her most sensitive topic, if a man dare to adventure, involving the minefield, women generally there is always a reason to let a man inside and not people. More capable men even to a woman’s evaluation of this was nothing to do with his girlfriend, she would think a man to be a joke aimed at her, and secretly sad sulking, this will only make the value of you in her heart, don’t know how to respect a woman of man, is not a good man.