43 I marry husband tortured, 27, have to want a divorce

my 43, marry husband tortured to want a divorce, 27,

net friend letter:

I want to, it is all I deserve it. I once had a marriage, divorce is more than two years. To date, no contact. He and I, after divorce, is now the husband, but he really is too small for me, I am 43 years old, he is only 27 years old.

in-laws before I had money, so when the divorce, I share a house, a car, and six hundred thousand divorce property, and her ex-husband one-time pay off her daughter child support of $one hundred and sixty thousand. Daughter follow me, son followed her ex-husband, her ex-husband in order to son, gave me so much property.

small boyfriend opened a barber shop, business is bad, but he is eager to me. Particularly willing to spend money for me, actually I also could not bear great his money. He is romantic, warm, he said he was good to me, you planned to. I am also very sensible, always dare not to accept him. Until I was ten years old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, that time I quick collapse, he ran to the hospital every day, take care of us, give us rice soup, I was moved.

I feel like I need a man to support I continue to go on. Daughter after hospital discharge, I went with him. More than a year, we get married. He to me, do not hesitate to fell out with his family, I am very touched, also more and more believe him. Think he is really love me. In order not to let his parents who hate me, a month after marriage, I give him remittance $fifty thousand in the home, support his brother reading a book.

after marriage, the husband of the shop is closed, business is not good, he don’t have confidence to do it. Later, he sees a storefront, said to be the best opening hotel. I also feel that place is good, but the rent is too expensive, decorated with things, estimated 4.5 million. I was really too believe him, also hope to be able to have their own career, so the plate under the storefront.

store opened smoothly and business is good at first, but the thirty-five thousand monthly rent, pressure really is too big. Only about half a year’s time, the business began to slide way, bring out only tens of thousands of dollars and I pay the rent.

this year, my daughter has been to see a doctor, but each time to go to the hospital to spend money, he is not willing to. Also said “I knew that with the drag, to spend money. When I am not at home, he has started to scold my daughter. My daughter is more and more thin, often cry, I really love him. At that time, I also thought of a divorce, but still loathe to give up yourself. After all I second marriage, who still dare to our mother and daughter?

so, I continue to endure. Because want to take care of my daughter, so the hotel business, I have basic didn’t tube. Each time he came back very late, we all have no husband and wife life, he always said very tired.

until recently, I found him on his mobile phone and others ambiguous text messages, as if his former girlfriend. He show off in front of his former girlfriend, say oneself when the big boss, also said he has been single, ask her out to eat & hellip; & hellip; I really at that time, the brain a blank, in order to he, I pay so much, but he do this to me.

I also nothing important good temper, yelling at asked him, what’s the matter, he said that he had annoyed me. Said I am old and like to complain, look at my in the mind is not good. Although he said so I, I thought he was at that time angry words, never having to heart.

but, later I found that the husband is not in the store loss, but he put the money sent back to their hometown, and take it to seeing other women. It’s foolish of me. A few days ago, I give this after the event, he hit me, daughter cry, I cry, really desperate. 11 year old daughter said, mom, I really hope you divorce, he has what good? Don’t go home everyday, also hit you & hellip; & hellip;

I mentioned the divorce, he did not agree, said that if he was going to divorce, the hotel will share my savings. Support my savings are daughter, daughter to a doctor, how can I put it anywhere to give him his & hellip; & hellip;

what should I do? I feel good helpless, good helpless, I don’t want to divorce so nothing. 11 year old daughter has been sensible, I also want to divorce, but I have 44 years old, no youth, my money was he lost light, I divorce is not the kui big? I want to divorce, but I really can’t leave, can’t imagine the future of my daughter and I to be? I failed as a mother, right?

summer mo re:

if marriage without love, only will and injustice, and your life there is hope and happiness, life would be no meaning. When you are not happy not happiness, only endless despair when your daughter will live very pain.

a man 16 years younger than you, don’t delusion he really love you. If he really love you, will not easily take your savings business, daughter not to scold you, will not make money to keep the hotel you sent home, will not cheat to betray you. His words and deeds, just to see you as a springboard in your life, climb to a higher place.

when you find this person character has a problem, if you don’t stop in time, may only lose more. And your daughter, also strange follow you become victims.

your letter, will give you the following Suggestions:

a, understand the situation clearly, don’t indulge in the illusion of marriage. In your marriage, he does not love you, at least he even can’t accept your daughter, did not pay a genuine. You must constantly use reason to convince myself, this man does not love you, he’s just using you, you are only his cash machines.

two, protect their property, to plan for their daughter’s future life. Her daughter’s support, don’t take it out again, can only be used on daughter. It’s on the road to my daughter grow only rely on, after the daughter read, see a doctor, the life all need money, take care, don’t make yourself and your daughter had nothing.

3, collect his evidence of infidelity, such as a proper time to divorce. Don’t be afraid to divorce, love the wrong person is not terrible, terrible is to love and lose himself, no principle of love. Before you haven’t divorce, you should quietly collecting evidence, such as the time is right to consider a divorce.

4, can Sue divorce, protect their property. And, can proper consultation divorce lawyers, to protect our own interests to the greatest extent. And, since at the moment, began to take over management of the hotel. You only accounts for the initiative, to see his face. From now on, love your daughter, all still in time.