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Online Car Insurance Quotes FAQ

Buying insurance can be overwhelming. You have so many decisions to make on coverage options that you fear making a mistake. Getting car insurance quotes online can help make the process more manageable. If you have never used quotes before, review these frequently asked questions and answers so you know what to expect.

What is a quote?

Car insurance quotes are preliminary offers from insurers for policies with specific coverage options and estimated rates. Quotes are usually only good for a specific period of time. Most will have an expiration date after which time the offer is no longer valid. You always have the option of requesting a current quote whenever you want, even from the same insurers who provided the initial ones.

What should a quote contain?

A good quote will include the type of coverage offered, the term of the policy, discounts applied, and the proposed rate. Try to find out about exclusions and what types of activities are not covered which is not always apparent with quotes. Read the fine print of quotes to understand exactly what you are purchasing.

How do I use quotes?

If you are new to quotes, it can be daunting when you get your first quotes. Use the following steps to find the policy that is right for you:

It really is that simple. You do not need to spend hours going over car insurance quotes. You should be able to quickly consider offers once you get them and rule out those you do not like so you can focus on the remaining ones. Rank quotes based on your priorities whether they are coverage options or financial considerations.

Am I guaranteed to get the rate offered in the quote?

It is unlikely you will get the exact rate include in car insurance quotes. Once you identify the quote you like best, you are required to submit a separate application to the insurer. You will be required to provide details about your existing policy, vehicle registration information, employment, and driving history. During the underwriting process, the insurer will verify your application. There may be errors that could result in higher rates. Additionally, the insurer will use information such as your credit score when calculating your rates. Although your final may be close to the estimated rate provided in quote, it will be different. However, as long as you were honest on your application, the rates should be similar.

Online Car Insurance Quotes FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions so you know how to use online car insurance quotes to switch insurance companies, find a better policy, and save hundreds of dollars on premiums.

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Hunting for the most affordable car insurance quotes

It's very easy to get car insurance quotes these days with everything available online. However, getting the best car insurance quotes right away is a skill that you have to learn a bit.

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