A magic girl dating 79 fire: can not be ordinary staff

recently, an online matchmaking sticks a fire

as below:

a magic girl to marry in 79 fire, can in no way is common clerk

we focus is to draw a

first about the woman conditions:

1) was born in 79, height 1.58 meters, weight 112 jins, looks like 80

2) the degree of undergraduate course, the work for two years, returned home after a $135000, IT company HR (human resources)

3) car free, live together with parents, ordinary apartment

4) love pets, travel, watch drama, afternoon tea

look at her to the man’s request:

1) the height 1.85 meters, the men dashing

2), 985, 211 undergraduate course, the best work in state-owned enterprises, the annual revenues of more than 500000, to a well-known company management

3) central to have a layer of Pacific Ocean, with the domestic prices of more than 400000 car card of Shanghai

4) filial piety, good temper, will do some housework can cook, married with children, best Musical Instruments, knowledgeable, humorous & hellip; & hellip;

this criteria really not low, it is no wonder that post a net friend all cried out, look not to understand:

a 95 say oneself old yesterday, today actually has a 79, a little girl & hellip; & hellip;

wash sleep, little brother can only appear in my dream in my dream

the little girl are all suffer! Such as: age, low wages, poor body…

this age, has been to Britain, earns about 135000

do you know what is 80? Like is 100 points, such as rosamund kwan michelle reis caishaofen maggie cheung this is 90 points, fala Chen xuan xuan, 80 points, you have 80 points will be single till now?

love pets, play, travel, afternoon tea… This hobby is not money, music, play, eat and drink! Beer and skittles is also called love?

this situation you should attend the high-end blind date, the occasion of young people are not suitable for you.

some netizens say directly the cruel truth:

wake up, now 99, the little girl could also be the criteria for the


small make up on the Internet to find

a girl dating conditions in 96,

equally amazing! Friends is also a generation of matrimonial

a magic girl to marry in 79 fire, can in no way is common clerk

is the same back

then the so-called & other Old eldest brother not small & throughout;

96 sister long this

a magic girl to marry in 79 fire, can in no way is common clerk

the sister is not only a person

family circumstances is good also, there are three houses in Shanghai

the other conditions don’t say

you this beautiful white and rich young

why want to rob market!

a magic girl to marry in 79 fire, can in no way is common clerk

a while ago, Shanghai also has a very fire

“mother-in-law choose son-in-law’s standard”

a magic girl to marry in 79 fire, can in no way is common clerk

request almost no mention of the

the aunt put forward several interesting:

every day should not exceed 10 PM home

the weekend must accompany family

no problem!

the aunt! Pretty you!

brothers party must take the wife


this is to have a little private space ah

with the wife watch movies twice each month

this if I don’t really good movies to see how to do ah

the child must be on the top three schools in Shanghai

if the child isn’t really reading material to do!

well, at the end of the day

what kind of people to choose to enter marriage

it is somebody else to do your own thing

let’s also have no right to intervene in the

can only bless the TA

found conforms to the standard objects at an early date