A husband and a wife will die? Li yinhe read people no longer keen to get married

guide language: since the beginning of human civilization in the institution of marriage has been run successfully for thousands of years, the west is the dominant mode of monogamy, China’s dominant mode from polygamy, or many wives to monogamy, why in the modern trend of decline?

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at present, some countries in the world, the marriage system trend decline has been more and more obvious: it first occurred in northern and eastern Europe, was spread to Western Europe, southern Europe, North America, and even affect the eastern countries like Japan. Statistics show that, unlike the past universal human practice, all those countries appeared a considerable proportion of unmarried people, northern Europe (fifty percent), Japan (forty percent), France America accounted for thirty percent, Hungary is an extreme case, only 12% of people choose to get married.

since the beginning of human civilization in the institution of marriage has been run successfully for thousands of years, the west is the dominant mode of monogamy, China’s dominant mode from polygyny (or many wives) to monogamy, why in the modern trend of decline?

the reason has the following kinds:

the first is the extension of human life expectancy.

in the modern times, human life expectancy generally only their 30 s and 40 s, even more than ten years, and he married, the marriage time can’t more than twenty years. A decade or two years, haven’t bring up their children, the old order. So haven’t to mutual tired of age, marriage has been due to one side or both sides of the passing of coming to an end. In modern times, the human has been widely extended to age and life expectancy, especially after the children left home, one-to-one relationship maintenance is reason enough, it is more than happy production, but tired, friction, and making a lot of pain. Why humans are? So many people no longer fall for marriage.

followed by the change of the purpose of marriage.

in the modern times, the main purpose of marriage is to breed and the inheritance of private property, emotional factors share not heavy. According to the social historians study, in the modern Europe, most of the marriage is by contract, is based on economic conditions rather than with each other on the basis of sex appeal. Among the poor, the marriage is primarily a means of organization of agricultural labor force. That is characterized by the hard work of the incessant life impossible to arouse the passion of love. It is said that germans, French farmers in the middle of the 17th century, almost does not exist between married couples kissing, intimate caressing, and other forms of sensual love, that is associated with the sex only between noble group existence, this kind of sexual indulgence in only & other; Decent & throughout; Women in the public recognition. In ancient China, the situation is no different, family is the most important value of marriage, birth is the most important goal of marriage, from & other; The lives of parents arranged & throughout; Marriage customs, from the men and women before marriage ShouShouBuQin behavior standards, China’s old marriage, emotional factors of component is very low, almost negligible. Emotion factors in modern marriage, both sides of husband and wife share is aggravating, and emotional this thing is changeful, lifetime only the fancy of romantic feelings and wishful thinking. Once the emotional change, marriage has become bound, become obstacle, people will want to abandon. Just because of the combination of feelings, the most natural form is not marriage, but living together. After the emotional changes can separate, therefore, many people no longer choose to marriage.

third, modern society more and more high divorce rate.

50% of marriages end in divorce in the United States, about 2% of the modern period of China also had soared to 37%. (usually the high cost of divorce not only economic loss half property), and mental suffering. Since married half the probability will leave, many people are no longer choose marriage. France for customized gay marriage contract, after the implementation of the proportion of heterosexual registered soon more than gay, because its easy divorce & ndash; & ndash; As long as there are both of the parties are no longer willing to, then the marriage terminated automatically. This is fewer and fewer people choose traditional marriage patterns.

4, romantic love and marriage are born out of the question.

love is passion, marriage is mundane daily life, both difficult to harmony. If love can become a marriage of reason, also is enough. After marriage, only become tender passion, love only into the family, to marital harmony. Although romantic love from medieval knight and cannot be combined with relationship between noble married women, but it is generally believed that its shape and is popular in the 18th century in the crowd. Widely in modern times, people’s lives beyond the above, then start to pursue more romantic love, see it as the most beautiful most fortunate life experience, a lot of people waiting for the love that has been slow to don’t want to enter the marriage, a lot of people after marriage due to loss of passion to give up the marriage, it is also one of the reasons that the marriage is no longer as popular as ever.

all in all, from the current development trend, the institution of marriage, although also will continue to exist for a long time, but can no longer return to everyone to get married (Chinese statistics show that the holistic once accounted for only 3.8% of mouth never married), one of their close relationships with multiple choice era is coming.

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