9 as a man should have a fear of AIDS

guide language: according to chengdu commercial daily, from the gender perspective, for fear of ai men accounted for ninety percent, 20 s college students accounted for 40% ~ 40%. Believe that everyone has heard of HIV/AIDS, but rare understanding of HIV/AIDS phobia, below together to learn about HIV/AIDS phobia.

9 as a man should have AIDS phobia

what is AIDS phobia?

fear of AIDS (acquired immune function defect comprehensive phobia) referred to as “fear of ai, is a strong fear of AIDS, and accompanied by anxiety, depression, force, hypochondria, such as a variety of psychological symptoms and behavior of mental disorder. Patients with doubt yourself infected with the AIDS virus, or are very afraid of infection such as AIDS and cleanliness obsessive-compulsive disorder.

what causes AIDS phobia?

is a fear of ai know about HIV/AIDS related knowledge, or a little knowledge. 2 it is socially inappropriate to describe on AIDS, caused heavy psychological pressure to people; Three is a minority of excessive fear to the personality and unhealthy psychological status.

how to effectively alleviate the AIDS phobia?

the first, with the attitude of acceptance learning new knowledge, understand the basic knowledge of HIV/AID, including the route of transmission of HIV – 1 and pathogenesis and related knowledge.

second, regulate individual behavior, follow the rules of protection of HIV transmission, including avoiding high-risk sexual behavior, stay away from drugs.

third, as did happen high-risk behavior, doubt yourself the risk of HIV infection, should seek advice to all levels of CDC HIV/AID voluntary testing studio for help to professionals, experienced consultants will provide reference for you advice and/or opinions, to reduce fear may have certain effect; At the same time institutions approved by the state for HIV antibody testing, clear whether infected with HIV.

4, don’t believe that the symptoms. Many friends suspected infected with HIV/AIDS and their symptoms is concerned, there are a few people can appear the symptom of acute after infected with AIDS, the condition of acute symptoms is infected with HIV, and this kind of cases, in fact, very few, and acute symptoms for AIDS is virtually no specificity, peace may have to illness. Tell from medical Angle, symptoms and not as a standard to determine whether infection. AIDS phobia, almost everyone has this or that kind of symptoms, but in the end of more than 99% of the blood test result is all right, enough to illustrate that the symptoms are not to be trusted.

5, try to divert attention, concentrate on work or study, cared more about his family, take part in outdoor sports to alleviate the anxiety and worry, you will find that many of the so-called symptoms will be in soon.